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Mincubus Censored.png
Maccubus Lencubus →
Level: 38
HP (Normal): 2600
Experience: 15000
Skills: Soft Handjob, Wet Blowjob, Silky Hairjob, Face Mount, Face Riding, Panty Stroke, Sock Stroke
Area: Succubus Village
Appears in: Chapter 2
Artist: Irodori

Mincubus is a young succubus who lives in Succubus Village in Monster Girl Quest. She used to be the younger of two human sisters, but they were too poor to leave their home to avoid the influence of the Purple Sabbath and became succubi themselves. Her monster name, "Mincubus", is a title given to immature succubi who are very young. Despite her young age, she is a more powerful succubus than her sister.


Luka first meets the girl who would become Mincubus when he arrives at Succubus Village. That night, she is transformed into a succubus by the Purple Sabbath. She rapes one man and then turns her attention to Luka, only to be defeated and sealed. Later, Alice accidentally unseals her (along with the rest of the succubi) when she attempts to revive the men who were drained by the succubi. The succubi and the men come to an agreement about coexisting in the village.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A young girl that lived in the Succubus Village before being turned into a Succubus. She is given the name Mincubus due to her young age.

Although her sexual techniques are lacking, her childlike curiosity in how she plays with men makes her irresistible. Many men willingly sacrifice themselves to her, drained of all energy as she satisfies her sexual curiosity. Though she is a young girl, it would be dangerous to underestimate her.”


Soft Handjob: Normal attack.

Wet Blowjob: Normal attack.

Silky Hairjob: Normal attack.

*Face Mount: Triggers bind status.

Face Riding: Binded attack.

Panty Stroke: Binded attack.

Sock Stroke: Binded attack.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Like the Maccubus before her, the Mincubus is basic; she has only one bind but no one-hit KO attacks. However, her bind is a little more difficult to escape from, not to mention she can attack twice per turn with it. Gnome can be used to stave off damage while Lightning Sword Flash can lead to victory.

If Luka loses, he is given a blowjob from her. Afterwards, he is kept as a semen slave.


“Are you happy with being a little Succubus girl's toy? Though I guess your penis is quite like a toy. Mincubus's offensive ability is quite high. If she gets on top of you, you will lose a lot of HP quickly. Call Gnome as soon as you can to break out of it quickly. Unfortunately, Sylph is not very effective. In addition, it seems like she might get a little overeager and continue two attacks even after you're defeated... But only worthless human beings would actually attempt to experience that. Now go, oh brave Luka. Even though your opponent is a little girl, now that she's a Succubus, don't hold anything back.”