Cornelia is the boss Page 65537 found in the Underground Library in San Ilia. She can be recruited by giving her the book called "Mrs Shirley's Lover" after being defeated.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Cornelia: "The body will become weak if all you do is read. You also have to exercise a little."

With Mini:

Mini: "Oh, it's book big sis."

Cornelia: "Ahh! Stay away! I'm not good with fire!"

Mini: "Read me a story, big sis!"

Cornelia: "Nooo! S-stay over there!"

With Annie:

Cornelia: "Oh, Page 17. Could you help me organize some books?"

Annie: "All right... Geez, Page 97 has completely dried out in this book..."

Cornelia: " And Page 211 has shriveled up in this one. The loss of interest in books has become really serious..."

With Yoko:

Yoko: "Oh, Miss Page 65537. Have you come across any good books lately?"

Cornelia: "Actually, I just recently acquired 'Mrs. Shirley's Lover.'"

Yoko: "I'm so jealous... So, what do you think of it?"

Cornelia: "Of course, it's.... Fufufuu."

Yoko: "Make sure I get it next. Ufufuu..."

With Lily:

Lily: "I've lived in a remote village for so long that I'm out of touch with current fashion threads..."

Cornelia: "I'm in a similar situation too. I was stuck in a library for so long..."

Lily: "We're pretty similar, fufufuu. Well then, shall we go to buy clothes in the city together?"

Cornelia: "By all mean, let's go together. It's fun to be fashionable every now and then, fufufuu..."

Lily: (I won't lose to some unrefined glasses girls...)

Cornelia: (I don't want to lose to this country bumpking

With Mephisto:

Cornelia: "Mephisto... You didn't return the book you borrowed from the Monster Lord's Castle, did you?"

Mephisto: "Now that you mention it, I had completely forgotten about it. I'll reprint it, can you wait a little longer?"

Cornelia: "Really... Is that the language of someone in the teaching profession?"

Mephisto: "I take anything I can because it is my doctrine..."

Cornelia: "I see, you're now prohibited from entering the library."

Mephisto: "...There are matters like this too. I'll have to warn the students not to get too greedy."

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