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Monster Lord Cassandra is a super boss appearing in a bonus floor of Labyrinth of Chaos in Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG.

She can act three times per turn.

She can be recruited after defeating her in battle.


She comes from another world and tells a story about how she became a Monster Lord after devouring Alipheese XV. She then devoured Luka, then the Heavenly Knights, then Alice and Ilias before finally moving on to the world itself. This shocks Alice and Ilias, and she challenges the party as she needs a new world to live in. Once defeated, she forces her way in the party out of denial after her loss.


  • Snake Empress's Execution – All Foes, Physical Attribute
  • Spatial Dissolution - All Foes, Physical, Pleasure Attribute, Digest (80%), Slimed (80%), Learnable
  • Monster Lord's Cruelty - All Foes, Auto-Hit, Dark Attribute, Death (10%), Hit 4 Times
  • Nirvana - All Foes, Auto-Hit, Holy Attribute, Ascension (10%)
  • Nano Flare - All Foes, Auto-Hit, Water/Nano Attribute
  • Ruler's Demon Eyes - All Foes, Auto-Hit, Dark Attribute, Poison (50%), Blind (50%), Silence (50%), Confusion (25%), Sleep (25%), Paralysis (25%), Death (25%)
  • Disruptive Wave - All Foes, Dispel
  • Mass Omni Enhance - All Allies, All Stats Up
  • Butterfly Dream Heaven - All Foes, Auto-Hit, Pleasure/Nightmare Attribute
  • Heartless Angel - All Foes, Auto-Hit, No Element


As for any LoC superboss, barriers are a must-have if only to not get completely wiped on the first turn should you lack a character with Haste to put up a protection. Most of her attacks are auto-hit and all of them are party-wide, but evasion and magic evasion will make your party avoid the most annoying status effects, leaving only instakill ones to deal with. Death Resistance is particularly needed, as Monster Lord's Cruelty is pretty much guaranteed to kill at least one party member.

She can be Slowed/Stopped, but the odds do not make these a reliable strategy. She's resistance to most elements, with outright immunity to Physical, Pleasure and Water. Holy is the way to go, and, barring that, Ice/lightning/wind/earth. Chaos elements are recommended if you have a fitting weapon.


  • She is the only Labyrinth of Chaos character that can be recruited.
  • She is the first character to claim the Monster Lord's position.
  • She is currently the only character to have access Queen Slime Race
  • She is the only Monster Lord who doesn't come from the Fateburn family.
  • As for all monsters present in the LoC, her enemy profile isn't registered in the Library. Her companion one is.