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Orochi's Cave

Orochi's Cave is a location in Monster Girl Quest


Home of an ancient monster called Yamata no Orochi,

Yamatai Village, as their tradition, sends a yearly sacrifice to sooth the beast. Alice and Luka hear this rumor, and Luka decides to put a stop to this tradition by acting a sacrifice instead of one the villagers to have a shot at the beast. Tamamo decides to help him by not so subtly gifting Tamamo's Ball to Luka. Inside the cave Luka challenge Yamata no Orochi by himself, and she is somehow puzzled for a second that he isn't one of the villagers, although she doesn't mind this sudden resistance. Yamata no Orochi clearly has the advantage, until Tamamo suddenly pops out of the Tamamo Ball and decides to help Luka while teaching him how to better use Gnome's power. With assistance, the ancient Yoma is sealed.