MQG NG Title screen

Monster Girl Quest: NG+.

This is a new NG+ mod with no relation to the one by SpasMaran. In it, Luka is back at the start of the game, retaining both his skills from part 3 and his memories from the end of it. However, everything else he has done appears to have never happened, with characters like Alice not recognizing him. All he can do now is go on the same quest again, to try and achieve his goal again and find out what happened to him. With his knowledge of everything that's happened, he will be able to do things differently this time. Includes a party system, some new fights and several gameplay tweaks.

Monster Girl Quest: NG+ is a Full Patch Mod created by Ecstasy. It has no relation to New Game+ created by SpasMaran; in this version, Luka retains all his abilities from Chapter 3 as well as his memories, but is of course sent back to the start of the game. The player will be able to redo the Luka quest with his angel skills and the possibility of changing the future.

Currently, Part 1 and Part 2 are out, which covers the Ilias Continent and getting the Four Spirits back, respectively. Part 3 is still a work-in-progress, with a demo featuring Gold Port, Port Natalia, Chrome's Mansion, Grand Noah City, and Succubus Village, as well as a second visit to Undine's Spring and the Pyramid. There are a planned total of 6 parts.

All three chapters must be merged in order to play this mod, or a crash will occur.


Mod Features

  • Luka begins with his end game skills and stats.
    • The Four Spirits aren't with Luka from the very start, but he has access to his Angelic skills and Cursed Sword techniques making early battles unique.
    • Despite the presence of two Angel Halos, caused by Luka warping back in time with his to where Alice is still in possession of hers, Ecstasy confirmed that Luka will not be dual wielding. This is due to how unnecessary and impractical it is.
  • Luka's knowledge of the future grants him the ability to change the future flow of events. Will he try to change it, or will he just do the same? Will his actions make the future for better or for worse?
  • Luka can recruit other monsters to join him, including some of the Heavenly Knights (though he can only bring one with him at a time), and possibly have a consensual relationship with them (although as of the most current mod Erubetie can not be recruited cept in the part 3 demo) also a harpy and a kitsune.
    • Luka can earn affection and reputation from multiple monsters, unlocking different scenes and dialogue.
    • Though hinted at (by Tamamo, in a joking manner), Luka building a harem seems to be impossible due to the above system; as raising the affection of one monster usually comes at the cost of the lowering the affection of another. For example, gaining Granberia's affection requires offending Alice by refusing her advances.
  • Most boss fights are changed as a result of Luka's increased power and experience.
  • Evaluations are not carried out by Ilias; they are conducted instead by Alice (throughout Part 1) and Micaela (Part 2 and beyond).
    • Receiving 15 evaluations in Part 2 will result Micaela giving Luka a tit fuck and earning her Monsterpedia entry.
  • Saves can be done anywhere, but there are no longer any save warnings to indicate choices or upcoming battles.
  • A counter for the duration of the Four Spirits is present, and SP has been changed to display a number.
  • Serene Mind and Fallen Angel Dance can be used while active, refreshing their abilities.
  • Daystar uses 4 SP to charge up, then another 4 when executed. Daystar also does not deactivate when not triggered normally. Additionally, when an attack is avoided, Daystar won't activate.
  • Quad Spirit Summon uses 6 SP instead of 10.
  • At certain points, Alice will teach Luka new skills.
    • During camp before the Treasure Cave, Alice teaches Luka a skill called "Charge". This restores his SP by 2 and gradually increases by 1 after consecutive uses, but resets if Luka does any other action. Charge cannot be used if Undine or Salamander is summoned.
    • On the ship to Sentora, Alice strengthens Luka's Guard. This causes it to remain in effect while using Meditation or Charge, but reduces damage of an attack by 1/3rd while doing so, and wears off when attacking or applying an element. However, at this point certain enemies have an attack that acts as a "Guard Break", which not only bypasses the Guard but also deals double damage.
  • Sylph and Fallen Angel Dance are separate skills, as are Serene Mind and Undine.
  • Flash Kill: Destructive Wind is changed to Flash Kill: Tornado, which causes it to hit twice.
  • Regained Undine does not replace Serene Mind; instead, her effects work the same as Undine Level 2.


Part 1


The last thing that Luka remembers being in the final battle with Ilias, fighting alongside Alice and the Four Heavenly Knights, but mysteriously finds himself somewhere else. He quickly realizes that he is in his home in Ilias Village, which was supposedly burnt down during Ilias' attack on the humans. Suddenly, he hears a man calling for help, and the villagers start to panic: Luka immediately realizes that it is the same situation as when he fought the Slime Girl prior to meeting Alice. Luka wonders if it is a coincidence as he runs out to fight her.

After rushing out, Luka is relieved to still have Angel Halo so he won't be forced to kill the Slime Girl. Luka also notes that his Keepsake Ring is restored and on his hand, and removes it to check if his angelic powers are in place. Due to doing this in front of the Slime Girl; she immediately flees on sight of Luka's angelic form. Luka puts back on his Keepsake Ring and feels that he is in a dream, but everything is too real and is playing out like the beginning of his quest.

His thoughts are then interrupted by a large impact, which he immediately recognizes as Alice crashing near his location. He then rushes to reach her, but his impaired speed causes him to realize that the Four Spirits aren't with him. Finding Alice in the crater, Luka then hugs her after she recovers, but to his dismay she does not recognize him at all. She then recognizes Angel Halo, which he's holding and accuses him of stealing it, until they discover that they each have an Angel Halo. Confused and shocked, Alice binds him up with her tail to try to interrogate him, but Luka easily breaks free and tells her that he is just as confused as she is. Luka then tells her that he wants to see the Heavenly Knights again, which confuses and startles her even more but she agrees to go with him. He then wishes to head back to his village to gather a few things and tells Alice to turn into a human, which startles her, and makes her question how he knows that she can do so.

Back at Ilias Village, Alice is still blunt as ever. Luka then tries to explain their quest together to Alice, but she is still having a hard time believing it. Luka decides to make it his goal once again to defeat the Four Heavenly Knights to bring forth coexistence again. Alice then tells him to exchange Angel Halos with her in case his is a fake. Alice is also still puzzled that Luka knows that Granberia will attack Iliasburg, as well as how he was able to anticipate that she would fall from the sky.


After saying goodbye to Ilias Village, which was awfully awkward, Luka is still confused with how events have led him back to his past. Alice interrupts his thinking and says that although she does not believe his story, he can change the future because he knows what will happen ahead of time, and asks him if there were things he would have wanted to do differently. Alice then asks what happened in their journey and Luka explains it to her up until he defeated the Four Heavenly Knights, but refuses to tell her what happened after that, though Alice seems to know that he either spared her which he wouldn't want to speak aloud due to Ilias, or murdered her which he wouldn't tell her. As they plan to set camp for the night, Luka tells her that she will love his cooking like before.

As expected, Slug Girl appears. Luka then shows off his angelic form, prompting her to try to flee, but when he refuses to let her go for her crimes, she insists on fighting. After the fight, Alice reappears, shocked and confused after witnessing Luka's absurd power, and calls Luka a jerk for bullying low-leveled monsters. Luka insists that he is "bullying" them for the greater good, since they'll be fine due to the sealing. Alice feels that his methods were overkill ("666 fireballs descended from the Heavens", directly implying he used Daystar in the battle regardless of how the player fought) and tells him to be careful when using his power.

At camp, Alice of course enjoys Luka's food, but muses if he could be delicate like his cooking in battle with weaker monsters, and tells him he should have gone easier on the Slug Girl. Alice then asks Luka about the Keepsake Ring, and he explains its entire history about it, including its sealing effects. They then talk about Luka's parents, and Luka manages to recap a bit about Marcellus but she stops him from revealing about his "earth-shattering revelations". Luka then asks her about her history, although he already knows it but wants to lighten her up a bit after today. As they both drift off to sleep, Luka still ponders on the transpiring events.

Ilias then visits Luka's dream like before, and he tries to confront her about the events, but she is just as confused as him. Ilias then believes that Luka betrayed her, but is still confused by it, though she tells him that he has been given another chance and decides to forgive him, on the condition he kills the Monster Lord. Luka is still annoyed that she is still keeping her fake act up, and Ilias continues telling him that he is her hero if he fulfills her wishes.

At morning, Luka angrily yells at Ilias. Alice then wakes up and demands breakfast, and afterwards, she still wonders if Granberia will really show up at Iliasburg. On the way, Luka explains to her the aspects of Iliasburg as well as a bit of what occurred during their first journey to it, and even tells her that the Sutherland Inn, known for its famed Ama-ama Dango is still there. They then pass by the sleeping Mandragora and Luka simply ignores her, though Alice insults him for being an idiot for pulling it out in the first journey and still does not let go about him obliterating the Slug Girl.

Arriving at Iliasburg, everything is the same as what occurred before, Granberia attacking and all, shocking Alice. Luka remembers at how she easily crushed the soldiers like bugs, then confronts her after she defeats them. Granberia is impressed with Luka's courage, but is deeply shocked when he evades her attacks without and with Serene Mind, and he counterattacks with Daystar, leaving her in more shock. With playtime over, Granberia heals using the power of fire and quickly draws forth her flame, and the two clash.

After an incredibly heated battle, Luka eventually manages to defeat her. However, even on her knees, Granberia refuses to stop attacking humans until Alice intervenes and tells her that there is no way she can defeat Luka, and not even the Monster Lord herself can defeat him, and she is confused as well. Granberia then accuses him of taking her hostage, which he immediately denies, and he lies to her about having monster blood within him. Alice then tells Granberia to go away, but she refuses knowing the dangerous potential of Luka; Alice decides she does not care anymore.

Luka then wonders his options on talking to Granberia:

  • "We'll have a rematch later." - Luka tries to persuade Granberia to be more reasonable and tells her to train, as he does not want her hurt.
  • "You're not taking Iliasburg." - Luka flatly tells Granberia that she lost and can't take over Iliasburg.

After, Luka wonders more options to tell her:

  • "Join me, then" - Luka tries to persuade Granberia to join him and Alice in their traveling adventures, telling her that he does not want to harm Alice and that he could train her to become stronger. The two monsters are shocked and Alice deems him insane, but tells Granberia that she should accept it. She agrees, but Luka tells her to leave Iliasburg because of the crisis she caused.
  • "I won't hurt Alice." - Luka swears to Granberia that he will not harm Alice. She then leaves quietly afterward.

After Granberia leaves, Alice chastises Luka for making her subordinates disobey her. He then tells her that in their first adventure, Alice was the one who drove away Granberia, and now that he is stronger, he can help prepare her for the future, but he cuts off the last sentence. They then head to the Sutherland Inn, and of course the two are admitted and Alice enjoys her Ama-ama Dango. Alice then tries to rape Luka, which he quickly remembers, and he can either turn it down or let her rape him.
If he turns it down, Alice will angrily pout and leave the room. If he doesn't, he sarcastically protests at first, but then allows her to have sex with him like before.

In the morning, Luka buys a second Enrikan Shirt, and is of course stopped by Amira, much to his dismay. She quickly breaks the fourth wall of New Game+, confusing and annoying Luka. He, like before, tells her to go away, until Alice reminds him that she seems to know what has happened to him. Amira tells him that an unknown force sent him back into the past, but she is clueless as to what it is. She does tell him "areas of interest", which are simply the Four Bandits at the Irina Mountains, the sudden silence from Happiness Village, and Enrika. After Enrika is mentioned, Luka quickly remembers about his aunt Micaela, who may know something about what happened. Luka thanks Amira and marches to Enrika.


The duo then leave Iliasburg. If Granberia was not recruited, Alice asks Luka the importance of going to Enrika, and he explains that his aunt may know something about the situation. If Granberia has been recruited, she ponders how she got talked into joining them, but Alice reminds her that she wasn't forced to come along. Granberia refuses to trust Luka and hopes to learn something about him by watching him in battle repeatedly and taking note of his skills. Furthermore, if Luka had sex with Alice, Granberia tells him that she already knows what he did the previous night and calls him a pervert, damaging her perception of him and influencing future interactions with her.

If Granberia was not recruited, Dark Elf Fencer immediately attacks. Alice is a bit puzzled at the appearance of the Dark Elf until Luka reminds her that Enrika is an elf village, and the duo presses on. Meanwhile, Dark Elf Mage spies on Luka and refuses to fight him, having witnessed the fight with the Dark Elf Fencer, tells herself that Micaela can deal with him.
If Luka recruited Granberia, Luka then tells Alice about his aunt and how their first stop is Enrika. Granberia she asks him why they are going to that place; he says that he can't explain it, but Alice butts in and tells Granberia that he already knew she was going to attack Iliasburg, and also tells her about the two Angel Halos, much to her surprise. The two monsters then disappear when the Dark Elf Fencer shows up and tells them all to leave. Luka is forced to battle her and easily seals her, awing Granberia, though she tells Luka that the elf probably deserved it anyway. She also tells him that Alice is probably scared because she isn't the strongest being anymore, something which Alice agrees with, albeit in an outraged manner. Dark Elf Mage also spies on Luka.

Arriving at the village proper, they meet Micaela, to whom Luka quickly explains to her about his lineage, leaving Alice (and Granberia) shocked. Micaela goes silent for a bit and then speaks up, telling her nephew that she didn't want him to know what he does until he was ready; Luka responds that he is ready and he knows that they have to fight Ilias. Micaela then reluctantly agrees to allow Luka and company into the village, where he tries to explain everything to her the best he can. She believes him, but if Granberia is recruited the swordswoman refuses to believe such a tale and thinks Luka's Angel Halo is a fake until Alice reveals she switched it back when she discovered it was very similar to hers; Luka then assures Granberia that they will be ready for the future. He then turns to Micaela, who states that someone of high level sent him back, and the only entities that she knows of capable of such a magic are Ilias, his own mother Lucifina, and herself. Micaela then notes that Luka has already changed his past; noting that in his story of his previous experiences he did not recruit Granberia, and was asked to leave Enrika and did not have the converstaion they currently are. She warns him that altering the past may be a problem and his actions may end up having consequences on the future he knows, but he may end up preventing a huge disaster, and tells him to be careful with it. She also reminds him not to keep abusing his angelic powers or he will suffer the consequences, and tells him he should only use it when necessary, noting that if he allows time to heal between battles where he has to use them, he may not suffer the full consequences of holy erosion. Micaela then tells Luka that he and his friends are welcome in the village and she will research the issue. Luka asks her to keep an eye on Ilias Village before thanking her and leaving. As they leave, Micaela is seen with an inscrutable expression.

