Death Sword Chaos Star

A flurry of swords is executed in the dance of death. A legendary skill that only the most powerful of angels can use. It seems to be compatible with the power of fire...

"The jaws of the Rakshasa come to make the wicked pay!" -Luka

One of Luka’s skills, the Ninefold Rakshasa (九重の羅刹 Kokonoe no rasetsu) is a skill which Luka activates under the influence of holy power. Striking with a flurry, it attacks the target 9 times; Alice borrowed its concept to teach Luka Death Sword Chaos Star.

In Chapter 3, after Luka finally awakens his angelic powers against Archangel Ranael, Ninefold Rakshasa replaces Vaporizing Rebellion Sword and costs 6 SP to use.

Once the seal weakening the four spirits were removed, Salamander powers up this skill to Ninefold Rakshasa: Asura (九重の羅刹・破軍 Kokonoe no rasetsu Hagun), making it deal more damage.


  • Rakshasa is said to be a mythological humanoid being or unrighteous spirit in Hinduism.
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