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Nemea is a boss from the Collaboration Scenario. She comes from the game Succubus Prison. You can recruit her alongside Myusca and Vinum after finishing the collab. You need to defeat all three together in the town of Finoa.

To be able to access her recruitment arc, you need to recruit Daimyokai first.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Nemea: “Ara, ara, Luka-boy. Did you come to see big sister? That makes me so happy...♡”

Grandeur Theatre


Playful Actions

1st Action:

[Play: Play with Matches]
Nemea: Ufufu. Playing with fire is not bad either ...

Nemea is secretly playing with matches...

The surrounding area caught fire!

[All Enemies] takes Fire damage

2nd Action:
Nemea: I can spoil you plenty

[Puff Puff]

Nemea buries [Random Enemy]'s face with her breast

Her voluptuous breasts give sweet pleasure!

[Random Enemy] takes Pleasure damage

3rd Action:
Nemea: Sometimes exercise is..... handsome

Nemea started to jump rope

Nemea: My tits are bouncing.

Luka cant help but get surprised.

4th Action:
Nemea: Here, eat this

Nemea sent me

[+1 Sandwich]

5th Action:

Nemea: Hmmmm

Nemea sends a flirtatious glance [Enemy]

[Seduces random enemy]

It was not effective against [Enemy]

Additional Skills

  • HP +10% - Combat Ability
  • HP +20% - Combat Ability
  • Agility +10% - Job Ability
  • Agility +20% - Job Ability
  • Agility +30% - Job Ability
  • Dexterity +40% - Job Ability
  • MP +40% - Magic Ability
  • Willpower +40% - Magic Ability
  • Disruptive Wave - Beast Skill Target: All Foes, Effect: Dispel
  • Abyss Heaven - White Magic Skill (Pleasure 1400% ^ of Mag, Will), Target: All Foes, Effect: (75%)
  • Demon Eyes of Lethargy - Demon Arts Skill Target: All Foes, Effect: Defense/Willpower Down, Sleep (75%), Mana Drain 100%
  • Busty Devil's Mischief - Demon Arts Skill Target: All Foes, Effect: Slow/Minimum/Incontinence (75%)
  • Succubus Prison - Sexcraft Skill (Pleasure 1000% Dex), Target: All Foes, Effect: Horny/Trance/Seduction (50%), (3 turns)

Exclusive Equipment

  • Divine Dream Staff Adhafera - Staff, Eva/Mag Eva Rate +20%, MP Regen 4%, End of Turn 33% Sleep
  • Demonic Clothes of Vocatus - Skimpy, Absorb Pleasure, Nullify Slimed/Horny/Trance/Seduction/Incontinence/Sleep/Death/Ascension/Climax
  • Pure White Drop of Magic - Accessory, Magic/Willpower +30%, White Magic*2