As Luka and company leave, Alice (and Granberia) are still in awe of him being half-angel. He tries to apologize for keeping it a secret, but Alice waves off the apology, saying she understands and knows that he had his reasons to hide the truth. Nightfall comes, and the group sets up camp.

  • Luka explains to Alice their next destination is Happiness Village.
  • If Granberia is with Luka, there are two different scenarios:
    • If Luka had sex with Alice, then Granberia tells Luka that she wishes to train alone.
    • If Luka refused Alice, then Granberia tries to test Luka's strength by striking him with Vaporizing Rebellion Sword, which Luka instinctively counters with the same technique, leaving her surprised and impressed.

The next morning, Luka ponders on where to go next.

Should Luka try to return to Enrika after recruiting Tamamo at the Treasure Cave, Alice comments that he has no reason to return there at this point. At this point, Tamamo butts in; stating that she needs to talk Micaela. Upon the group's arrival at Enrika, Micaela greets them, stating she is surprised to see them again so soon. Tamamo then says she wants to talk to Micaela privately, asking to use her home to hold their talk. Micaela consents, though Luka notes to himself how she seems to look uncomfortable. As the two veterans leave to speak; Alice converses with Luka, noting that the two seem to know something that they are not being told, and calls Luka an idiot for not taking the opportunity to eavesdrop on them, instead choosing to talk to someone who knows less about the situation then he does. Shortly afterwards, Tamamo returns from speaking to Micaela. When questioned, she simply responds that at first she suspected Micaela, but now knows the angel is being honest. Alice however notes that Tamamo is not telling them everything, to which Tamamo simply tells Luka that if he continues doing as he is, everything will work out fine.

Irina Mountains

Luka decides to take care of the Four Bandits, but Alice is confused as to why he is pursuing such a quest. Upon arriving, he removes his ring and scares off Goblin Girl by showing off his angelic form without attacking. Alice chastises him for terrifying her, to which Luka responds that he didn't want to fight her. Annoyed, Alice says that giving her a heart attack isn't much better and decides to go with him to make sure he doesn't vaporize the bandits.

In the cave, all the bandits immediately come out of hiding and beg for mercy. Alice, like before, suggests horrid things, but Luka simply tells the bandits to apologize to the people of Iliasburg. When Alice asks what he plans to do if the humans refuse to accept the monster children; to which Luka grimly responds that he will obliterate anyone who tries to lynch the bandits stunning and horrifying her before he says he was joking.
The scene is substantially different if Luka has recruited Tamamo prior to arriving. Although he scares the Goblin Girl, once arriving in the cave Tamamo takes over. She calls the bandits "cute" and tells them to reveal themselves, and they do so quickly; they immediately recognize Tamamo as the Heavenly Knight of Earth and are at awe. Tamamo lectures the four, and demands they go to Iliasburg to apologize for their crimes. Alice then mutters something about how the humans may not forgive them, before being rebuked by Tamamo who says that if Luka and her are with the girls, there is little chance for the apology to go badly.

Like before, the bandits apologize and the village accepts them, and Luka receives the Red Orb from the Dragon Pup, causing Alice to realize why Luka was so concerned about such a "trivial" rumor. Of course, Amira shows up in the same situation. The group then leaves Iliasburg and sets up camp.

  • Alice wishes to see all of Luka's abilities, so Luka obliges her request. After doing so, Alice is left in awe, and he tells her that she taught him every one of his Cursed Sword Skills; Luka then tells her that she trained him because she wanted him to kill her, but he found a peaceful resolution instead, however Alice quickly leaves after hearing this.
  • With Granberia, the scenario plays out in two different ways:
    • If Luka had sex with Alice, she will still refuse Luka's company.
    • If Luka didn't have sex with Alice, Luka will remark to Granberia on how the Four Bandits look up to her and her fellow Heavenly Knights, and Granberia then decides to spar with Luka only using Cursed Sword Skills, leaving her once again impressed at how Luka is an even match for her when he only uses his Cursed Sword Skills, even without help from the Four Spirits.
  • Tamamo comments on how "cute" the bandits are, and laments that the group can't bring them along on the journey. Luka mentions that the journey is too dangerous for them, something that Tamamo will agree with, though she will comment that she senses high latent power within the bandits; Luka explains that Tamamo used magic to turn the bandits into adults and empower them, which causes her to lament not bringing them again.
  • Kitsune finds Alice very scary and Luka's advice to try to get her to warm up to her fails.

Happiness Village

As the group heads to Happiness Village, Granberia fumes at Luka's propensity of taking "pointless sidequests", but Luka responds that his side quests are similar to her not killing weak people. Along the way, Alice asks Luka if he knows why Happiness Village has its name, to which he responds that it is because the harpies were making the men "damn happy", which Alice agrees is "close enough". Luka then explains the situation causing Alice wonders how he resolved the problem, but the conversation is interrupted by Bee Girl. Since he is faced with such a relatively weak monster, Luka forgoes his Holy powers and decides to resort to his Elemental Cursed Sword Skills and seals her. Alice once again chastises him for "bullying" weak monsters, but is nonetheless a bit relieved that he isn't burning the whole forest down.

At the village itself, Luka defeats Harpy and turns to the villagers, pondering whether he should tell them the truth about the kidnapped men or leave it as it is.

  • "Talk to the men." - Luka tells the villagers he will go to the harpy village. Alice briefly walks with him to point out Happiness Village's selfishness, but he ignores her. If he has gone to the treasure cave and recruited Tamamo by this point, she will accompany him to the village as her disguised Tamamo Ball form, stating that she needs to speak to the Queen Harpy. Along the way, Luka ponders on how the raped humans were able to leave their wives and children so easily, and Tamamo explains that a monster's vagina is very powerful. At the village, Luka talks to the Queen Harpy and explains the situation where she reluctantly agrees to at least attempt to negotiate, causing Tamamo to praise Luka's negotiation skills. Queen Harpy assembles a brief meeting with the men to explain the situation; Tamamo chastises the men for abandoning their family. The Queen Harpy and the human male elder arrive at Happiness Village meets with the female village Elder, who curses at the harpy as she explains the situation and also insults Ilias before apologizing her apparent rudeness and suggests the villagers check it out for themselves. However, once the female citizens agree to go to the harpy village, a compromise is made, like before.
  • "Just fight the harpies." - Luka tries to fight the harpies, like he did before. He charges into the Harpy Village and scares off Harpy Twins with his angelic form. However, when he tries to fight Queen Harpy, she insists on keeping him as a mate and strips; seeing him as a threat and choosing to fight him seriously unlike his previous battle with her. This increased threat prompts Luka to awaken his angelic power and fight in this rough battle.

After the humans and monsters come to an agreement, Luka ponders why they couldn't have arrived at a peaceful resolution without his intervention, and explains to Alice about the situation in Succubus Village where men flocked to that area willingly for the chance to be "raped" by succubi. Alice reminds him that monster prejudice decreases as one moves north. If Tamamo is present, she will be annoyed by Alice's greed in taking the village's only jar of Happiness Honey, and comment on how the men in the villagers will serve as "dirty, perverted, mediators" between the villagers and the harpies.

If Luka said "Talk to the men" and has recruited Tamamo, Queen Harpy appears before Luka and commends his strength. She then offers Luka a reward and tells him to come alone to her treehouse; Alice and Tamamo call Luka dense. At the treehouse, Queen Harpy reveals her naked body and offers Luka to serve as her mate. Luka refuses, but she compromises for just one night. If he agrees, Queen Harpy takes him and Luka passes out until next morning. If he refuses, Queen Harpy allows him to leave unhindered but asks Luka if it's because of the Monster Lord or Tamamo: She finds his response with Alice interesting and asks him if he is truly in love with her, advising he not rush it; with Tamamo, Queen Harpy notices the age difference between the two and warns him that it might be difficult because of that, but says that it isn't impossible; if Luka says neither, Queen Harpy believes he might be after someone else but she drops her concern for it; if he doesn't know, Queen Harpy notes the burden on his shoulders which took time away from his personal life and he has accepted that; if Luka says doesn't want to say, Queen Harpy apologizes.

In the morning, the coexisting group wishes Luka and Alice well, but Luka ponders how he missed Alice being the Monster Lord. The group sets up camp just outside the village.

  • Two different scenarios with Alice can play out:
    • If Luka had sex with Alice earlier at the Sutherland Inn, Alice goads Luka into licking Happiness Honey off her fingers, only for Granberia or Tamamo to arrive as he is doing so, causing them to call Luka a pervert or to tell Luka and Alice to "have fun", respectively.
    • If Luka didn't have sex with Alice, she will taunt Luka with an empty jar of Happiness Honey, to his displeasure.
  • When he tries to confront Granberia, she tells Luka she finds the Angel Halo a ridiculous looking weapon, describing it as something as an "angsty teenager would draw in school"; Luka replies that he can't really use his Iron Sword, so he has no choice but to use the Angel Halo.
  • Tamamo comments on whether Luka had sex with Queen Harpy or not, mentioning that his scent is all she needs to draw her conclusions, and is also curious what the two spoke about.
  • Kitsune mentions that she hid with Alice and curled up into a ball, which Luka notes its usefulness in carrying her into towns, and she also calls out to a nearby harpy.

Afterwards, Luka suddenly notices Harpy, and after a bit of silence, she cheerfully asks if she could join Luka and his company in traveling, telling him that the Happiness Village is boring and she already has permission to leave; Luka can either accept her into the party or decline.


The group decides to head to Iliasport. Granberia grumbles on how she will finally be off the continent, and tells Harpy that the people of Ilias Continent are terrible. Harpy replies that they aren't so bad as long as she can get them to "lighten up" a bit. Alice asks Luka what will happen at Iliasport, and he explains to Alice that Tamamo and Alma Elma were present in his previous experience, leaving her confused as to why three knights are so far down south, and Luka explains why. Alice turns to Granberia, who theorizes what they were supposedly doing, and Luka butts in until Alice tells him off for not enforcing her policies, causing her to fume until she thinks about making Luka do all the work for her.

In the forest, Alice thinks that monsters don't want to bother Luka, until Rafflesia Girl appears before him to prove her wrong, followed shortly after by Roper Girl. Harpy, annoyed due to the humidity of the area, decides to fly out and meet them at the port. Alice also chastises Luka for letting the Roper Girl live since she can't be redeemed, but he accuses her of being a hypocrite, saying now how he's being "too nice", despite how she criticized his "excessive" methods in previous battles. He then adds on how she used to refuse to aid Luka despite now being overly concerned about him, prompting Alice to remain quiet.

Finally arriving to Iliasport, Alice finally realizes Alma Elma's intentions after hearing a shopkeeper mentioning her actions. Amira shows up, joking about being Alice I, which irritates Alice. Afterwards, she tells them that her "sort of" illegal info consists of Tamamo at the Treasure Cave to get the Poseidon’s Bell and Alma Elma blocking the route to Sentora.

While camping, Alice tells Luka that she noticed him having problems when he fought Granberia; Luka responds that in his previous fights against her he had the Four Spirits on his side and Granberia wasn't trying to kill him. Alice tells him that his problem is he can't keep his SP up, and he can't keep relying on Salamander or any of the other spirits to do that. She then teaches him Charge, which lets him gradually build SP every turn until he attacks. Luka thanks her, comforted that she acknowledges that he isn't her enemy and that she wants him to be strong.

Inside the cave, Alice mutters that the cave has traps, to which Luka responds that he could probably set them off with a Daystar, which amuses Granberia and causes her to comment that she likes Luka's style, causing Alice to chastise the two. Shortly after, Luka accidentally mutters the word ghost, causing Alice to cling to him as she did before, and predictably deny her fear of ghosts repeatedly. After Kitsune shows up, Luka wonders if he should fight her or try to get her to take him to Tamamo.

  • "Take me to Tamamo" - Luka tries to persuade Kitsune to take him to Tamamo. The Kitsune, however, decides to attack Luka. She attempts to use her Double Tail a couple of times, but fails to cause Luka to ejaculate. Only managing to exhaust herself, she finally agrees to take them to Tamamo, though Alice is dismayed to be taking the Kitsune along. Up ahead, Nanabi questions Kitsune for bringing Luka along, until the door opens and Tamamo appears. After an incredibly long awkward silence from everyone, Tamamo speaks up and admires Luka's body, like before. Luka tells her to save playtime for later, causing Alice to accuse him of being a pedophile, the Kitsune to get the wrong idea, Granberia to call him a pervert, and Harpy to want to play as well. Annoyed, Luka then orders everyone but Tamamo out, but when she calls him cute, he silently declares to himself that all of them will be sealed after the ordeal. She then accuses him of trying to creating a harem end, which he denies. Luka then explains his very long story.
  • "FIGHT!" - Luka fights her, but upon being sealed she still bites him. He then proceeds onward to defeat Meda, then Spider Girl, then walks past Mimic, and finally defeats Nanabi, but is confused as to how he defeated her in the first place. Tamamo appears to observe the situation and Luka tells her his very long story.

After telling Tamamo the whole situation, she is left shocked, but is just as confused as Luka and tells him that either Ilias or Micaela are probably lying about their stories and tells him that what happened to Luka cannot be undone, but reminds him of his ability to change the future. She then asks him what he wants:

  • "I need Poseidon's Bell" - Tamamo gives him the bell like before, and then asks him whether he should fight her.
  • "Touch Fluffy Tail" - Luka says he "badly needs it" before briefly rubbing on her tails before getting back to the other options. Tamamo is impressed on how he is able to resist her.
  • "Join Me" - Luka requests she joins him, to Alice's dismay. However, Granberia is concerned as the Monster Lord and two Heavenly Knights traveling with a human is not only too much of a party but also could create a lot of undivided attention; Tamamo jokingly references the unreleased Granberia & Tamamo: To the Coliseum! mod. As a result, Luka has to decide between the two knights.
  • "FIGHT!" - Luka fights her, but when she tries to nonchalantly surrender, Luka requests her to fight "truly seriously", and she reveals her true form, causing Alice to run out in fear when she returns to check on them. In the end, Tamamo tricks him into dropping his guard and she proceeds to rape him, but the cave begins to rumble. From outside Alice yells that she warned him not to use Daystar before the ceiling gives due to their fighting and collapses on them, resulting a double KO. Fortunately, Alice and Granberia manage to pull them out, as well as evacuate all the monsters living within the cave. Alternatively, Tamamo's magic may expire if drawn out long enough, forcing her to give Luka the win. A collapsed, reverted Tamamo then asks Luka what he wants, since he earned it, leading to previous options.
    • "Touch Fluffy Tail" - There is little extra dialogue due to Alice and Granberia being nearby, with them accusing Luka of being a pervert. He repeatedly tells them "shut up" before touching the tail.

