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A Demon Lord with the wings of an Angel appearing in the Collaboration Scenario. She comes from Parade Buster with Lest, Lyla and Bell. She is the boss of chapter 7.


She first appears in chapter 3, as she's responsible for brainwashing the Grand Noah Queen under order from the Queen of Dreams. She then have Lest violated by Tarsa to incapacitate the swordsman when the duo shows up in front of the queen in Grand Noah. Her plan is to get Tarsa to bring in the Château des Romances.

She reappears at the end of chapter 7 after the team of Lest and Novissa brought Tarsa back to her senses. She says that the ritual is almost complete, and engages the party into a fight. After her defeat, she decides to force the summoning of the Château des Romances while using Grand Noah's palace as a vessel. She then leaves the party as they get surrounded by nightmares.

She shows up again with her two lieutenants during chapter 8, when Kazuya's party has beaten Fulbeua. As Musette orders Fulbeua to dispose of the heroes, Bell and Lyla are shocked by the insolent nightmare who refuses to act and who resists Musette's brainwashing. The conflict allows the party the time to escape.

She reappears again during chapter 10 when the Alliance of the Queen of Dreams prepare their plans. She herself and her two followers consider themselves the only ones really loyal to Est, and think of the others as nothing more than lowly misfits.

The hero and their group finally face the full trio in chapter 12, where Musette tells that she always planned to backstab Est and conquer the world for herself. After they get beaten, they say that they're tired of this joke of an alliance and leave.

The trio returns one last time in the post collab, where they got to Snow Shrine with Daimyokai in hot pursuit. The party meets them at the entrance, and after a fight that ends in the hero's favor, the Grand Noah Queen says they have no choice but to recruit them in the Pocket Castle as guards wouldn't be able to resist their brainwashing techniques. As Musette accepts to join the hero's group, both Bell and Lyla oblige out of loyalty for their leader.

Monsterpedia entry

"A being who arrived from another world. Further Details are unknown."


  • Attack – One Foe, Physical Attribute
  • Garden of Earthy Delights – All Foes, Auto Hit, Pleasure Attribute, Seduction (50%)
  • Gale – All Foes, Physical, Wind Attribute
  • Grand Cross – All Foes, Auto Hit, Holy Attribute
  • Blessing of the Winged Demon – All Foes, Auto Hit, Pleasure Attribute, Confusion (75%), Seduction (75%)
  • Proselytizing Fellatio – One Foe (M), Pleasure Attribute, Ascension (10%)
  • Chest of Paradise – One Foe (M), Pleasure Attribute
  • Crotch Trample – One Foe (M), Pleasure Attribute
  • Demon Eyes of Incontinence – All Foes, Magical, Incontinence (75%), 3 Turn Cooldown


Chapter 7

Yet another boss whose real threat comes from its abilities to inflict status effects. Thankfully, with Tarsa returning you now have a powerful support, which is for the best as you won't have healed since your fight with the latter.

Use Tarsa to keep your two damage dealers buffed and alive. If you focused on status effect resist, you can use charge skills to make greater damages, but it can be dangerous if you didn't.

First and Second Battle

This time, she appears with Lyla and Bell. Fighting the trio can be tough thanks to their numerous status effects. Preventing them can help keep a steady damage flow and make sure your healer is always at the ready. They have different weaknesses, but they don't cover each other. Simply avoid using holy, dark, wind and pleasure attacks if you target the whole party.

It can be worth it to focus on Lyla with Ice Spells as she can use a party-wide heal. She doesn't use it on a regular basis, but removing her from play both reduce the damage and can prevent the fight to drag on.

The second battle is identical, except they all have +100 to their stats, making them slightly more dangerous.


  • There is no Monsterpedia entry for the first version fought. The two others are present.


  • She, Bell and Lyla have the angel teleportation animation despite them not being real angels.
  • She, Bell and Lyla are the only monsters who can give you Angel Feathers after battle.