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Mithra Sealed Castle (ミトラ封印城, Mitora Fūin Jō) is a location in the first part of Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG.


Located on the west side of Ilias Continent, just south of the Nameless Slums. It’s created to contain 20 unique weapons that were unintentionally created in the immemorial age, through the mixture of darkness and light that the two Goddesses manifested through their hostility against each other’s existences.

This castle was created from both Goddess Ilias and Dark Goddess Alipheese to secure and contain these special weapons, but during the Great Monster Wars, when the two forces unleashed everything they had against each other, these 20 weapons were unsealed and are being used by both the two Goddesses’ factions. Currently, all of them have been lost, and the castle that didn’t have a purpose any more has been banished in the void of spacetime.

However, for an unknown reason, it returned to the world and stood at the southern side of the Nameless Slums.

Map of the Area

Small Medal Locations



There are 20 pedestals, arranged in two rings around the centre of the castle, each dedicated to an ancient weapon with divine powers.

Outer Ring

  • Piercing Moon Spear, dedicated for the quick
  • Star Rhyme Staff, dedicated for the pure
  • High Lotus Bow, dedicated for the righteous
  • Four Ruins Katana, dedicated for the serene
  • Dark Thunder Scythe, dedicated for the sharp
  • Thunder Retribution Fist, dedicated for the passionate
  • Disaster Sentence Great Sword, dedicated for the intense
  • Foolish Beast’s Fang, dedicated for the wild
  • Chirping Fang, dedicated for the beautiful
  • Soul Revival Blade, dedicated for the concealed
  • Gun of Soul Howl, dedicated for the firm
  • Ring World’s Magic Staff, dedicated for the enlightened

Inner Ring

  • Power Wave Axe, dedicated for the proud
  • Flickering Dust Dagger, dedicated for the skilful
  • Whip of the Immortal, dedicated for the noble
  • Tremor Sword, dedicated for the valiant
  • Flowing Sky Strongsword, dedicated for the fierce
  • Soaring Bird’s Throwing, dedicated for the inquisitive
  • Crimson Roar Rapier, dedicated for the honourable
  • Godly Club, dedicated for the mighty

Treasure Chests

Hidden Items



  • Mithra Castle is most likely named after yazata (archangel) Mithra from Zoroastrianism. Mithra in Zoroastrianism is considered the most powerful archangel and the judge of human souls in afterlife.
  • The concept of a sealed castle containing legendary sealed weapons may be based on the Sealed Castle Kuza in Final Fantasy V, the resting place of the Twelve Legendary Weapons.