Afterwards, Kitsune asks if she could join them, giving another prompt. Once Luka is finished with everything, the group sets up camp again.

  • Alice bickers about the Kitsune(s) joining them.
  • Luka asks Granberia why she waited so long to attack Ilias Continent since Alma Elma was active for over a year, and she responds that all of the Heavenly Knights acting together on the continent is a coincidence; Luka tells her that she didn't expect Alice to tell her to back off, and also tells her about what she thought of humans back in his original quest and tells her to be patient with the Monster Lord until she resolves her conflicts with humanity.
  • Tamamo calls him fascinating due to his potential and bloodline, and offers to have sex that ends the camp night.
  • Harpy tells him that she likes being in trees, and doesn't like eating meat.
  • Kitsune is fast asleep.

Part 2

To Sentora

After doing everything on Ilias Continent, the group decides to move to Sentora once and for all. Granberia and Harpy decide to wait for the group on the ship while Kitsune and Tamamo (if they are present) each wrap their tails around themselves and curl up into gold and silver fluffy orbs respectively, which are placed in Luka's inventory. Luka then asks Alice to hypnotize the ship's captain to let them on board.

On the boat, Harpy sings, which annoys Granberia though Luka finds it soothing. Luka then asks Alice if she can teach him anything new, but she tells him she may be able to after he recovers the Four Spirits. Fortunately, she teaches him how to strengthen his Guard, allowing it to remain in effect while using Meditation or Charge although it trades off for a loss of its damage reduction capability. Alice then talks about Luka's Keepsake Ring and that his body could be eroded away by holy energy, but theorizes the possibility of using another body to shield him, reminding him of when Alice countered the Six Ancestor's Great Seal. If Tamamo is recruited, she intervenes with Alice's conversation and elaborates that her current form is basically a false body containing her real mind and consciousness; if that were possible for Luka he wouldn't have to worry about dying from his angelic powers.

Alma Elma then boards the boat, noticing Luka's fame when seeing the accompanying Heavenly Knight. Luka finds something off about her (as her CG is from Cecil’s Adventure, though there is no mention of it) but can't figure out what. When asked if it is alright to exterminate Luka, Alice and the accompanying Knight tell her she can try, and Alma Elma readies herself for battle; seemingly not getting their point. However, before they fight, Alice intervenes because Luka might destroy the ship and explains to Alma Elma that the "Holy Demon of the South" nearly killed her and even defeated Granberia (and Tamamo), but tells her she can still fight. The two combatants then agree to fight at the beach the next evening, Alma Elma temporarily accompanying him into Port Natalia.

Meanwhile, Ilias and Black Alice observe the situation going on, and are a bit surprised as to what is happening. However, Ilias says that it won't matter in the end, as he's far from their largest threat. Ilias says that it may not be too late for him, which Black Alice does not understand and asks to play with the boy. Ilias tells her to do what she wants, but after she leaves she says that he won't lose to her.

Port Natalia

The group arrives at Port Natalia, with Luka eager to re-recruit the Four Spirits. After seeing that Alma Elma wasn't kidding about venturing into the port, Luka is concerned about her as the place only accepts mermaids at the moment, but Alma Elma assures him that she will be fine. Upon leaving the ship she is questioned by the ship's captain and simply responds by saying she's cosplaying, surprising Luka and Alice. Luka is then forced to buy the Grilled Starfish from the poor mermaid merchant. After Alice asks where to go first, he explains that he went to San Ilia first, but now wouldn't be the best time because of monster prejudice; he plans to take care of everything in Sentora before heading to Gold Port.

Alice asks about the second port on Sentora, and Luka explains how extremely prejudiced they are against monsters because of Ilias Kreuz, but immediately stops mid-sentence upon mentioning the organization, remembering Lazarus blowing up the mermaid school. Luka immediately rushes in there, knocking Lazarus out of the way and reaching the bomb and cutting it, fortuitously disabling it. Luka and Lazarus bicker a bit before Alice shows up, and is immediately recognized as the Monster Lord by Lazarus, while Alice remembers him from her history. Luka introduces himself to the terrorist as Marcellus' son, explaining to Alice about Lazarus's history with his father; how they killed the previous Monster Lord, created the organization, and how Lazarus killed Marcellus after a disagreement. However, during that explanation Alma Elma points out that Lazarus had fled; Luka believes that he went to Sabasa before going to Gold Port, but Alice reminds him that the Spirits are more important and they can deal with him once they reach Gold Port. The crowd then appears and praises Luka, and after he explains what happened before to Alice she tells him to stop worrying.

After going around town once more, the group leaves Port Natalia, seeing Harpy annoying Granberia with rape stories. Luka and Alma Elma engage their match. Eventually, Luka triumphs, leaving Alma Elma unconscious while leaving Harpy impressed. Luka then ponders on whether to leave or wait for Alma Elma to recover, but Alice and Granberia tell him that there's far more important things to do than wait; Tamamo's presence causes her to instead ask about the unconscious Knight and advises to wait.

  • "Wait For Alma" - The group waits for Alma Elma to recover. After she does so, she is intrigued by Luka and wants to join him on their journey.
    • "Take her" - Alice, Granberia, Tamamo, and even Alma Elma call Luka a pervert. The accompanying Heavenly Knight then leaves.
    • "No" - Alma Elma scorns, saying that Luka's no fun, before leaving.
  • "Just Go." - The group then leaves Alma Elma.

Finishing up with Alma Elma, the group camps out again.

  • Alice briefly mentions Lazarus and the scene continues depending on Luka's reputation with her.
    • If Luka's reputation is high with her, Alice will talk about her mother and how Luka is again sacrificing himself for his cause.
    • If Luka's reputation is low she will refuse to talk further and leave.
  • Granberia counts the defeat of the three of four Heavenly Knights, and once Luka defeats Erubetie, he can finally stop fighting those who are supposed to be his allies and try to get the kingdoms to prepare to battle Ilias; Granberia flatly tells him that walking up to them and explaining Ilias's true motives are obviously unbelievable, but tells him that the ones traveling with him right now believe his story, although Ilias' puppets will be hard to convince, causing Luka to lament about back when he was a devout follower; Luka considers starting with convincing Sabasa or Grand Noah due to their good standing with monsters, but Granberia reminds him of his priority as Ilias can attack at any moment. Tamamo also notes that Erubetie is the last Knight that Luka needs to defeat, noting that she'll be pissed once Luka barges into Undine's Spring and seals the slimes there.
  • Tamamo then asks if Erubetie ever changed in the future, and Luka replies that she eventually did and nearly blew up Hellgondo before doing so, surprising Tamamo; while Alma Elma and Granberia just have their hand forced due to the current society, Erubetie on the other hand is legitimately damaged, but isn't sure why.
    • If Luka's reputation with Tamamo is high at this point, he can talk to her again. Tamamo is a bit intrigued that she is traveling with the son of her former mortal enemy, Lucifina, and begins to explain the full story behind the two. Explaining the origins of Alice I and Ilias along with their very first creations and the Great Monster Wars, Tamamo and the other Ancestors frequently clashed with Lucifina but always lost no matter what they planned, explaining her superior power and describing it that it was nearly a third only to Ilias and Alice I, noting that Luka comes nowhere near to a tenth of Lucifina's power. Tamamo then mentions that Lucifina always had a chance to kill her, but could never bring it upon herself to do so, most likely due to her doubts about Ilias. Luka briefly intervenes and says that Micaela told him the monster forces were superior, but Tamamo says that was not true and was merely an attempt to deceive the enemy forces; if Lucifina didn't hesitate to kill,  then Ilias would probably have won the war. Regardless, the war still was won in Ilias's favor and only Tamamo escaped her seal 500 years after the war, being the only one permitted to by Alice I. That was around the time when Lucifina ultimately rebelled and fought against Micaela; despite Micaela claiming that she was equal with her sister Tamamo believes that Lucifina was the far superior combatant of the two. Afterward, Tamamo and Lucifina eventually met each other on the surface world again and agreed on the fact of Ilias' insanity, but the angel never trusted the monster due to her belief that Alice I was also insane; Tamamo finally concludes the story that while they waited for the chance to defeat Ilias, they would both come to realize that Alice I would also eventually return and the two would have to fight again, but that would never come to pass now. Tamamo is unsure whether she or Lucifina were correct; neither of them was  truly good or evil, but merely had conflicting views on how to achieve peace. Luka asks whether Tamamo's or Micaela's stories were correct, seeing how vastly different they are, but she says she doesn't know because neither of them experienced it first-hand. Luka thanks Tamamo for the story and he drifts off to sleep, ending the camp.
  • Alma Elma admires Luka's power and he asks her to stop attacking humans, who playfully responds that humans like getting raped. She does eventually agree, but still doesn't seem to take it very seriously.
  • Harpy is amazed with Luka's fighting abilities and wishes to fight like him, or if not him; like Alma Elma instead, shocking Luka and causing him to say that the world can't handle two Alma Elmas.
    • If Alma Elma is present, she joins the conversation upon hearing her name being mentioned. Harpy asks if she can be taught her succubus arts; admiring her enthusiasm, Alma Elma considers it and plans to practice them on Luka, much to his dismay.
  • Kitsune asks about Luka's plan of getting the Four Spirits, mentioning that Tamamo once told her about them; Luka thinks the Four Spirits may teach her something.
    • If Tamamo is present, she butts in and tells the kitsune that mastering the elemental powers of the Four Spirits is the key to becoming a powerful fighter, but if only she wants to become strong; since Tamamo can't decide her future, the kitsune is left unsure what to do for herself, though Luka says she'll figure it out eventually.

Luka dreams about Ilias again, who calls him foolish and says that she's trying to "help" him. Luka immediately refuses due to her insane plan of wiping everything just to kill Alice I. Ilias tells him that isn't her true goal because if that was her plan she would just already have killed him, and calls out Luka's naivete. She then tells Luka that Micaela and Tamamo are just using Luka for their own goals; Tamamo would do anything to get rid of Ilias to serve her master, and Micaela doesn't understand the full story, and claims that she only sent Micaela to kill Lucifina in an act of self-defense but upon realizing she was content to live as a human she left Lucifina alone rather than choosing to kill her with her own hand. She reiterates that Luka is just a puppet to Tamamo and Micaela, but he still refuses to trust Ilias; she then asks Luka if Micaela is more trustworthy than her, noting the possibility of her lying, but Luka says that she isn't the one trying to wipe out monsters. Ilias then asks Luka about the monster's actions as all they did was try to rape, kill, eat, or enslave him, all out of care for themselves; she tells him that the monsters now follow him out of fear, explaining that she intentionally neglected to baptize him as she wanted Luka to see their true nature and for him to counterattack, but ponders why he's still fighting for them. Ilias then warns Luka about Black Alice being somewhere in Sentora before cutting off the dream.

The next morning, Luka shrugs off the dream and sets out. Luka then turns to Harpy and Kitsune and asks for their names; Harpy introduces herself as Ipeia, or Pei for short, and Kitsune is appropriately called Nibi. Granberia reminds Luka to gather the Four Spirits, suggesting to get Salamander back first because he can already evade without Sylph or Undine and needs the firepower, but when Luka points out that Salamander raised her, Granberia finds that creepy. Tamamo instead advises he go after Gnome first, bluntly stating Luka's defense is terrible and he is still vulnerable to the blows of a Heavenly Knight. Alma Elma suggests "Sylphy" first since he's currently slower than her. Alice tells Luka that due to his current strength he can get any spirit in any order he desires, but advises he goes after them all first before doing anything else.


Ipeia is excited to meet the fairies of the Forest of Spirits. The group decides to camp out for the night first, though.

  • If Sylph is the first spirit to be recruited, Alice notes that Luka is recruiting them in the same way he did last time, not wanting to mess with what happened too much. Luka then explains Sylph's power to Alice, which she deems overpowered. She notes that if she had known that she would have used the Spirits to help her fight Ilias and world domination. Luka also points out the Biolabs but can't do anything about it at the time, though Alice tells him that everything should be fine because Ilias can't do anything until she puts her plans in motion.
  • Granberia talks about using wind, though she mentions she is more skilled in water and fire; she can't move as fast as Alma Elma nor can she strengthen her body like Tamamo, but despite overcoming Tamamo's sealed form she still can't defeat Alma Elma.
  • Ipeia is excited due to the harpy race's compatibility with wind, and Luka begins to note that certain monsters correspond to some elements; Ipeia then points out light and darkness, two of the strongest elements, and mentions that the Four Spirits were also formed out of pure dark energy, surprising Luka to see a harpy know a lot about the elements in the world. Ipeia also scouted but only saw fairies and elves, no "chichimaras".
  • Nibi is fast asleep.

Outside of the forest, Alice again refuses to enter, but Ipeia is delighted to come with. Luka is again attacked by Fairy and seals her; Ipeia finds the sealed form of the fairy cute, but it calls her a "scary bird lady" before fleeing. Elf rushes in, once again refusing to hear out Luka and is defeated by him, where she hears him out and mentions the attacking chimera. Twin Fairies appear and again trick the sealed Elf into falling a hole before being defeated by Luka, and are again chased off by the Elf and also call Ipeia scary. The harpy asks Luka if she's really scary, but he replies that it's probably because the fairies had never seen a harpy before, suggesting she stick around more for the fairies to get used to her. Luka then accidentally steps on one of the Fairies and immediately apologizes and in turn she gives him the Fairy Acorn. The fairies then call out Ipeia to play with them, who happily accepts, temporarily leaving Luka.

At the heart of the forest, Sylph is confused at Luka's appearance as he doesn't "smell quite right", leaving him confused. Luka then explains his purpose of bringing coexistence and needs Sylph's help, but by being so vague, Sylph asks the wind. She is then shocked after hearing Luka's crazy journey and is excited to be a part of it, but of course Luka has to prove himself over again. However, there's a twist: Sylph steals a bit of Luka's power, shrinking him down to her size while strengthening herself. After Luka defeats her, she reverses the magic and agrees to join him.

However, even with Sylph, Luka still has to fight the one monster parading the forest: Chimera Dryad. Luka tells Alice about the monster as it approaches them, and her Omega Blaze fails against the monster. Luka tells her off while he deals with the threat, easily defeating it with Sylph's power and his Elemental Cursed Sword skills. Alice returns and asks about the creature, but Luka only knows that Promestein made it, and also mentions the nearby Biolab but they still can't do anything about it without help. Sylph then appears in Luka's mind and commends him for his use of wind and also detects Fallen Angel Dance, though aside from its longer duration Sylph doesn't know whether Fallen Angel Dance will get stronger or not. The fairies appear and thank Luka before flying off to prank San Ilia while recalling Ipeia; despite his concern he thinks that the town will be fine just like before.

