"Taste the secret art of my family!"Alice

Monster Lord's Cruelty (魔王の暴虐 Maou no bougyaku) is a skill used by Alice, pummeling her opponent four times with dark magic. It is the strongest skill in Alice's arsenal.

Usage of this is first displayed against Luka, after he ignores her when she crash-landed nearby Ilias Village, where he realizes that she is too strong for an ordinary monster. Alice can also use it against the Nabe and completely erase all traces of its existence with its overwhelming darkness, and freely uses it when passing judgment onto the Beelzebubs as well as her ultimate battle against Luka.

During Chapter 3, while Alice is sealed in a younger body, Luka can request her to use this skill via Word of Dispel. Monster Lord's Cruelty is the strongest offensive attack, but does not exploit any "weaknesses" unlike Omega Blaze and Frost Ozma. Alice will freely use Monster Lord's Cruelty during the climax of Chapter 3 when fighting alongside Luka against Seraph Eden, the final battles of Promestein and Black Alice, and Goddess Ilias.

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