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Miko Lamia
Miko Lamia.jpg
Akaname Kejourou →
Level: 55
HP (Normal): 16000
Experience: 180000
Skills: Ten Finger Masturbation, Snake Tongue, Abundant Breasts, Divining Tail, Summon Earth Spirit, Ninety Inch Tongue Wrap
Area: Yamatai Village
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: Yukimura Shinji

Miko Lamia is a lamia monster in the Yamatai Village. Originally serving as a miko in one of the shrines in the village, she joined the elder Shirohebi who allied with Black Alice and assaults the village.


When Shirohebi-sama's forces invade the village, Miko Lamia lures the villagers into the shrine by pretending to offer shelter from the invading forces. She instead rapes the trapped males. Luka fights and defeats her when he arrives to deal with the invasion.

However, unlike many monsters in Black Alice's service, she claims to abhor actually killing people and as such is allowed to stay in the village after the conflict. Her earlier mischievousness is quickly forgotten as she instead becomes popular with the young men of the village, though she can't help but lament over her past actions.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A young, neat Lamia that acts as a Shrine Maiden in Yamatai Village. Though she is known and accepted in the village, she harbored a secret desire to rape men whenever she wanted. After being flattered by Black Alice, she decided to turn against the villagers. Though she showed a face of purity, she hid dark sexual desires.

Her sexual torture is very intense, toying with men after completely winding around them with her snake lower body. She will squeeze both her vagina and her tail around her prey, forcing them to come over and over until she is satisfied.”


Ten Finger Masturbation: Normal attack.

Snake Tongue: Normal attack.

Abundant Breasts: Normal attack.

Divining Tail: Normal attack.

Ninety Inch Tongue Trap: Triggers bind status. Subsequent uses deals damage.

*Summon Earth Spirit: Causes all binds to be unbreakable. Lasts 4 turns.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

As a lamia, her restraint is powerful and cannot be broken without Gnome. She does have Summon Earth Spirit, so counter with Sylph. Alice's Word of Dispel is best used for Frost Ozma.

If Luka loses, Miko Lamia will coil around him and suck him dry endlessly. If he loses to Ninety-Inch Tongue Wrap, the attack will carry on into the H-Scene.


“You love Miko! I love Miko! Everyone loves Miko! The disguise that Lamia took for herself… Disgusts me. Her restraint attack is very powerful. Without Gnome, your defeat is assured if she catches you. But if she herself calls a spirit of earth, you won’t be able to escape even with Gnome. You’ll have to call Sylph, to avoid it altogether. In addition, you will be insulted further if you are defeated by a certain attack… Do whatever you want. Now go, oh brave Luka. It’s a time-honored tradition to cut off the head of a fallen medium.”