Campfire moment.

  • Alice tells Luka that the wind power is most associated with nature, but is generally the element with least use in combat, but Luka thinks otherwise.
  • Granberia receives pointers on using the wind from Sylph, telling her that she's being too strict with it and she should be playing with it, but she doesn't understand; Granberia turns to Luka but he can't explain it, and Sylph tries to encourage the frustrated swordswoman.
  • Ipeia is still playing with the fairies.
  • Nibi chases Sylph for what appears to be a chopstick and Luka tells her to play nice, but when Nibi says she was going to use the "chopstick" on Luka he orders Sylph to get it as far away; Luka feels relieved until Nibi plans on using her tails again.
  • Sylph is excited about the upcoming adventure.
    • If Luka raised his reputation with her by recruiting her first and then losing to her three times she will offer to have sex, ending the camp.


The group is a bit annoyed while traveling through the humid rainforest, but the conversation is interrupted by Tarantula Girl; Luka seems to wonder whether monsters actually tolerate the heat until seeing an annoyed Ipeia and Nibi. Outside of the rainforest, Luka is attacked by Minotauros and immediately drives her off with Vaporizing Rebellion Sword; while Sylph describes Luka as a badass, Alice says he's just "okay" until Luka points out that he defeated her causing her to quiet down. When in the desert, Sylph says that Deeny would have melted, though Luka mentions that he is prepared this time before being interrupted by Scorpion Girl. Alice then happily gives Luka the Basket of Scorpions, dismaying him and upsetting Ipeia as she finds them cute; Luka then mentions that the scorpions can't be eaten because of their poisonous attribute, upsetting Alice and cheering up Ipeia. Luka then encounters Lamp Genie and completely ignores her lamp, explaining to Alice about her; she asks him whether if he's going to leave it alone, and Luka decides to cover the lamp by kicking sand on it.

The group finally reaches Sabasa and Alice happily examines the dishes; Luka can lie to the merchant about being a hero to receive the discount and get the dish for her or tell him the truth and leave it alone while annoying Alice. The group restocks on water before setting up camp.

  • Alice seems to be a bit annoyed that Gnome can cover Luka's only weakness though it just seems to be Alice still nervous at Luka's power, then mentions about Gnome's shy personality but may be very curious upon seeing Luka's angelic power.
  • Granberia laments on struggling with earth before for being unable to cut Tamamo's defenses previously.
  • Luka asks Ipeia if she knows anything about the spirits, but all she knows is about Sylph, saying the current Queen Harpy mentioned that the harpy race used to know all about magic but didn't want the race to use it for wars like the former Queen Harpy; Luka quietly ponders about the former Queen Harpy, wondering if she is Desureia, the creator of Demon Skull Beheading.
  • Luka asks Nibi if other kitsunes are skilled with earth, but she doesn't know; even she can't use earth. Nibi then goes treasure hunting and digging in the sand, but immediately jumps out after seeing ordinary tarantulas. *Sylph is excited to meet with Gnome again, mentioning that she hits her to keep her from annoying others.

At the Safaru Ruins, Alice lazily waits while Luka aimlessly searches for Gnome, immediately taking down Antlion Girl while defeating Sandworm as he encounters the mud dolls. Luka eventually manages to encounter the earth spirit, whose eyes widen briefly upon seeing Luka. Sylph appears and talks to Gnome, and Luka once again has to fight to prove himself. He defeats her, and she accompanies him, continuing to punch Sylph. Luka lies to Alice about Gnome not giving trouble before making their way out to camp.

  • Alice notes that Luka had some more difficulty to recruit Gnome, but isn't surprised at her defeat due to her little combat experience.
  • Luka's growth only motivates Granberia to become stronger.
  • Luka asks Ipeia if she knows about the former Queen Harpy, but she was only a baby when the former queen died, and tells Luka that the current queen mentioned how nasty and prideful the former was, being a warfare master but a horrible leader that put the harpy race to near extinction, which is why the current queen tries to push forward for peace; she also mentions that the queen raised her from birth after her birth mother died.
  • Nibi tries to learn about the earth from Gnome, but fails.
  • Sylph is excited about Gnomey, only to get punched.
  • Gnome quietly and curiously listens to Luka's story.

At nightfall, with the second spirit in hand, Luka dreams about hearing a voice from an unidentified person, who tells him how much he remembers about before being brought to his current situation. The voice tells him to try to remember what happened during the final fight, and only then will he fully understand; the voice refuses to tell him or explain anything, simply telling him to keep fighting for his future and not let Ilias get a hold of him. The voice continues, saying that Luka's efforts weren't in vain and he can accomplish coexistence once more as long as he keeps pushing for it. The voice then apologizes for bringing him into such a situation, and will still try to help him if possible. All this serves to only confuse Luka by the time he wakes up.


The group heads to the Noah region. Alice acknowledges the food at Grand Noah while Granberia asks if the colossum is worthwhile, which he replies that she may not like it when he explains the truth behind it. Along the way, Luka is attacked by Frog Girls and grumbles about how monsters still keep attacking and not getting the hint to leave him alone, even when he is traveling in the presence of a Heavenly Knight. Alice speaks up, saying that humans and monsters can't get along if the monsters keep pushing for rape. Ipeia admires the view from above which doesn't interest Alice, causing Luka to ask how a lamia can fly which makes no sense, to which Alice responds that the story of Luka's parents falling in love and bringing Luka into the world makes no sense either, before explaining that her ability to fly is due to her magic. Ipeia then wonders about harpies migrating up to Noah, and Luka mentions that there are harpies in Grand Noah. Luka then takes down Alraune before moving forward.

Before Undine’s Spring is camp.

  • Alice says that Luka's choice of getting Undine is terrible as he already has Serene Mind, but Luka says that Serene Mind is more powerful with Undine. Alice then warns Luka about the slimes, making him nervous, and he then asks about Alice not talking to Erubetie, who replies that their anger is justified; she chastises Luka for his tolerance given to him from his mother, unlike the slimes, so Alice can't do anything.
  • Granberia remembers about learning Serene Mind at five with the help from Salamander.
  • Ipeia is away.
  • Nibi tries to perfect her Clone technique to no avail, and wants to have something to show for it, especially for the man she wants.
  • Sylph repeatedly dunks her head into a bucket in hopes of not getting drowned by Deeny; Luka tells her to just talk to her but she insists on getting revenge by defeating Deeny, learning from Luka that he makes people listen to him by fighting, though he tells her that fighting isn't a good idea and is only a backup to people not listening to him, the spirits testing him, or self-defense, and Luka finishes by telling Sylph to try not to annoy Deeny.
  • Gnome tries to make clay from the nearby water.

Outside of the spring, Luka and Alice note how difficult it will be for him to reason with Erubetie. The Queen Slime warns him to stay away, but his shouts are unanswered; Sylph describes it as spooky and shouts for Deeny. Luka jumps into the spring and Sylph describes the place as scary, and Luka explains the situation, surprising Sylph after hearing Deeny attacks people. Luka takes down Jelly Girl and Sylph complains about Deeny more, saying that talking with the humans would be more efficient rather than killing them, leaving Luka and the other spirits quiet. Moving forward, Luka defeats Blob Girl and tells Sylph that talking isn't as simple as it seems, but isn't so sure why when Grand Noah willingly accepts monsters. Green Slime appears and Luka obliterates her with Vaporizing Rebellion Sword, prompting Erubetie to come out and attack, ignoring Luka's words.

After Luka defeats Erubetie, he tries to persuade her to stand down and not blow herself up to kill the very thing she hates. But the Heavenly Knight refuses to reason until Undine intervenes and decides to deal with Luka herself, as he has business with her. Erubetie retreats and warns her friend to be careful, but Undine warns Luka that she had no intention of protecting him, and refuses to accept Luka due to his "onslaught" in her spring, thus he pissed off two high-leveled slimes. Once Luka defeats her, she grudgingly accepts defeat and joins Luka. Luka then apologizes for trespassing, but Undine acknowledges that it can't be helped. Undine also notices that Luka mastered water in far less time than Heinrich before joining him.

At the surface, Luka discovers that Alice created crude drawings of "The Idiotic Time Traveler" while he was in the spring. Alice then asks Luka about the power of water, but despite his mastery he still can't explain it, which Alice acknowledges. Undine is then impressed with Luka's ability to use Serene Mind without her, although it does not seem to change much. Sylph then cries out to play with Deeny, who traps her in a water bubble again. Alice then asks Luka about his meeting with Erubetie, though they both know it will take time for his words to reach her.

With another spirit added, it's time for another camp.

  • Alice is still astounded with Luka's incredible growth rate but still finds it all ridiculous.
  • Granberia questions the actions of the slimes and the Monster Lord letting it pass, stating their actions are in no way of self-defense; rather, they have been acting as predators due to a grudge; Luka tells Granberia to talk to Alice about it, but she says there's no point as Alice will just wave it off. Luka adds on that Alice is unsure as to what to do in the situation; Granberia suggests force but Luka replies that it wouldn't change anything. Granberia counters that force would lead to an improvement and the situation won't go away unless something was done about it, flatly calling Alice a terrible leader.
  • Luka asks Ipeia where she went off to since she wasn't present at the last camp, who replies that she went to look for humans to chase them off from the lake due to the slimes, though this leaves Luka concerned regarding exactly how she chased them off.
  • Nibi seems to have improved in her magic, being able to double her size, but she still tries so hard to try to rape Luka and asks him if her new technique turns him off, briefly pondering why other kitsunes didn't use doppelgangers. She then considers using slime and asks Undine for some, who asks if she can eat her afterward, scaring Nibi.
  • Sylph says the power of water is cool, and Luka asks her about wind and water having similar effects of dodging attacks, who replies that their effects are actually different with mastery. Luka notes that Undine's power allowed him to dodge literally anything but at full mastery that evasion seemed to have weakened; Sylph suggests Luka uses the old version of the skill, calling him an idiot for not ever thinking of that and suggests he ask Deeny about it.
  • Gnome quietly hears Luka talk about using the power of water despite its supposed difficulty as almost everyone says, also pointing out the feelings each element gives him.
  • Luka asks if Undine is okay due to her anger, but she replies that she was from her perspective: while trying to live peacefully in a home made for herself and her people, a crazy kid comes charging through and sealing the slimes left and right and even seriously injuring a Heavenly Knight. Undine does feel a connection to Luka, but finds it creepy because right now he is a total stranger, although she forgives him.

The next morning, Undine says what she said about Luka's power not changing wasn't entirely true, rather his current Serene Mind will last longer while summoning her is different and more powerful but a broken concentration would force him back to normal. Luka sets off to get the next spirit.


Sylph is excited to get Mandy but Undine isn't. Along the way, Luka and mentions how he misses Garuda Girl for faster traveling, causing Alice to state she misses her too; calling the trip horrible, but Granberia finds it better to be outside of the castle instead and making it her mission to continue maintaining order which his quest obviously ties to, patiently waiting for her use to come. Mantis Girl attacks and an annoyed Luka asks why monsters would still try to rape people even in a place where humans and monsters get along, which Alice believes to be a survival instinct, although Luka still doesn't get it in a place like Noah, but Alice replies that semen is needed for reproduction and it's hard to break out of old habits. Alice then points out Luka's habits of trying to fight a monster whenever he sees one due to reflexes but asks if there was no real threat, and Luka's response of hesitation just proves Alice's point, partially because of Ilias's psychological hold on him. Although Alice does acknowledge the monsters are to partially blame, she asks Luka if every man thought like him and resisted and thus resulting the monster using force, creating a cycle that alarms Luka as he ponders what happened in his coexisting future. Alice sees the situation as people acting like prey shall be treated like prey and refuses to allow humans to harm her subordinates, although she is unsure about a solution for both sides and is still trying to find the answer for it. Granberia butts in and asks why humans are so weak compared to monsters, with Luka responding to have no idea and Alice says that Ilias's weakness compared to Alice I is what made her creations weaker, causing Luka and Granberia to be silent. Nibi asks if Granberia doesn't like humans due to their weakness, but she replies that she is indifferent about it which is off-putting.

Outside of the forest Luka is attacked by Scylla, acknowledging his own strength compared to the monsters in the northern regions. Alice urges Luka for food and camp, and Ipeia asks the same thing, stating that she flew off because she dislikes forests for their humidity and narrow spaces.

  • Alice asks Luka about Salamander's power, calling it cheating upon hearing she restores all of Luka's SP.
  • Granberia mentions that Salamander trained her from a young age and may teach Luka something, though Luka is doubtful since he surpassed the student who surpassed the master; Granberia tells him not to be so cocky for triumphing her and says she'll somehow do it.
  • Ipeia is very annoyed at the heat of the volcano and doesn't want to join him; Luka asks if other harpies hate heat like her, but she replies that it's probably based on origin as Ilias Continent wasn't so hot, although Luka says he just doesn't think about the weather.
  • Alice angrily searches for Nibi who shed her fur on Alice's meal; after she has slithered away, Nibi reveals herself to be hiding in a bush and giggles, but Luka warns her it would be best not to anger the monster lord due to her hatred for kitsunes, though clearly she doesn't listen as she plots to prank Alice in her sleep and Luka considers the "idiot" moniker appropriate.
  • Sylph misinterprets the wind talking about Luka's connection with Mandy and assumes it meant he wants her to hook him up with her. Luka asks Sylph about his connections with the four spirits and knowing that Sylph could sense his presence in the Forest of Spirits means Salamander already knows he's coming; Sylph tries to ask the fire about it.
  • Luka asks Gnome if she's happy to see Salamander again, feeling awkward at her simple nodding and lack of speech.
  • Undine finds the area very hot, telling Luka that while high leveled slimes can venture into hot areas low leveled slimes would die; only Grand Noah and to a lesser extent San Ilia have habitable areas for slimes. Luka asks her if Ilias Continent is habitable for slimes, explaining to her about the first low leveled Slime Girl he met, which Undine finds odd despite her and Erubetie never venturing into Ilias Continent and wants to investigate it.

