Minotaur's Maze is a location in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.


A ruined castle that now houses Minotaurs of all types. To even enter, one must have an invitation. Guests won't be attacked so long as they stay on the red carpet, and are free to consume as much Sukiyaki as they want. However, if for reason you must meet with the Demon Cow Queen, you must pass though High Minotauros, Misstauros and Genitauros. There also have been sightings of a strange monkey that also wants to meet with the Demon Cow Queen.

Treasure Chests


  • Sukiyaki (Pot)
  • Sukiyaki (Pot)
  • Seed of Power (Pot)
  • Yamatai Sake (Pot)
  • Small Medal
  • White Holy Stone
  • Oni Kitchen Knife


  • Dragon Scale Fan
  • Oni Horn
  • Burst Drink
  • Burning Soul (Requires Lockpick I)
  • Kodachi
  • Seed of Power


  • Bull Hoof
  • Earth Symbol
  • Secret Earth Tome (Requires Lockpick II)


Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

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