Northern Undersea Temple is a location in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox


Located deep deep below the surface, its pretty much a requirement to have the Orb of Guidance in order to even dream of stepping foot inside. The ruler of the northern seas,Poseidoness, governs from here. If you want to get an audience with her, you'll need to get past Elder Scyllas, Arch Jellys, Starfish Girls and even Coral Girls. Even if you do somehow make it to Poseidoness's chambers, beware of accidently speaking anything you shouldn't (Like wanting the orb she has...), as she might mistake it as an insult or threat and begin her judging.


Rumbling Orange Earth Stone

Seed of Spirit

Water Amulet

Blazing Red Fire Stone

Small Medal

Slash Edge

Sparkling Yellow Thunder Stone

Large Horn

Rushing Blue Water Stone

Blustery Green Wind Stone

Dragon Forge Hammer

Angel Seed

Hua Tuo Scalpel


Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

Sea Medal
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