Up the Gold Volcano, all the others aside from the spirits refused to accompany Luka; Deeny melted, Gnome is tired, and Sylph is energetic. Luka remembers about Salamander teaching others Cursed Sword skills and wonders if she actually knows how to use a sword, a thought that is interrupted by Lava Girl. Luka turns back to Sylph and asks if she's the strongest of all spirits, who replies that she's the best at fighting and is almost as tough as a Heavenly Knight, which is why people flock to her for guidance, but each element is equal, and the conversation is again interrupted by Basilisk. Sylph commends Luka's strength and he asks if it's fair to keep sealing monsters left and right, and she replies it's not his fault because they attack first and he's punishing them rather than killing them, which Luka agrees. Luka pushes forward and is attacked by Dragon Girl.

Luka feels invigorated after being able to defeat Dragon Girl so easily now unlike before. Sylph says he's strong because he trained so much and also mentions Luka is somewhat scary, saying the monsters are just attacking out of fear. At the heart of the volcano, Salamander is surprised that Luka is "back", but she qucikly says she mistook him for someone else and does not recognize Luka at all, much to his dismay. Like before, the two fight, and after triumphing Salamander, Luka convinces her that he won't use her for bad and she agrees to join him. Salamander acknowledges Luka's flame, but warns him that Charge will not be usable with her active. Luka hastens out of the volcano to rejoin his comrades at camp.

  • Alice notes that Luka can't control fire on his own; he asks how it's possible for him to do so, and Alice says that with absolute mastery he shouldn't be completely helpless without them and may be able to have some grasp of using fire without Salamander if he had full mastery of it, according to Tamamo, but Luka doesn't understand.
  • Granberia and Salamander talk about Luka, impressed that he managed to defeat her most prized student as she teases Granberia's true intention of joining Luka was to triumph over him; Granberia quickly changes the subject and asks Salamander if she might teach Luka anything new, who replies that she can't teach him new sword skills because they're already at their peak although his use of the spirits needs a lot of improvement, also saying that Granberia still has ways to go.
  • Ipeia calls Salamander "really hot", which Luka and Salamander find awful. Salamander follows up by calling Ipeia "a birdbrain".
  • Nibi introduces herself to Salamander but feels left behind as she's the only one in the party whose weak, but Luka encourages her. After she leaves, Salamander is a bit annoyed with Nibi asking for a "kiss for good luck", saying that rape is a weapon while asking for a kiss is desperation.
  • Sylph bugs Mandy and tries to think with her before Luka calls her away, telling her that Salamander doesn't want to be bothered at the moment and she should wait for tomorrow, averting the burn victim.
  • Salamander asks Gnome about sensing Luka's power, seemingly curious about it.
  • Undine commends Luka for mastering water and fire, though he points out that Undine and Salamander don't seem too different from each other as they helped him master their powers, but he forgets their personalities because he doesn't know either of them. Undine sighs and explains that the spirits aside from Sylph tend to keep to themselves, not wanting to get involved in matters that don't concern them directly, however she does seem to be more involved due to Luka's situation. Luka does however want the spirits to talk to him more, though Undine says its partially his fault as it is for the spirits.
  • Salamander labels Luka as strange, saying she feels like they've been together before despite never meeting him due to their bond and mentions that the other spirits have felt it as well; Luka tries to explain his story but she has trouble believing it, though they can only agree that they're both confused. Salamander mentions Heinrich being the first and only human to ever master the four spirits until Luka, suggesting the bond from the spirits to the two humans are similar, though Luka is still nowhere near his level; Salamander says that the bond grows stronger with time, with Luka possibly quickly honing his elemental powers for acquiring them sooner. She also mentions that the bond with the spirits is a bond to the elements themselves which allows humans to wield magic because the four spirits are personifications of the elements themselves and serve as their controllers, causing Luka to realize the purpose of Promestein's seal on them. Salamander continues, stating that the bond with the host affects how they use the elemental powers - the closer the bond the stronger the power; Luka realizes that Heinrich and Undine were initially at odds which is why it took him a year to master water. Luka then hypothetically asks if he were to fall in love with one of the spirits, and Salamander replies that what is important is actually the other way around (that is, the spirit needs to fall in love with him) but is highly unlikely if not impossible, though if it were to happen the power would be peerless as if the human were the spirit itself no matter the distance between the spirit and the host, even if they were at opposite ends of the earth. Luka thinks of that statement of a harem for ultimate power, but Salamander warns him that it would end very very badly. She also warns him to not manipulate the spirits as they are a part of him and can sense his true feelings and hopes he wouldn't treat them like tools. Luka thanks Salamander for her explanation.

With the four spirits finally together again, Luka feels invigorated as he felt empty without them and intends to be more careful about losing them, having went on a quest to gather them for the third time now. Luka finally continues on his journey to save the world from peril, revisiting every area in Sentora to make sure he has everything finished. Alice calls Luka and the group sets out.

Part 3

The goal is now to obtain the Six Orbs and awaken the Garuda Girl to make traveling much easier. Alice comments that she could have flown Luka but think its impractical, causing him to complain as it would have sped up their journey. Luka recalls the locations of the Orbs, while Granberia briefly speaks up when he mentions the Pyramid, and also plans to take care of everything on the Sentora continent; though Alice says its pointless, Luka insists that it will help in the war.

Port Natalia

Deciding to get the Blue Orb from Kraken, Alice commends Luka for not wasting time. He heads to Port Natalia, first to accept Meia's request and acquire her Ball of Guidance, annoying Alice and causes her to refuse to help him. Granberia decides to stay back because she cannot swim, much to Alice's bemusement and calls out Granberia's mastery of water at a young age; Granberia replies that there was never an opportunity for her to learn how to swim due to Salamander naturally refusing to and she already had the ability to teleport, plus Erubetie could easily handle matters in the marine world.

Upon meeting Meia, Luka plays along in meeting her like last time. After leaving, Sylph comments on Luka setting up couples together, stating that she had performed marriage ceremonies before, confusing Luka but he quickly shrugs it off. At the beach, Crab Girl requests semen, and Luka can willingly agree or refuse and she will leave without a fight. As Luka uses the Ball of Guidance, Undine comments on its ability, mentioning that the spirits are the best elemental users in the world but neither the strongest nor the best fighter. As Luka travels, Salamander shivers in the cold water, causing the other spirits to tease her.

Luka fights Jellyfish Girl again and hears a female voice crying out. He swims down, finding Sea Anemone Girl attacking El. Luka quickly recognizes her as the Queen Mermaid's daughter, and she tries to back away from him due to her mother's intense hatred for humans, only to calm down once he tells her if he was selfish he wouldn't have saved her. El mentions that she got separated from her mother after seeing a bright light (Luka using the Ball of Guidance). Luka agrees to help her, despite knowing her mother's hatred for humanity and feels that it won't end well. He again promises he won't hurt her, but Luka prioritizes his objective first, which she finds cool.

In the temple, Luka asks El if she can help him in his objective without fighting Kraken, though due to the southern seas queen's superiority the mermaid princess cannot. After pushing aside Anglerfish Girl, Luka meets Kraken. Instead of introducing himself as a Hero, he gives her the pledge of marriage, but she accidentally weds him and El or granberia or tammamo or alma elma, mistaking her for Meia. Kraken corrects her mistaken, then divorces the pair before her. Luka then asks for the Blue Orb, but Kraken immediately becomes hostile and refuses to believe the Monster Lord issued an order.

Once Luka defeats Kraken, the Queen Mermaid suddenly appears. She tries to talk Kraken into giving her the Blue Orb, explaining that the current Monster Lord desires to exterminate monsters who do not wish to live in peace with humans with Luka being her errand boy. Kraken, however, does not believe her, as if the Monster Lord wanted the orb she could simply have asked for it, and wishes to speak to the Monster Lord herself to make proper judgment, and acknowledges that Luka had not made any attempts to steal the orb as they chatted. Kraken also acknowledges Queen Mermaid's hatred for humans but calls her plan of betrayal of turning on the Monster Lord over a rumor is ludicrous. Queen Mermaid then tries to murder Kraken, but Luka seals the southern seas queen, causing Queen Mermaid's attack to miss. El finally decides to speak up and begins to question her mother, who had only noticed her just now. Queen Mermaid demands El leave with her before accusing Luka for kidnapping her and turning the daughter against her mother.

Before the two fight, Queen Mermaid teleports her daughter away to home. With her defeat, Queen Mermaid teleports away, and Luka tries to chase after her, only for Undine to stop him as he has no way of tracking her, and assures him that Queen Mermaid loves her daughter dearly and won't come to harm her. The sealed Kraken then attacks Luka and Undine advises him to unseal her, which he agrees to do and decides to ask Alice to do so, taking the Blue Orb and leaving.

Luka first takes the proof of marriage to Meia, who once again offers a blowjob or sex, or Luka can refuse. Luka and the spirits question the point of marrying the two and Luka quickly tries to shrug it off. As Luka walks to meet with his comrades, Sylph suggests they all go swimming, and Undine reluctantly agrees to do so once the adventure is over. Alice chastises Luka for sealing Kraken and decides to deal with the matter without hearing everything else that had happened.

As Luka sets up camp, Alice ponders on his actions, realizing she should have came along with him earlier, and decides to help him when they head to the northern seas. Alice approaches the temple and unseals Kraken, explaining that she did authorize him to take the Orb and apologizes for not accompanying him, though Kraken tries to take the full blame. Kraken then informs Alice about the incident involving Queen Mermaid, surprising the Monster Lord as she confirms her goals and has not abandoned her subjects. Alice declares the Queen Mermaid stripped of her queen status for rebellion, and plans to capture and possibly execute her if they cross paths. Alice then tries to explain everything that had occurred to Kraken.

Back at camp:

  • Granberia ponders on Queen Mermaid's actions and acknowledges Alice's burden with her numerous enemies.
  • Sylph plays with a mermaid by camp.
  • Gnome plays with a ghost.
    • After talking with everyone, Sylph tells Luka that Gnome wants him to give her a mud bath, stating that it'll help him be in tune with the power of earth, which ends up resulting her mounting Luka's face. Once they're finished Undine appears and questions Gnome's actions. Sylph and Salamander separately talk about the former setting up the spirits with Luka, proving her to be someone who sets up couples.
  • Undine takes pity on Queen Mermaid and reluctantly believes that killing her may be the only save her from herself.
  • Salamander tries to stay warm under blankets and explains to Luka that she does not tolerate cold temperatures.

Meanwhile, Queen Mermaid apologizes to Black Alice for her failure. The 8th Monster Lord doesn't care about the objective as it was ordered by Ilias, and assures to her follower the Goddess will be dealt with a "surprise party". Black Alice is also unconcerned about the Monster Lord and will be squashed along with the hero. Black Alice then leaves and Queen Mermaid does not wish to fail again. El and Mermaid General Lorelei reveal to have been spying on the two and are gravely concerned, no longer placing their trust in Queen Mermaid. Lorelei feels that it is far too dangerous for El to be present around her mother, so El decides to find Luka, who never acted out of selfishness despite what Queen Mermaid said. Lorelei is unable to leave the Queen Mermaid, but advises El to visit Port Natalia and not place her trust in other mermaids. After El leaves, Lorelei briefly follows to ensure her safety.

During the night, Luka briefly hears a voice lamenting on putting a burden on him. In the morning, Alice returns.

Succubus Village

Luka decides to head to Succubus Village, where everyone calls him a pervert. Alice asks him why he is heading there even though there is no orb and thus wasting time, replying that he wants to get there before the Purple Sabbath occurs. Granberia asks how the situation ended, sarcastically commending him when he says the village was "taken over... peacefully" and asks what happened to the humans who used to live in the village. Tamamo wonders if Alma Elma knows anything about what's happening, though Alice and Luka doubt it as she did not appear last time, annoying Tamamo for her irresponsibility. Alma Elma becomes intrigued, causing Luka to wonder what will happen with her presence. A Medusa passes by the group and as Luka reflects on his actions when encountering her the first time she warns them that the monsters in Gold region are dangerous before leaving.

However, by the time Luka reaches the village, he discovers that the succubus have already attacked, despite the time not even being close to the Purple Sabbath. Ipeia flies up to scout the village, ignoring Granberia's or Tamamo's warning, though Alma Elma commends her for her assistance. Alice once again refuses to take part. Granberia then decides to fight alongside Luka, reluctantly taking the second Angel Halo from Alice, annoyed that she left all the responsibility to her Heavenly Knight. As the two swordsmen head in, Granberia comments that Alice only cares about things if it concerns her, asking Luka if he thinks Alice actually cares about anyone other than herself.

  • Yes, she does.: Luka replies that while Alice seems self-centered, she genuinely wants to do the right thing. Granberia thinks Luka is naive.
  • ..........: For some reason Luka hesitates to say "Of course she does!" Granberia says that since he spent so much time traveling with Alice, he would know immediately if she cared instead of hesitating to reply.

With Tamamo or Alma Elma present, Alice orders them to assist Luka. The two Heavenly Knights mention that there are significantly more succubi present in the village, despite Luka encountering fewer on his original journey.

While on the search, Luka chases down Lencubus in an alleyway, however she seems to be much stronger than when Luka fought her the first time. Ipeia flies in to report that she found a succubus, but after seeing the sealed Lencubus she leaves.
Granberia arrives and mistakes the sealed Lencubus for a normal human until she opens one of her eyes, explaining that succubus or vampire have blood-red eyes even while in disguise, according to Alma Elma. Luka then has an idiot moment where he mistakes Erubetie for a vampire due to her eye color.
Tamamo briefly chastises Luka for running off on his own until she sees the defeated succubus, and commends him. She then tells him to take off his ring to sense the presence of the succubi, causing him to feel an overwhelming dark energy. Luka mentions that despite feeling the ominous power with the ring on, he never really noticed it before. As the two journey, Luka believes that the Purple Sabbath seems to only affect Succubus Village, but Tamamo corrects him, explaining that it is a world-wide phenomenon and the village is treated to succubi as an ancient breeding ground. She then informs him how to tell a human and a succubus apart: their red, blue, or purple eye color.
Alma Elma finds the unconscious succubus rather cute, and starts playfully groping her, to Luka's dismay. As the pair walk, Alma Elma wishes she came up with the idea of creating such a village for her people, but is rather concerned about the "low quality" of men that it likely attracts, having higher standards. However, she still thinks such a village is necessary as a haven for her kind.

At the bar, they find several lesser succubi, which are all sealed by Granberia, fought off one-by-one by Tamamo, or defeated by Alma Elma who then proceeds to fight off succubi elsewhere. The pair meets two new succubi that Luka did not meet: Ririmu and Koakuma. Both claim to be sealed by Heinrich, causing Luka to realize that they serve Black Alice. Luka's opponents proves to be formidable with much higher usage of the artificial four spirits, but is still bested and both of them flee. If Granberia is present, she will proceed to handle Koakuma, only to lose.

