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Micaela was once the 1st Seraphim but became a fallen angel to live in Enrika. There, her power slowly dwindled over time.


Luka first hears about Micaela from a note Marcellus left him. He requests him to go to Enrika and find Micaela, and she will be able to answer all of his questions.

However, when Luka arrives in Enrika, she is nowhere to be found. Fortunately, upon hearing his name, an elf invites him to check Micaela's home. As only an elf is residing there, Luka asks her if she has seen Micaela, but this deeply upsets her. The reason is, if anyone called Luka ever visited Enrika and came looking for Micaela, it would mean she was likely dead. Micaela had left over half a month ago, explained to the elf that she needed to stop some people and that if a boy Luka ever came looking for her, it would mean she was dead. That was over two weeks ago, and now Luka has turned up.

If Luka ever did come looking for her, she had asked the elf to help him in any way possible, as they are family. Not that Luka knew that they were related.

Since Micaela is no longer in Enrika and the party explored both of the Ilias Continent Tartarus's, their next objective is to head to Sentora.

Before they can leave, the elf warns them of the power struggle going on in Sentora. Luka presumes she means the four countries in Sentora being at war, but he is incorrect. It is a monster power struggle between Alice VIII, Alice XV, and Alice XVII.

Micaela is found in Sentora, at the peak of Mt. Saint Amos. At first, the party feels a strange power coming from the summit of the mountain, and this was when they were still at its bottom. The heroine accompanying Luka notes it seems like the energy of a high-ranking angel. Once they collect the Mithril ore that they required, the heroine feels that this power is even stronger now, and feels a noticeable change in climate as well, requiring further check up.

At the peak, the world has gone dark, and a storm begins to brew. Promestein is shocked by this, as only a Seraph-class angel could change the climate on this scale, and they rarely descend to earth.

At the peak, they find Micaela, barely alive. Luka has a flashback to his fundamental reality self, and he immediately recognises her as his aunt. Micaela is glad to see Luka, despite her being on the verge of death. Ilias is astonished that anyone could put Micaela in her current state. The wounded seraph warns them that the being who placed her in this state is still here, and the party promptly feels an even greater power coming from above them.

When the party looks up, they see Gnosis, a member of the second generation of Seraphim whose duty is to deliver retribution to sinners.

Luka asks if Gnosis did this to Micaela. She admits that she put her in this state, but that Micaela must also bear half of the blame for it. Micaela living out her days on earth caused her power to dwindle and therefore put her in a state where Gnosis could fight her. If Gnosis had fought Micaela while she was still at her full power, Gnosis would have had no chance. She almost feels sorry for Micaela.The heroine tries to ask the mechanical angel more question.

In the case of Ilias, who doesn't recognize Gnosis, she asks if the strange angel comes from another world. Gnosis cryptically answer yes, and that she can't give more assistance as the time isn't right. She also is extremely wary of her, as, even weakened, nobody should have been able to take on Micaela like that.

In the case of Alice, Gnosis calculates that eliminating the team would increase chaosization rate to unacceptable level, and drops Marcellus' name as the greatest source of deviation. Alice tries to push her questioning further, but Gnosis answers that she has no duty to do so.

After this, Gnosis leaves the world.

Micaela is glad to see that she left, because considering how Luka is now, he wouldn't have stood a chance against Gnosis. Simultaneously, Sonya and the party members attempt to heal her, but none of their magic works. Most of her life force was drained, and no amount of healing will bring that back.

Micaela is sad that she wasn't able to help him, but she does give him the power of a true hero by baptizing him, unlocking the Hero job. Normally, only Ilias can baptize someone, but Micaela could also do it through sacrificing her remaining life force. After this, she dies, and her body turns into pure, holy energy, and vanishes. The death of Micaela upsets Luka as well as his companions.

In addition to Micaela's power, Luka had also inherited her belief, hope, and will to protect the world. As well, as her power, Luka had also gained feelings. Luka's companions mentions that Luka grows in strength as he embraces human emotions.

Later on, on an Ilias route, Ilias with the help of Eden, gather up their powers to resurrect both her and Lucifina, but they come back weaker due to lack of power, becoming Micaela-chan and Lucifina-chan.


  • She also appears in a flashback if Luka loses to the Armored Berserk, as the hero "remembers" the conversation that happened in the early chapter 3 of the original world, where Luka learned his nature as a nephilim. Doing so, he gets access to the Lowly Angel race.