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Oracle skills are accessed through jobs related to gambling and fortune telling, and by the fairy race line. Their results are extremely random, and can have a large number of positive and sometimes negative effect on the battle.

Tarot Effects

Tarot of Fate can be accessed through the Fortune Teller basic job (lvl 2). Its possible results are as follow:

The Fool: +50% evasion to player's party

The Magician: Magic up to player's party

The High Priestess: Restore 50% MP to each party member

The Empress: Restore 50% SP to each party member

The Emperor: Attacks all enemies (formula: b.mhp / 2)

The Hierophant: Defense and Willpower up for player's party

The Lovers: Inflicts seduction on all enemies

The Chariot: Damages a random enemy (formula: a.luk * 2 * 1.5)

Justice: Damages all enemies (formula: a.luk * 2 * 2.9 - b.mdf) with 25% chance of ascension

The Hermit: Dexterity up for player's party

Wheel of Fortune: All stats down for all enemies

Strength: Attack up for player's party

The Hanged Man: Incapacitates the user

Death: 100% death on all enemies

Temperance: 'Kitsune Dance' on player's party

The Devil: MP damage to a random enemy (formula: b.mmp / 2)

The Tower: Lightning damage to all enemies (formula: a.luk * 2 * 5.0 - b.mdf) with 10% chance of shock

The Star: Doubles gold, experience, and job experience for winning the current battle

The Moon: 100% blind on player's party

The Sun: Recovers HP for player's party (formula: b.mhp)

Judgement: Damages all enemies (formula: b.mhp * 4 / 5)

The World: Stops time for everyone but the user for one turn

Oracle of the Goddess

Oracle of the Goddess can be accessed through the Fortune Teller basic job (lvl10). Its possible results are as follows:

20% chance to Cast Heaven's Wrath on all enemies, inflicting holy damage (formula: a.luk * 2 * 5.0).

  • <Ilias>I answer your call and shall judge those who defy me. The impure shall suffer the wrath of their Goddess...

20% chance to Cast Heaven's Thunder on the user, inflicting 5000 holy damage.

  • <Ilias>You summon me over such a trifling matter? You're the one who must accept my judgment...

10% chance to cast Grace of the Goddess, healing the player's party fully.

  • <Ilias>Your bodies appear weak. I shall heal you all...

10% chance to cast Supreme Grace of the Goddess, recovering all hp and mp for the player's party.

  • <Ilias>You look extremely tired. With my strength, I shall restore your health and magic...

10% chance of being preached to.

  • <Ilias>I cannot approve of you calling me whenever you are in trouble. Do you not think you're making a mistake thinking you can call on me to solve all your problems?
  • <Ilias>I am all-knowing and almighty, of course... But you must not become reliant on my power.
  • <Ilias>A true hero should exhaust his other options before depending on divine intervention.
  • <Ilias> you understand? Then go, and continue to faithfully serve me.
  • The Goddess Ilias preached to us...

10% chance for Ilias to be too busy.

  • <Ilias>Yes, let's go with that plan, and--
  • <Ilias>...oh? I am a bit busy at the moment. Perhaps later.
  • The Goddess Ilias did not offer any help...

9% chance to receive gold equal to the skill user's level * 50.

  • <Ilias>Are you short of funds? This should help ease your burden...

8% chance to receive one herb.

  • <Ilias>...I am busy right now. Take this and get lost.
  • Ilias blessed us with an herb!

3% chance to receive one small medal.

  • <Ilias>These are useful to you, are they not? Continue to serve me...
  • Ilias blessed us with a small medal!

Slots Effects

June Rabbit- Heals the party