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Serra is the name of Mincubus. She is a skippable mini boss encountered in Succubus Village. She's found left of the entrance in a pen where she will fight the party if spoken to. After the village is returned to peace, she can be recruited by visiting her in her house.

She makes a minor appearance in the Collaboration Scenario when Magatsu, Rigeo and Lauratt are temporarily visiting the Succubus Village.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

"I'll squeeze out your milk. ♪"

"I'll squeeze out all of big bro's milk. ♪"

"Welcome to the Sister's Heavy Petting Farm. ♪"

"I became a succubus. ♪ With this, I won't have any trouble in my life. ♪"

"I'm going to make big bro into livestock too. ♪"

"The village mayor was also a succubus... I thought she was suspicious."

"I want to keep all of the men in this village on our farm. ♪"

"My older sister plays with men too. I also play with them a lot. ♪"

"Once I squeeze your milk, I'll drink it at once. ♪"

"With this, the Sister's Heavy Petting Farm will thrive. ♪"

"I'll give you some milk I squeezed. ♪" (+1 Milk)

"Here's some money... ♪" (+ 225G)

"I'll give you a potato... I don't want to eat any more of them." (+1 Potato)

"I want to recover my wind powers. ♪" (Give 1 Wind Stone)

  • Yes - "Yaaay♪ I'm happy! ♪" (+20 Affinity)
  • No - "So stingy!"

"I want an allowance. ♪" (Give 135G)

  • Yes - "Yaaay♪ I'm happy! ♪" (+25Affinity)
  • No - "So stingy!"
  • Not enough money - "...Are you poor? It's the same with my family..."

"I want to eat a banana. ♪" (Give 1 Banana)

  • Yes - "Yaaay♪ I'm happy! ♪" (+30 Affinity)
  • No - "So stingy!"

"Is big bro an only child...?"

  • I'm an only child - "Is that so... Aren't you lonely without a sister?"
  • I have an older sister - "Wow... Is your big sister kind? Whose is better, your big sis or mine?" (+10 Affinity)
  • I have a younger sister - "Then please be kind to your little sister. ♪"

"Do you like...potatoes?"

  • I like them - "Uuu..." (-5 Affinity)
  • I hate them - "Yeah! ♪" (+10 Affinity)
  • I am a potato - "Noisy potato..." (-5 Affinity)

"The farm look like fun, doesn't it...?"

  • It looks fun - "But isn't it hard work...?"
  • It doesn't look fun - "Yeah! You understand. ♪" (+10 Affinity)
  • It doesn't matter - "I'm nervous..." (-5 Affinity)

"Do you want my panties? Hey, do you want them...?"

  • I want them - "I won't give them to you. ♪" (+10 Affinity)
  • I don't want them - "Terrible!" (-5 Affinity)
  • I want to be panties - "Uwa! A pervert...!" (-5 Affinity)

"Which one of my garments would you like to be milked with...?"

  • Panties - "My panties are good ♪ There's no helping it. ♪" (+10 Affinity)
  • Socks - "That seems kind of perverted, doesn't it...?"
  • Your body - "You want me to touch you with my body...? Ahaha, what should I do?" (+10 Affinity)

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Serra: "I want to visit a town. ♪ Will it be a problem if I'm not wearing any clothes...?"

With Ants:

Serra: "Ants! Let's play together! ♪"


Serra: "Ants are hard workers... ...I should help out at the farm too."

With Nina:

Serra: "Big sis! I squeezed out lots of milk today! ♪"

Nina: "I squeezed out a lot of milk too. I've been totally addicted to it these days."

Serra: "The Sisters' Heavy Petting Farm is secure for the time being. ♪"

Nina: "A bigger farm will no longer be a dream, fufufu..."

With Succubus:

Succubus: "Okay, please have some potatoes..."


Succubus: "Ufufu, I also have second helpings..."

Serra: "○×△□◇※☆◇!!"


Grandeur Theatre


Gadabout Interactions

1st Action:

Serra: "Ehehe...♪"

Serra is doodling on the ground...

[Nothing happens]

2nd Action:

Serra: "Gyah!"

Serra trips over nothing!

[Serra takes damage]

3rd Action:

Serra: "Do your best! ♪"

Serra cheers on the others." Their morale rises!

[Party gains increased Atk/Mag for a few turns]

4th Action:

Serra: "No!"

[Serra uses Succubus Slap on a random enemy]

5th Action:

Serra: "Here, drink this. ♪"

Serra presents a gift! [+1 Milk]