Mini Crab Girl, or Amy as a companion, is a monster in the first part of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A young girl belonging to the crab family of monsters. Born separated from her parents, she lives on the coast of the peaceful Ilias Continent. She does not dislike humans, but if an enemy steps into her territory, she will attack without hesitation and play with them using her bubbles.

She instinctively dislikes filth, and will thoroughly wash the body of the captured opponent regardless of their gender. The pleasure felt at this moment is incredible and the pleasant sensation from washing the genitals is said make men climax many times in succession. She seems to think her sexual organs are not ready for reproduction yet, so she does not engage in mating.

Once she grows old enough to become a parent, she will move north across the sea to live on the Sentora Continent. There, she will give birth to her daughters and release the eggs into the ocean current leading to the Ilias Continent, where the growth cycle of the Crab Girl begins anew.”


  • Attack – One Foe, Normal Attack
  • Pincer Grip – One Foe, Physical
  • Bubble Bubble – One Foe, Pleasure Attribute, Slime 75%
  • Mini Melty Wash (F) – One Foe, Pleasure Attribute, Bind 50%, Slime 75%
  • Hug- One Foe (Luka) – Bind (Three Turns Break)
  • Mini Melty Wash (M) – Rape, Slime 75%



“Losing to a tiny crab… I don’t think a little washing will cleanse you of your disgusting ways. The Mini Crab mostly uses pleasure attacks. She also uses a lot of binding attacks, and is quite annoying. Her defence is high, so she isn’t easily taken down. But remember that she’s a sea creature, so she’s weak to lightning. She’s generally weak to status effects. The fight may be easier if you blind her. Now go, oh brave Luka. If you lose again, I’ll pound you into a bubble hell.”


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