Monster Girl Quest 3D is a standalone mod done by HDoomguy  which uses the doom engine (or more accurately the GZDoom Port). Every ressources are provided in the game, which only require downloading the mod itself and possesses its own executable.

The latest demo include several levels:

-The Forest, a classic level which doesn't refer to a particular point in the game.

-The Mansion, a take on the Haunted Mansion with several bosses.

-A Camp map (with a day and night version) with an Alice sprite.

-A map version of Paradox Iliasville, currently empty.


The game plays like a first person shooter where Luka uses Angel Halo to seal ennemies while progressing through a level to reach its end, sparsed with the occasional key hunt. Anyone familiar with Doom will recognize the game's other core elements such as the 100 HP lifebar, which can be regenerated by consuming food lying around like medkits.

Sealing ennemies with the basic attacks allow to stacks SP which allow to use the skills currently integrated into the game (Demon DecapitationThunder ThrustDemon Skull Beheading and Death Sword Chaos Star) which are switched around like weapons.

If Luka gets defeated by a monster, a looping scene of the monster raping him will play until the player restarts or loads a save.


Does not require a copy of DOOM to play.

First demo:!v4l1XAqC!6kzf-k6NZ9LdmHctEUKr4M9kiK9yFhYu_TgzpavNXqA


Latest demo (31/10/2017)


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