Located southwest of San Ilia. Here you can find a unique group of people but to really see what this place has to offer someone with a questionable past will have to vouch for you...

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

Amira Locations



Created Used
Main Gauche x Wind Main Gauche, Green Wind Stone, 185G
Mithril Sword x Wind Mithril Sword, Green Wind Stone, 250G
Ox Defender Defender, Bull Horn, 480G
Reaping Rapier Mithril Rapier, Zombie Powder, 310G
Mithril Spear+ Mithril Spear, Bull Horn, 280G
Demon Lance+ Demon Lance, Ghost Hair, 350G
Ox Knuckles Mithril Claws, Bull Horn, 250G
Reaper Fang Mithril Fang, Zombie Power, 250G
Minotaur Axe Crimson Radiance, Bull Horn, 480G
Dark Cypress Club x Air Dark Cypress Club, Green Wind Stone, 320G
Dead Man's Sickle Death Scythe+, Zombie Powder, 450G
Cursed Staff Mithril Staff, Ghost Hair, 280G
Ox Rod Strike Rod, Bull Horn, 340G
Gale Bow+ Gale Bow, Fairy Acorn, 400G
Miraculous Harp Harpy of Blessings, Fairy Acorn, 330G
Beast Harp Mithril Harpy, Bull Horn, 330G
Fish Boomerang x Nature++ Fish Boomerang x Nature+, Fairy Acorn, 430G
Raging Bull Flail Mithril Flail, Bull Horn, 400G
Corpse Kitchen Knife Mithril Kitchen Knife, Ghost Hair, 330G
Zombie Cards Mithril Cards, Zombie Powder, 410G
Magic Dictionary x Curse Magic Dictionary+, Ghost Hair, 330G
Garland x Wind Garland, Green Wind Stone, 510G
Enrika Shirt++ Enrikan Shirt+, Jewel of Solidified Tears, 330G
Tearjewel Breastplate Mithril Breastplate, Jewel of Solidified Tears, 310G
Tearjewel Mail Mithril Armor, Jewel of Solidified Tears, 380G
Forest Guard+ Forest Guard, Jewel of Solidified Tears, 380G
Green Robe Black Robe, Green Wind Stone, 430G
Platinum Robe Silver-White Robe, Fairy Acorn, 450G
Royal Hat x Cursed Hair Royal Hat, Ghost Hair, 130G
Ox Helm Mithril Helm, Bull Horn, 290G
Mithril Circlet x Wind Mithril Circlet, Green Wind Stone, 180G
Mithril Shield x Wind Mithril Shield, Green Wind Stone, 190G
Dark Shield+ Dark Shield, Ghost Hair, 300G

Hidden Items

  • Green Wind
  • Boost Drink
  • Party Dress
  • Eyedrops
  • Succubus Tail
  • Fairy Acorn
  • Crab
  • Dried Bonito
  • Restorative
  • Seed of Race
  • Sandwich
  • High-Quality Herb
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