Battle Fucker and Blacksmith in Saloon, although she doesn’t actually offer any blacksmith services.


She’ll sell crystal weapons but first, you need to have Salaan’s recommendation, Star Sand from Saloon Hills and Crystal Ore after completing the Scale Thieves Quest.

As a Battle Fucker, Orlan does 896 damage, she gives Skill Magatama on victory and becomes available for recruitment as a companion.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Orlan: "My muscles get weak if I don't go on a rampage every now and then. Come on, take me with you!"

Grandeur Theatre


Gadabout Actions

1st Action:

"I'm hungry... Have you got anything?"

Orlan has stolen some food!

2nd Action:

"So annoying. Get out of here!"

Orlan shouts at the Enemy! (Random chance to stun)

3rd Action:

"Ooooo! Raaaaaaa!"

Orlan swings their weapon at random! Random Enemies takes damage!

4th Action:

"I made a mistake, take it."

Orlan presents a gift!

You obtain an [Iron Sword]!

5th Action:

"Oh yeah! Muscles! Muscles!"

Orlan struck a pose!

... But nobody was looking.

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