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The first screen of the Monsterpedia.

The Monsterpedia, sometimes referred to as the Monster Encyclopedia, is a database of the monsters encountered in Monster Girl Quest. It consists of five different pages.


Page 1 of a Monsterpedia-monster, the “Info” page.

On the Info page there is information as well as a background story of the monster.


Page 2 of a Monsterpedia-monster, the “Data” page.

On the Data page the Monsterpedia tells the level of the monster as well as the HP (on Normal difficulty, Hard and Hell give the monster more HP).

Below that it shows how many times Luka has been defeated by the monster. This is in both story and recall mode.

Finally it also displays the monster’s techniques. Techniques are grayed out until Luka “discovers” them, as in receiving the attack successfully. Techniques can be clicked on to learn how many times the monster has used it against Luka as well as how many times the attack made him come.

Note that a few monster techniques can only be discovered in certain situations and sometimes only on Hard difficulty.


Page 3 of a Monsterpedia-monster, the “Pose” page.

The Pose page displays the monster’s various poses, including face, body, and bukkake.


Page 4, the CG is not allowed to be shown here.

CG, also known as Computer Graphics, shows rape images performed by the monster. Like monster techniques, CGs can only be seen if the rape was successfully performed.


Page 5 of a Monsterpedia-monster, the “Recall” page.

On the Recall page, players have the option to re-fight the monster or review the rape scene.

Monsters can be re-fought on Normal or Hard difficulty, as well on “Hell” difficulty, which is needed for the achievement “Won a Fight on HELL Mode”. However, Hell-mode monsters are extremely difficult and are almost unbeatable. Re-fights can also be performed to try to discover all of the monster’s techniques and rape scenes.

If there is more then one rape scene the page will list them as “Rape Scene 1”, “Rape Scene 2”, etc. Each one of those rape scenes have to be individually unlocked by certain conditions, often receiving a certain type of attack. Otherwise this option is grayed out.