Luka finds it rather ironic how Granberia is weak to pleasure, who responds by threatening to rape Luka. He then asks her to find the two higher succubi who fled as Luka proceeds to the chief's house, only to be ambushed by Koakuma. She is suddenly stopped by Ririmu, who convinces her to let him go, wishing to defy Black Alice due to her insanity. Both of them warn that Lilith and Lilim are blindly loyal to Black Alice and Luka may need to seal her. Granberia then returns, annoyed that she couldn't track the two easily.
Tamamo finishes off the succubi one-by-one for her own amusement. As the two head to the chief's house, Koakuma ambushes Luka, only for Tamamo to shove her off. Ririmu intervenes and begs Tamamo to not harm her older sister, and Tamamo orders the two to obey the current Monster Lord else they'll perish, which they agree to do.

At the chief's house, Lilith & Lilim, Succubus Chief, and Succubus Witch are all having tea when Luka barges in. The ancient succubi quickly recognize Luka as Heinrich's descendant and the Succubus Chief tries to summon Ririmu and Koakuma, only for Luka to reveal that he had already defeated them both. In a change of plans, the Succubus Chief declares surrender and takes Luka to the other room, only for her to try to seduce him. Luka can agree (resulting a game over), or refuse where she'll try to hypnotize him, only for him to not look or use Undine and then proceed to seal her. The other succubi enter after hearing the commotion, and Lilith & Lilim request that the Succubus Witch power them up; she produces a barrier that prevents interference from the Angel Halo, but despite Granberia's or Luka's Iron Sword efforts, or Tamamo shouting out, the spell already completes.

With Lilith & Lilim's fall, the pair continue to confuse Luka for Heinrich. Undine asserts that Luka doesn't resemble anything like his ancestor at all, but the other spirits think otherwise. Luka then tells them they can't keep the humans against their will and leave themselves at the mercy of Luka.
With Granberia's presence, she steps in, threatening to kill the two if they continue serving Black Alice. Luka asks to let the humans go else their tyranny will cause the village to die out, and the succubi reluctantly agree.
Tamamo instead walks up to the two succubi punches them repeatedly to "discipline" them. She tells them that Black Alice no longer cares about them, but the pair cannot bring themselves to betray someone who they considered their mother. Tamamo instead replies that allying with Black Alice would mean allying with Ilias, but only requests the pair free the captive humans and is not willing to pit them against their own master.
Alma Elma flies in, having defeated the lesser succubi with the aid of Ririmu and Koakuma. Alma Elma introduces herself as the queen succubus, ordering Lilith & Lilim to release the humans and never ally with Black Alice again else she'll kill them, in exchange for allowing them to keep the village. She then proceeds to "happily" question the village as it may end up making the succubi race less accepted, especially when their reputation was tarnished beyond all repair by an infamous succubus (the Six Ancestor Minagi). Luka then asks Alma Elma if she can turn the succubus back into humans if they wish, but tells them that it is impossible, despite Sara seemingly reverting back to a human. However, Koakuma thinks the humans won't stay in the village.

Lilith & Lilim offer Luka and his companion a stay in the inn. Granberia doesn't seem to trust the succubi due to them being unsealed by Black Alice personally, as opposed to being summoned by the Succubus Witch before. As Luka relaxes, he ponders to himself, remembering about Ilias mentioning to have sent Black Alice around, and wonders why monsters can't coexist peacefully with humans nor obey the Monster Lord.

The next morning, the succubi tell the humans that they're free to leave, but to their surprise the men are willing to stay. Koakuma tries to seduce Granberia, only to be stopped by Ririmu. Tamamo is quite chipper, reminded about when humans used to be willing to become sex slaves without Ilias's interference. Alma Elma declares it a happy ending, although Luka feels that something is off. Luka and company then prepare to leave the village, wishing the succubi well.

With the demo finished, Sylph breaks the fourth wall and complains that it was too short and that there were new succubi without introducing the old cast. Alma Elma tells her to be patient since the rest is still being debugged, but Sylph demands Part 3 immediately as it has been 359 days since Part 2's release, and barges out. Alma Elma tells the players that Part 3 will be available soon and reveals that most of the cast from the original game will have new H-scenes.


return to undines spring




"The 16th monster lord and one of the strongest overall, Alice is a member of the long-ruling Fateburn family. Her mother let herself be killed by Marcellus and his friends around 15 years ago. In her rage, she killed two of his party and injured him and Lazarus. She still blames herself for the incident, and believes her mother's sacrifice was in vain because of it. She was sheltered by Tamamo for most of her life afterwards, and because of that, she has had no contact with humans, and does not know how she should treat them.

She traveled with Luka all throughout his first quest, and learned to accept humans and work toward peace. When she first meets Luka in the forest near Ilias Village, he already knows everything about her, greatly confusing her. After hearing his story and seeing the two Angel Halos that back it up, she decides to travel with him once again to find out what's really going on."


"A young dragonkin and one of the four Heavenly Knights, Granberia is an extremely powerful Cursed Swordswoman, capable of using many skills with deadly power and efficiency. She is widely believed to be the strongest of the Heavenly Knights, matched only by the Monster Lord herself. However, this may not be true, as Alma Elma can easily defeat her and Tamamo's true power is not well-known, even by Alice herself.

She has traveled the world from a young age, and learned everything she knew from the Fire Spirit Salamander, who seems to have raised her. Although she has since surpassed Salamander, Granberia still greatly respects her. But despite her strength being nearly unmatched, she is still very young, and like ALice, seems uncertain on how to treat humans.

While she has a strong chivalrous spirit and will almost always spare someone weaker than her, if she has no choice - and especially if she feels threatened - she will not hesitate to fight with her full power."

Queen Harpy

"The leader of the harpies and a very powerful monster, the Queen Harpy's strength is unmatched by the other harpies. With great speed and absolute control over the wind, no normal human could hope to best her in combat.

As her species becomes endangered, the Queen needs to have many children in order to help repopulate her species. A the Queen, her sexual skills and ability to reproduce are unmatched among the harpies. But although the need to reproduce requires mating with many men, she also needs to mate with the strongest of men to ensure the best genes for her offspring. the men of Happiness Village do not appear to be up to her standard, and she seems to be conflicted between her need for many mates and her need for powerful mates."


"Leader of the kitsunes, one of the original six monsters and one of the Four Heavenly Knights, Tamamo is a master of the Earth element. However, her true power was sealed, and she spends most of her time in a weakened form that looks like a little girl. In her sealed form, she is able to fight equally with the other knights, but in her true form, it's possible that she could even surpass the Monster Lord herself in strength.

After the disastrous reign of Alice the Eighth, Tamamo was put in charge of the education of future Monster Lords, to make sure it would never happen again. After Alice's mother died, Tamamo took her as sort of an adoptive daughter. But it seems she had difficulty raising her, as Alice is still traumatized from the event and wary of humans.

She served the original Monster Lord, and may have had sex with men in exchange for their souls. Her personality seems to have softened greatly since those times, however, and is usually considered the nicest of the Heavenly Knights. despite that, one must not forget that she is still a very powerful monster."

Alma Elma

"The feared Queen Succubus and one of the Four Heavenly Knights, Alma Elma is the knight of the Wind. With inhuman speed and unmatched skill in both physical fighting and sex, she is all but impossible to take on in combat. But despite being incredibly threatening and dangerous, Alma almost always does so with a playful, care-free personality. Despite being the Queen Succubus, she seems to care little for her race, never even mentioning them and prompting them to look for leadership elsewhere.

Because of her erratic behavior, it is difficult to tell what she is thinking at any given time. Considering her reluctant to use physical violence despite her obvious skill, it's possible that she's hiding something about herself. Whatever her reasoning, she is highly unpredictable, and possibly dangerous.

After Luka defeats her again at the Natalia Beach, Alma decides to join him, seeing his quest as being more entertaining than being on her own. What her motive is, if she even has one, is unclear."


"One of the four Elemental Spirits, Sylph is the Spirit of the Wind. Residing in the Natalia Region, in the mysterious Forest of Spirits, she was the first spirit to join Luka on his first quest. While Sylph appears to be a fairy, her true form was actually revealed to be closer to the other spirits when she lost her magic power in the desert. It isn't yet known why she takes the form of a fairy, instead. Somewhat of an outcast among the spirits, her talkative, often annoying demeanor frequently puts her at odds with the other three.But despite this, the other spirits don't seem to outright hate her, and Gnome has at least shown her affection in the past.

While she can be obnoxious, Sylph herself is completely harmless. She is very nice to friendly to anyone who's willing to put up with her, and she would never attack anyone, human or monster. Adding to this, she has no combat experience to speak of. The only way she could manage a fair fight against Luka was by using her magic to steal his power, then try to forcibly rape him. Even so, her actions are never out of malice, but her innocent, playful attitude combined with her high libido can cause their own problems.

Her power over the quick wind seems to be a natural fit for the agile Luka, increasing his speed even further. She was more than happy to help him again once she was done trying to rape him."


"Quiet and enigmatic, Gnome is one of the Four Elemental Spirits. Just like the other spirits, she has absolute control over her element, and can manipulate it to her whims. Controlling the earth, she can create mighty sandstorms and harness the power of the earth inside her body with little effort.

Unlike the other spirits, Gnome almost never speaks, to the point where many mistake her for being completely mute. It isn't known why she never speaks, but for this reason, it's difficult to tell what she's really thinking at any given time. She seems to have some traits of all the other three spirits. Gentle and friendly like Sylph, calm and distant like Undine, and with somewhat of a temper like Salamander. However, any attempt to pinpoint her personality is almost total speculation. The only thing that can be said for certain about her is that she is very quiet. Regardless, she ultimately joins with Luka once again.

Of course, like other monsters, Gnome is able to feed on semen. Using her vagina, she can easily force a man to cum many times. Most wouldn't resist her to begin with, but despite this, she'll usually use her mud dolls to hold them down. It's possible that she doesn't like being touched, but again, it's hard to tell with her. Her brown skin and the thick liquid inside her vagina would imply that she's made of mud, but nobody knows for certain."


"The final Heavenly Knight that Luka met, Erubetie is the knight of Water. She is the Queen of the Slimes, able to manipulate the vicious fluid that makes up her body at will. Unlike the other knights, she completely despises all humans, and will kill anyone that trespasses into her home of Undine's Spring. If the human is a male, she'll take his semen first while she slowly dissolves him alive, essentially eating his entire body. Technically, this goes against the Monster Lord's orders, but it doesn't seem to make much difference. Protecting the spring and being Queen of the Slimes, she is also close friends with Undine, who seems to, like the Monster Lord, allow Erubetie's behavior to continue unchecked.

One thing that's worth noting is that at some point Erubetie absorbed thousands of slimes into her own body, assimilating them. This may have been to become more powerful. As a result, her one consciousness is partially composed of tens of thousands of separate ones. It is not known how much this truly affects her, but it could serve as an explanation for her highly erratic behavior and unstable personality."


"Tranquil but cold, Undine is one of the Four Elemental Spirits, the Spirit of Water. At one point several hundred years ago, she was worshipped as a Goddess along with the other spirits. But those days have long since passed, and once the waters started to get polluted, she became resentful of humans, becoming a recluse in her spring and killing any human who dared disturb her. She is also close friends with the Queen Slime and Heavenly Knight Erubetie. Of the two, she is generally more merciful, but that isn't saying much.

While she will generally simply kill or absorb any trespassers, if she's feeling particularly generous or really likes the man, she will keep him as her own toy. Using the cool, thick slime in her body, as well as the water itself, she will bring limitless unique pleasure to her victims. She also has a fairly sadistic side to her, and will often delight in torturing her prey with pleasure and fear, breaking them until they're nothing but her personal sex slave.

While she sympathized with Luka on his first quest and joined him third, she is far more reluctant to join the now-much stronger Luka, putting up considerable resistance only agreeing when it was clear she couldn't defeat him in combat. It's difficult to tell whether she was angry for him for sealing her slimes and wounding Erubetie, or if something else is bothering her about him..."


"One of the Four Elemental Spirits, the ferocious spirit of Fire created from pure dark energy. Salamander was the fourth and final spirit that Luka obtained on his original quest. Unlike the other spirits, she is well known among monsters to this day. Many Cursed Sword Fighters seek her out for guidance and training, although her true skills with a sword were never actually seen. She also raised Granberia, the most fearsome Cursed Sword user of them all.

While she is generally calm and fills more of a teacher role to Luka, she is also known for her wild and chaotic side, fitting of the spirit of Flames and heavily contrasting Undine's personality. Somewhat uncharacteristically for monsters, she also really seems to enjoy having sex, rather than simply using it as a means of food or reproduction. She sometimes gets outright angry if her partner isn't noticeably enjoying it or making any effort to pleasure her.

She can control flames and her body's temperature at will, but because she is so easy to excite, her body tends to slowly heat up as she nears orgasm. The heat her body givse off will relax anyone that touches her. And if her body alone isn't enough to arouse her partner, then the heat from her body or pheromones from her sweat almost definitely will. Of course, Salamander being Salamander, this only encourages her, and she will often engage in rough sex with her partner until he's completely unable to continue."


"Lucifina's sister as well as Luka's aunt, and the first angel created by Ilias, Micaela is a fallen angel that currently lives in Enrika.

Although she once served Ilias, and with more loyalty than Lucifina, she too saw Ilias' insanity. Unlike Lucifina, she tried to keep Ilias off her dark path, Ultimately, there was nothing she could do, and so she followed her younger sister to the surface world, where she now resides as a fallen angel. Having lost both Ilias and Lucifina, she appears to be hiding a deep sense of loneliness.

Having lived for millions of years, the taboos of mortals mean absolutely nothing to her. Seeing such things as foolish and possibly beneath her, she enjoys exploiting such beliefs to utterly torment men until they go mad. Still, she is benevolent, and will not force herself on someone unless they greatly displease her. However, she also won't let anyone near her unless she highly respects them.

When Luka goes to Enrika and explains what happened to him, his aunt is quick to try and help him. It's possible that she feels guilty for Luka's life and what happened to Lucifina. However, she seems to know more than she lets on about what's really happening..."

Boss Battle Strategies


This fight can be really drawn out, so play defensive with Serene Mind and Meditation. Once her health reaches the 1/4th mark, she'll go all out with Elemental Cursed Sword Skills, so respond to that with Daystar and she should go down.

