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Centaur Girl Frog Girls →
Level: ?
HP (Normal): 500
Skills: Nabe Attack, Nabe Smash, Nabe Cannon, Nabe Blitz, Nabe Bind, Nabe Bind Smash, Nabe Rape: Tepid, Nabe Rape: Burning
Area: Noah
Appears in: Chapter 2

The Nabe (English: Cooking Pot), as its English name suggests, is a cooking pot. It is a joke enemy encounter in Chapter 2 of Monster Girl Quest.


After Luka seals the Centaur Girl, he and Alice set up camp. Alice tries to cook and “fights” the Nabe, much to Luka’s dismay. However, no matter what Alice does, she ends up damaging or destroying the Nabe. Alice explains that she was never taught how to cook.

There is also a non-canonical Side Story where Luka fights the Nabe as it tries to overcome (and to some extent, rape) him.

Battle Overview (Alice)

The player temporarily takes control of Alice during the “fight” between the two. She has the option of using a Normal Attack, Omega Blaze, Frost Ozma, or Monster Lord’s Cruelty.

With a Normal Attack, she breaks off a part of the Nabe. Omega Blaze, Frost Ozma, and Monster Lord’s Cruelty end up destroying it as the Nabe is awash in the sea of flames, cracked and shattered by the icy chill, or its existence is completely erased by the overpowering darkness.

Battle Overview (Luka)

As a “sample” battle, the Nabe should be fairly simple with Death Sword Chaos Star annihilating it in one hit. This battle was intended purely for humor.

If Luka loses, he humorously yet somehow ejaculates. The Nabe claims victory as Luka ponders on how he lost to dinner.

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