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The Northern Undersea Temple is a location in Monster Girl Quest.


The Northern Undersea Temple can be found in the Northern Seas in the Gold Region. Poseidoness is the Queen of the Northern Seas and the one who rules this part of the ocean. Powerful monsters lurk around here and will attack intruders who have no buisness here with Poseidoness. Luka and Alice venture here to gain audience with Poseidoness. A Dagon tries to trick Luka by pretending to be a mermaid. Luka noticed something is wrong and the Dagon will just use force to attack Luka. Luka manage to defeat Dagon and seal her. Now facing Poseidoness, she also ask Luka of her business but Poseidoness will attack her as if she was tipped off this event. Alice once again helped Luka and Luka using his angel moves while sleeping. Poseindoness admits defeat and hands over the Purple Orb. 

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