In Hell Mode, using Daystar will be immediately countered by Starblade, which will be an automatic KO if it hits. To survive Starblade and earn the "Took Granberia's Starblade" achievement, Granberia must miss her attack following the set up of Daystar via Serene Mind, which requires some luck. Then, Luka must Guard, which will allow him to survive Starblade once Granberia sets off Daystar. To defeat Granberia on Hell Mode, Meditation, Serene Mind, and Ninefold Rakshasa are the key to winning, though some luck from Serene Mind is needed.

If Luka loses, Granberia helps him up and she reluctantly agrees to stop attacking for now, after some convincing. But instead, she carts him off to a forest to rape him vagina sex cowgirl style.

"...Seriously. Did you really just lose on the first real fight of the mod? If you couldn't even defeat Granberia, why did you even bother challenging her for? Idiot. I suppose you're going to go complain about "random numbers" or something now, aren't you? *sigh* I can't believe I'm about to help you defeat my own subordinate, but I want my damn food, so... Granberia's offensive power is very high. She hits hard, and she doesn't stop. Fallen Angel Dance is worthless, but Serene Mind is absolutely mandatory to dodge her attacks and keep some damage off. Save your SP early on in the fight and try to play defensively. Once her HP gets to about one fourth, she'll use Blaze a second time and become even stronger. Don't even bother trying to defend yourself at that point. Just hit her hard with everything you have. Now go, oh Idiot Fake Hero Luka. Why am I the one doing this crap now?"

Queen Harpy

At first, the fight appears as though it will go as before. However, once she is struck initially, Queen Harpy strips and begins using the power of wind. This fight can be very rough as her attack power is greatly boosted to keep Luka on his toes. Serene Mind is useless here, and she can use wind to avoid all of Luka's normal attacks and make her attacks hit three times. Fortunately, Flash Kill or Daystar can instantly cancel her wind buff. However, once her health reaches the halfway mark, she will begin using Hypnotize to attempt to put Luka in a deadly trance that results a one hit KO via follow up, so use Fallen Angel Dance; the first turn of it requires a charge-up, but subsequent uses are without warning and can be used successively.

Note: If Luka fought Tamamo before the Queen Harpy, then only Daystar can cancel her wind buff.

If Luka loses, Queen Harpy will rape him with her vagina and keep him as a mate, like before.

"Surrendering the moment you see a pair of breasts... What a valiant young hero you are. But I guess someone has to save your sorry ass, so here we go... Serene Mind does not work at all in this fight, so don't bother using it. It's worthless here. The Queen Harpy is very fast and has absolute control over the wind element. If she has her wind up, you won't be able to hit her with normal attacks. However, Flash Kill and Daystar can still hit her in this state. Daystar and sometimes Flash Kill can even knock her out of this state. Use your skills wisely. When she has her wind up, she can hit you three times and do triple the damage. Because of this, Guarding and using your SP for Meditating might be your best bet. When her wind goes down, that's your chance to attack her. She has much less HP than Granberia so she should go down fairly quickly. Still, she's powerful enough that she can defeat you if you make so much as one mistake. Be careful. Oh, one last thing. When her health gets below 50%, she'll start to charge her magic. You need Fallen Angel Dance to survive here. If you don't have it up, she'll hypnotize you, mount your face and make you ascend to fluffy heaven. ...Wait wait wait. "Ascend to fluffy heaven"? That's actually what it says in here? Who the hell wrote this thing? Pervert... Whatever, you know what to do now. Just go."


The fight is like her second fight, until she gets to half health, at which point Luka requests for her to use her true form, so hit her with a Daystar then Charge up back for SP before initiating the long-drawn out battle. In this form, Tamamo is merciless and will do large chunks of damage, so Serene Mind is a must to avoid her deadly attacks. She will frequently apply the earth, reducing damage received by 1/3rd although it does not make her bind inescapable, but unfortunately in this case, Fallen Angel Dance will not help at all. In addition to her sealed form attacks, Six Ancestor Tamamo's Fox Blowjob and Beast Lord's Titfuck deal massive damage that can take over half of Luka's health, and may use it often when his health is less than 50%, though Serene Mind's avoidance rate to them is quite high. The combination of Charge, Daystar, Serene Mind, and Meditation is necessary to stay alive and win this fight.

At some point, she may ask Luka if he wants to call it a draw or keep on fighting.
Once Luka withers her HP down to 0, Luka thinks she's had enough, but this causes him to drop his guard and allow her to exploit this and proceed to rape him, until the cave collapses on them both, causing a Double KO. In the end, however, Luka receives the EXP for defeating her.
Alternatively to the fight's end, Tamamo's magic may expire due to overuse and is thus forced to give Luka the win.

If Luka loses, the sealed Tamamo rapes vagina sex cowgirl style, while the Six Ancestor Tamamo uses reverse cowgirl style but stops him from cumming until he submits to her. Afterwards, she not only keeps him as a lover, but as a student to train for the future.

Evaluation (Phase 1):
"... seriously? Come on, idiot. Didn't you do this fight 20 levels ago? *sigh* This part of the fight is easy. All you need to do is use Serene Mind and attack. Don't bother with sword skills because you're going to need your HP and SP for later. Once you get her down to half her health, that's it for this fight. It's an easy fight. Just don't do something stupid, and you'll win."

Evaluation (Phase 2):
"............................................... That damn fox has a lot of explaining to do... This is a very long, very hard fight. Probably the most difficult fight you've ever had. ...However, unlike Granberia, it's also optional. Do you still want to fight her, or do you want to go back on the choices before the fight?"

  • FIGHT! - "Alright, if that's what you want... Tamamo's attacks are absolutely merciless. Even her weakest attacks will take a large chunk of your health. Serene Mind is mandatory in this fight, if only to keep her from using her strongest moves like Nine Moons. Even then, having your health below 50% is dangerous. She has two attacks that will take off over half your health if they hit. If your health gets below that, she'll use those attacks more frequently to try and finish you off. Serene Mind has a high evade rate for these attacks, but not always, and all it takes is one hit from them if you're not careful. Charging a Daystar is risky, but it could be extremely helpful. Even if you dodge the next turn, you'll always counter the next attack that hits him, giving you a safety next. But you must keep your SP up, too. If she sees that you don't have enough SP to meditate, she'll try to finish you off as fast as she can, since you can't heal. Charge is invaluable here. Also, while it's extremely unlikely, it's possible for her to actually rape you in this fight. IF that happens, don't give up. You can still struggle out of it. Basically, if you leave yourself open in any way at all, she'll take advantage of it. If you can keep that from happening, she'll fight more defensively, which gives you a window to chip away at her health. It may even be possible to exploit her own strategy, if you know what to do... However, as I said, it's an extremely long fight. But there are also multiple ways to win it. And if it goes on too long, she might decide to do something about it... There's also one last thing about this fight. When you start to fight her in her true form, your HP and SP will not heal upon starting this fight. Because of this, I'm going to send you back to the fight with her first form. If you can start the second fight in good shape, you should save at the spot between fights so that you can reload at the second fight. And also, if she tries to take the throne from after this, I will hunt you."
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Alma Elma

A step-up from her third original fight, she has the ability to put Luka into a trance and drain his SP and Levels, so it's best to not play defensively as to not get overwhelmed by the draining attacks. Maintain a Serene Mind to provide protection against some of her strikes and use Daystar to attack, and she should go down faster than Granberia or Tamamo.

If Luka loses, Alma Elma rapes him vaginal sex cowgirl style before keeping him as a sex slave.

"Getting fucked raw by the Succubus Queen... ...I suppose there are worse ways to go out. Alma Elma's fast, but she doesn't move as fast as Queen Harpy did. She clearly has no interest in fighting you seriously, so she isn't using her full power. She has two nasty surprise that you have to watch for. An attack that drains your SP and an attack that drains your levels. If you try to fight defensively, she'll slowly take your levels until you can't fight back. However, she also has lower HP than both Granberia and Tamamo, so try and take her down quickly. Alright, that should be everything. Try not to become a sex demon's toy again, okay?"


This battle is nothing like her fight in the unmodded game. Rather than a simple defensive wall, her power over the wind allows her to attack thrice as well as avoid Luka's attacks. Furthermore, she starts the fight by using magic to shrink Luka down to her size and weaken him, evening the odds. Gnome can be useful as a defensive buff against her wind, and Serene Mind will help hit her and avoid some of her attacks. Hold off on Salamander and Undine, as they prevent the use of Charge. Move steadily with Guard, Charge, Meditation, and Daystar and she should go down.

If Luka tries to recruit Sylph last, her fight can be skipped entirely by summoning the other spirits. This causes her to think Luka hates her for getting her last and making her cry.

If Luka loses, Sylph rapes him with vaginal sex cowgirl style while also using the wind to manipulate his penis into ejaculating, and then drugs him with honey into continuing over and over for the day. Afterwards, she decides to let Luka retry, increasing his reputation with her.

".................. You just lost to the weakest spirit, let her rape you senseless, then drug you and keep going... I hope you know your mother can see all of this. Well...Not really. Definitely for the best. It's bad enough that I have to watch this... Sylph is a master of Wind magic, and will use to hit you multiple times and dodge your attacks. ...But wind attacks are also weak against the Earth. If you have Gnome, use her to help keep you safe. If you don't have Gnome, remember the Guard that Alice taught you, and use it when you have to Charge or Meditate to keep yourself safe. Neither version if Undine's power is very useful for dodging attacks, but you still need it to hit Sylph. She may also try to trap you in a hold. If she does this, she'll defeat you too quickly for you to escape, so you must have Serene Mind to dodge this. One last thing. You must absolutely not use Salamander in this fight. Without the ability to charge your SP, Sylph will win with no trouble at all. Although... If you had a way to cancel out Salamander's power after summoning her, then maybe you could exploit that... Now, do try not to completely humiliate yourself this time."


Since Gnome uses the element of earth to bolster her defense, Luka's attacks aren't very powerful outside of skills. Gnome doesn't rely on her mud dolls aside from binding Luka, but does have very powerful attacks that are often preceded by Charge. Fissure is a weak damage-dealing bind that requires two turns of Struggling to break out of, during which she is free to Charge her next attack. Gnome Punch does huge damage and can break Guards, making it highly risky to try and Guard in response to Charge. However, if Luka is restrained and manages to break free after Gnome uses Charge, her attack will only be delayed - it is not unusual for Gnome to follow up with a second Fissure if she had Charged just prior to breaking out of the bind.

Despite Sylph being the opposing element, she isn't very effective in dodging compared to Serene Mind. Daystar can do a good amount of damage despite Gnome's massive defenses, but after the first one, Gnome will respond to Daystar with Titan Guard, which will greatly neuter the attack and waste your SP. Thus, Ninefold Rakshasa is the next best option. Keep your HP over 1400 if she Charges, since if Gnome uses Fissure she is likely to take the time to Charge a Gnome Punch, with the combined damage completely destroying Luka at half HP.

If Luka loses, Gnome restrains him with her mud dolls while using her vagina in cowgirl style, keeping Luka as a sex toy.

"... Well...I could insult you for being a pedophile, but... Gnome isn't a very difficult fight compared to the other spirits. Her offense is very weak because she needs to charge her strongest attacks. She does have two annoying binding attacks, but you should be able to break free of them. Other than that, there's not much else to say. Just keep your health up and you should have no trouble at all."


When the fight starts, Erubetie immediately uses Plague to force Luka to swallow toxin, giving him the "Poison" status, which deals a miniscule amount of damage every turn. Other than that, this fight is no different from her second original battle; Serene Mind will avoid everything at a very high rate. Note that the poison damage can be countered with Daystar.

If Luka loses, Erubetie mounts him in "vaginal" sex cowgirl style while sticking her slime up his ass, dissolving his body with her slime.

"A slime enema while being dissolved... And I'm sure you enjoyed every second of it. I think it's safe to say you've done more anal than Alma Elma by now. But you're still my nephew, so... This fight isn't very complex. Serene Mind is very helpful, as is Sylph if you have her. You also need Serene Mind to dodge Erubetie's strongest moves. If you don't use it, you will surely lose. Other than that, just do what you normally do, and I'm sure you'll be okay.


Undine can do a large amount of damage and now has a nasty bind and can even put Luka in a trance. At less than half health, she will begin to apply Serene Mind: Level 2, which allows her to evade all of Luka's attacks but Flash Kill which cancels the buff. With her Serene Mind in place she also has a chance to evade any hit of Ninefold Rakshasa, and can also use Elixir to heal 6,000 HP and increase her damage which she can do indefinitely and eventually overwhelm Luka with her dramatic power increase. Serene Mind and Sylph will help dodge to a very small extent, though they will avoid her deadly Melt Storm attack. Gnome will also help mitigate damage and break free from her bind. To prevent Undine from using Serene Mind or healing, apply Serene Mind, lower her HP using Ninefold Rakshasa and then hit her with Daystar.

If Luka loses, Undine brings him outside of the cave and in the lake while clings onto him and rapes him using her "vagina", effectively raping him underwater, and keeps him as a sex toy to play with forever and ever.

"Erotic drowning... That's a new one. There really is nothing you won't get off to, is there? (You truly are your father's son...) Undine's attacks don't hit as hard as Salamander's or even Gnome's, but she has other nasty tricks. For one thing, she's also completely invisible to the flow, so Serene Mind is almost useless against most of her attacks. Only Melt Storm can be easily dodged, and you will definitely want to dodge it. When she gets on low health, she'll use a nastier bind attack and a song to entrance you. Once her health gets around to half, fight very defensively. Lastly, if she knows she's about to lose, she can heal herself back to full health. She will also become more powerful each time she uses it, so you need to defeat her quickly. You have to find some way to catch her before she can heal, and then finish her off... Undine may be calmer than Erubetie, but she's still just as dangerous. Be careful, Luka."


True to her element, Salamander deals massive damage, capable of dealing nearly 1/3rd of Luka's health without any form of defense. Serene Mind independently or through Undine, as well as using Sylph don't provide much in the way of avoidance, but that doesn't mean to forgo them. When she is below half health, Salamander switches to pleasure attacks; at this point Gnome won't do anything to reduce damage aside from escaping her killer bind. At this point Salamander can also counter Daystar with a Fireball and follow up with her own sexual attack. Fortunately, despite her high health she has no defense or healing mechanism, so throw in a Ninefold Rakshasa, Guard Charge/Meditate up a Daystar, and Ninefold Rakshasa again.

If Luka loses, Salamander furiously rapes him with her vagina in reverse cowgirl style while sadistically burning him with her flame, continuing for all eternity as he is kept as her sex toy.

"... I would come up with something sarcastic to say, but it looks like you've been burned enough as it is. This fight has two phases. In her first phase, she'll use physical attacks only. If you have Gnome, she'll absorb a lot of damage. Undine is also very effective at dodging her attacks. The real problem comes during the second phase. Since she seems to be utterly incapable of controlling her own lust, Salamander will switch to pleasure attacks and try to win that way. At this point, Gnome becomes as useful as wet paper, and Undine isn't much better. Sylph can still help you a little, but not much. Your best bet after you get to this part is to try and finish her quickly. Salamander has the most HP out of the spirits. However, unlike all the other spirits, she has no trick whatsoever to keep her HP up or increase her defense, so she'll actually go down the fastest. Basically, you need to fight offensively, to match her own offense. If you try to be conservative, she'll overwhelm you and probably quickly win. That's everything I can tell you. Just try not to get into anymore weird flame BDSM, okay? (Salamander's a bit of a freak, isn't she...?)"


Detecting Luka's immense power, she immediately starts off with Aqua Pentagram. As before, the barrier can be weakened by Flash Kill, and he only has one turn to exploit the opening before she repairs it. The rest of the fight is no different.

With Luka's loss, Kraken plays with him using her tentacles, keeping him as a sex toy.

"You go into the ocean to get a Blue Orb, and instead, you get married, divorced, and enslaved by the Queen... Your mother would be so disappointed in you. The Kraken's a bit of an annoying fight, but she's simple enough when you know what to do. Her Aqua Pentagram prevents you from dealing any damage to her. But you can break through it with a certain attack... ..What? Did you seriously forget how Luka handled this before? Flash Kill! Use Flash Kill! Use Flash Kill to break the barrier for one turn, then hit her with a powerful attack. If you have Sylph's power when you use Flash Kill, it will hit twice, allowing the second hit to do damage. Once you have this pattern down, Kraken should fall fairly easily, provided you keep your HP and SP maintained. That's all I have for you. Good luck..."

Queen Mermaid

Queen Mermaid starts off with Gigamander and uses powerful, high damaging attacks that can be avoided with Undine, though she will make attempts to cancel her. Once her health gets to about 2/3rds, she'll activate her own Serene Mind and resort to weaker but more likely to hit pleasure attacks. Always keep Undine up, and be SP conservative for Meditation if needed.

Daystar will fail in the battle and as it will be blocked. She also has the ability to heal and poison.

With Luka's defeat, Queen Mermaid saves Luka from death, only to rape him with her vagina. Once finished, she leaves him to die in the cold depths of the water.

"..................... ...What in the hell? That was...horrifying. I swear, the scenes in this series just get nastier every year... Oh, well, I suppose I can at least help you make sure that doesn't happen again. The Queen Mermaid has two movesets. The first one consists of strictly violent attacks that will do heavy damage if they hit. Those attacks will miss as long as you use Undine's power.Since she can't hide her bloodlust, the attacks are easy to avoid. However, Queen Mermaid will try to cancel Undine's power when you do use her. Use Undine's Level 2 power to prevent this. She'll switch to pleasure attacks after you injure her a bit. At that point, her attacks will become weaker, but much harder to dodge. Don't ever let Undine's power fade, though. If you do, she'll switch right back to physical attacks and take you down in no time. At this point, you should switch back to her Level 3 power. She'll still try to cancel it, but it's safer to use here. From there, just keep damaging her, and eventually she will fall. That's probably a lot of information to swallow, but if you understand all of that, you should be able to win. Good luck."


As a minion of Black Alice, she is extremely formidable. She starts with Gnomaren and Grandine in hand, and also has the ability to heal every turn due to Grandine's power. All Four Spirits are mandatory: Sylph is required to hit her, Gnome and Heavenly Demon Revival are needed to cancel out Gnomaren, Undine is a must to avoid instant surrendering, and Salamander for the SP recovery. if you have granberia use starblade with undine out starblade:tsunami it does take around 1/3rd of her health but if you used gnome with heavenly demon revival its 2/3

Quad Spirit Summon and disabling Gnomaren should have the highest priority. Once her defense is gone, Meditate and wait for Salamander to run out, then hit her with a Daystar and Ninefold Rakshasa.

Should Luka lose, Ririmu carts him off to an inn and tempts him to penetrate her, continuing the cycle for eternity.

"............................. ...Huh. That was...different. ............................ This fight isn't quite as difficult as it first appears, although Ririmu is a bit of a pain to deal with. You need Sylph up to even hit her at all. You need Undine up to avoid her temptation attacks. And you need Gnome up to use a fully-powered Heavenly Demon Revival and destroy her Earth power. You need to consider when you decide to attack her. Since she can heal every turn, just hitting her won't be enough. You have to put yourself in a position where you can take her down from full HP to 0 in just a few turns. I would strongly suggest using Salamander to help you with that. That's all I have to say."


As with Ririmu, Koakuma is in possession of Zylphe and Gigamander. Hit her with Daystar and then summon Gnome only and put up Guard, Charge, and Meditation until Gigamander wears off, causing her to stop attacking for a few turns. Summon Salamander, but attack her lightly until her Zlyphe expires, then proceed to go all out.

At half health, she will immediately resummon Gigamander and later empower her, making her damage output much more higher, so counter with Daystar right away.

With Luka's defeat, Koakuma mounts him, sadistically taunting and torturing him. He is then kept as a sex toy.

"...That looked rather painful. But you break rather...easily, don't you? Koakuma has both a fire spirit and a wind spirit. The fire spirit will boost her attack power, and the wind spirit will let her hit three times.You absolutely cannot take her head on when she's like this. Summon Gnome immediately, then Guard, Charge and Meditate until her fire wears off. Once her fire wears off, and especially when her wind wears off, that's when you can attack her. That's about it. If you follow that rule, you should win."

Lilith & Lilim

"So, did you have fun performing cunnilingus on a succubus? ...Because it was painful to watch. You have no idea how to please a woman, do you? If you ever came to me with a tongue that weak, I would make you lick my feet instead. Lilith & Lilim aren't as strong as RIrimu or Koakuma. Though they were far stronger in their time, it seems they weren't brought back at their full power. Regardless, they have the Witch's power and three artificial spirits, so they're still no pushover. Use a Gnome-powered Heavenly Demon Revival to knock their Earth power out. It's imperative that you do this, because if they bind you while their Earth is up, you'll never break free. Their Fire will fade over time, and when it does, that's the best time to attack. The poison is your biggest threat in this fight. But if you last long enough, a new solution will open up to you... Now go, Luka. Defeat Black Alice's minions and bring perverted peace to the Gold Region."


She may look the part, but her attacks are not very dangerous, and she also has a very low amount of HP, making this fight rather easy. If you are accompanied by a Heavenly Knight, have her use her restraining move on Morrigan as soon as the fight starts. After that, summon all the spirits in one turn. Then, prepare a Daystar to counter whatever attack she might throw at you for when she becomes able to attack. Before Daystar is activated, try to use up all of your SP on high-damage attacks, such as Ninefold Rakshasa and Serene Demon Sword. After Morrigan breaks free from her restraints, she will prepare her Aura of Darkness draining ability and on the next turn, she will start attacking you while using her Aura of Darkness to drain your health. By the time this happens, her remaining health should already be very low, so the first attack she uses will set off your Daystar, which should finish her off.

If Luka loses, Morrigan uses her magic to molest Luka and make him ejaculate. Luka is then kept as a sex toy for herself and her sister, Astaroth.


"She sucked you dry without even touching you... I don't understand how anyone could enjoy that. Do you simply enjoy being humiliated in bizarre ways? Whatever. This is a pretty easy fight. This succubus isn't very bright, and she just uses the same standard attacks over and over again. Her one dangerous attack is her Aura of Darkness, which functions similarly to poison, constantly draining you and healing herself. But as long as you keep your health up and damage her quickly, you should be able to win without issue. Also, she has no artificial spirits. This means that Elemental Spica is at full power, and you can do heavy damage to her almost immediately. That's all I have to say. Follow my advice, and you will surely defeat her. Good luck..."


Unlike her sister Morrigan, Astaroth has bigger offensive power, has much greater HP, has both a binding move and a trancing move and she also has an auto-heal ability that outheals normal attacks. Astaroth can also avoid any restraining abilities that the Heavenly Knights possess, rendering them completely useless. Defeating her is impossible, so do not waste any turns or any of your SP on offensive moves. However, surviving her is not. In order to do that, you must play this fight defensively. At the start of the fight, summon all the spirits in one turn. After that, keep guarding to reduce the amount of damage you take, struggle when you're bound, meditate when your HP drops below half and re-summon Salamander when her power fades. After a couple of turns, Astaroth will grow impatient and use her special ability, Minagi's Mating Ritual, leading to a one-hit KO. She will then proceed to use the same attack on the Heavenly Knight that's currently present and then scold her sister, after which Morrigan takes her leave. Right before Astaroth attempts to molest Luka, Alice will intervene and launch a barrage of attacks against her, taking her by surprise and eventually driving her off.

If Luka loses to Astaroth, the latter proceeds to rape him multiple times. Luka is then kept as a sex slave.

Evaluation: ".................... ...Ow. Honestly, I don't think anything I say will help you with this one. That succubus is way too powerful for you to fight right now. The only advice I can give is to try and stay alive as long as possible. Maybe if you do, something will happen... That's it. Good luck..."


In this fight, timing and prioritising is everything. As you start, have the Heavenly Knight that accompanies you use her restraining move on Beelzebub A to buy you some time and deal as much damage as possible. Then, summon all the spirits at once, as all of them are needed in this fight (Gnome to increase your defense, Sylph and Undine to help you evade some attacks, and Salamander to keep your SP up). Focus your attacks on Beelzebub A. Daystar is by far the most precious attack in this battle, as it damage not only one, but all three Beelzebubs, three times each, so this is the attack you should use to bring down the Beelzebubs' HP quickly. Do not use any offensive moves that take up too much SP, as all of them can only deal damage to one Beelzebub, save for Daystar (Daystar, Serene Demon Sword and normal attacks are the only attacks you really need to use). Also, be very careful with timing your heals, as well as choosing whether you want Luka to heal himself or have a party member do it for him (the Beelzebubs can deal an incredible amount of damage when they attack together, so you'll have to heal plenty of times-a normal Meditation plus using Alice's Eye of Recovery twice ought to do the trick). At 1/4 of their health, Beelzebubs A and C should be very close to dying, so use normal attacks (or Serene Demon Sword, if you have SP to spare) to damage them further. If a Beelzebub reaches her critical point, Alice will attack her out of her turn and kill her. After you kill Beelzebub A by following that strategy, focus on eliminating Beelzebub C next. Heal, re-summon the spirits and spam Daystar as often as you can to deal massive damage to Beelzebubs B and C. If everything has gone according to plan, Beelzebub C should be unable to keep fighting, leading to Alice finishing her off. After that, proceed to use all your remaining SP to damage Beelzebub B. At this point, you should not have enough SP to both heal and use a powerful attack, but Alice should have 6 SP left, so have her unleash her Monster Lord's Cruelty to kill off the last Beelzebub.

If Luka loses, he is captured and used by the Beelzebubs as their group breeding tool.

Evaluation: "Beelzebubs... I remember slaughtering them by the dozen back in the wars. I'm quite surprised that they've managed to survive this long... Anyway... This fight is likely to be very difficult for you. Unlike before, the Beelzebubs are three separate enemies that you have to deal with. All three of them are slightly different. Beelzebub A can poison you, as well as bind you. Beelzebub B does the most damage, has the most HP, and can en-trance you. And Beelzebub C can drain your health with every attack she uses, but has the least HP. They're at their most dangerous when all three of them can attack you at once. So you should focus on one at a time, to eliminate one quickly. Which one you decice to go after first is up to you. Beelzebub C might die the quickest, but Beelzebub B is probably the greatest immediate threat... Also, don't forget to use your party members' abilities to their fullest. They're there for a reason. Just make sure every move you have them make counts. That's really all I can tell you. Good luck, Luka..."

optional fight slime bess


Beat Granberia (NG) on Hell Difficulty.

Beat Queen Harpy (NG) on Hell Difficulty.

Beat Tamamo (NG) on Hell Difficulty.

Granberia's rep at max (NG+ Part 1 End)

As the name suggests, this requires having Granberia's reputation at maximum and then completing part 1 by boarding the ship to Sentora.

After defeating Granberia, respond with "We'll have a rematch later" and then "Join me", and then refuse Alice's sex advance in the Sutherland Inn. Talk with Granberia whenever there's a camp scene, and also choose "Just fight the harpies" at Happiness Village and "FIGHT!" with Tamamo at the Treasure Cave and defeat her; do not request a draw or let her magic expire. With all that, the achievement will be given upon boarding the ship.

Tamamo's rep at max (NG+ Part 1 End)

As with the previous achievement, Tamamo's reputation must be at maximum when boarding the ship to Sentora.

Once opted, immediately head to the Treasure Cave and proceed until encountering Tamamo. Choose "Touch Fluffy Tail", then "FIGHT!" and defeat her without choosing a draw or letting her magic expire. After the Treasure Cave, talk to her in camp and agree to her "Fluffy Heaven" option. Finally, head to Happiness Village and select "Talk to the men". With all that, the achievement will be given upon boarding the ship.

Granberia's rep at lowest (NG+ Part 1 End)

A reverse of the previous achievement, Granberia's reputation with Luka must be very low upon completing part 1 when boarding the ship to Sentora.

After defeating Granberia, respond with "You're not taking Iliasburg.", then let Alice rape Luka at the Sutherland Inn. Neglect talking to Granberia in later camp scenes, pick "Talk to the men" in Happiness Village or neglect going to the village, and do not fight Tamamo at the Treasure Cave. With all that, the achievement will be given upon boarding the ship.

Took Granberia (NG)'s Starblade.

On Hell Difficulty, using Daystar will result Granberia immediately countering with Starblade. However, there is a way to survive it: after setting up Serene Mind, prep up Daystar; this requires luck as Serene Mind needs to avoid Granberia's next attack. Then apply Guard; if Granberia triggers Daystar and Starblade, Luka will survive it, granting the achievement.

Took Tamamo (NG)'s Nine Moons and won (Any Difficulty)

Tamamo knows something...

After recruiting Tamamo from the Treasure Cave, head back to Enrika. She will talk to Micaela in private but refuse to divulge the details to Luka and Alice upon her return, granting the achievement.

All NG+ Part 1 Achievements

Self-explanatory; complete all Part 1 Achievements.

where part 2 achievments


there is a fan made edit of this fan mod it adds sara as a party member and you arrive before her

and the kitsune and harpy to the part 3 demo\

made by sore eyes


mgq upscaled done buy luiga19 and plox parts 1-5 part 6 and patches