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On the Ilias route, Micaela will be resurrected, but due to a lack of power, she returns as Micaela-chan. She, Lucifina-chan and Eden appear in the Collaboration Scenario to help out Luka and Ilias against the Succubus Prison Trio and the Cursed Sword Sisters

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Micaela-chan: “Where will you take me...?”

With Ilias:

Micaela-chan: “Ilias... I've finished reading the Gospels of Seria. What's my next assignment?”

Ilias: “That's right, I'll give you these books to read next.”

Micaela-chan: “"Three Lost Letters of Betrayal", "How to Calm Your Anger", "Advice for Loyalty"... What are these books...?”

Ilias: “Well, they're for the sake of the future...”

With Lucifina-chan:

Lucifina-chan: “Let's play, big sis! ♪”

Micaela-chan: “I'm busy reading the Gospels of Seria right now. You should study a little, Lucifina-chan...”

Lucifina-chan: “............”

Micaela-chan: “...I guess it can't be helped. In that case, let's play together.”

Lucifina-chan: “......♪”

With Marge:

Micaela-chan: “This cube looks tasty...”

Marge: “If it's just a little, you may take a bite.”

Micaela-chan: “*munch* *munch*... It's sweet and delicious! ♪”

Marge: “Right? ♪”

With Eliciel:

Micaela-chan: “Eliciel... Can I eat one of your fruits?”

Eliciel: “By all means, please eat some.”

Micaela-chan: “*munch*...I feel like I'm smarter.”

Eliciel: “Yes, because it is a fruit of wisdom...”

Micaela-chan: “It's kind of embarrassing that you are naked...”

Eliciel: “You understand shame...”

With Victoria:

Micaela-chan: “Victoria, are you working your hardest for Ilias...?”

Victoria: “Yes, naturally...”

Micaela-chan: “Really... But you appeared to be playing with the Polar Bear Girl all afternoon yesterday.”

Victoria: “Th-that's...umm...”

Micaela-chan: “Lucifina-chan and I will play with you too...”

Victoria: “Yes, by all means... Please keep it a secret from Eden...”

With Eden:

Micaela-chan: “Big sister Eden, what number do you consider me...?”

Eden: “Naturally, you are number one to me, Micaela-chan.”

Micaela-chan: “Then what number does that make Lucifina-chan?”

Eden: “Of course, she is number one.”

Micaela-chan: “Then, what number is Ilias?”

Eden: “Number one...”

Micaela-chan: “Who do you consider to be number one...?”

Eden: “I-Ilililimicamicamicalucicicicicici...”

[If both Ilias and Promestein are recruited]

Ilias: “Your proposition was contradictory, and an error occurred in her thought circuits.”

Promestein: “She's like a program divided by zero...”

With King of San Ilia:

Micaela-chan: “Pope, I've finished reading McNeil's History of Celebration. I feel like the conclusion of Chapter 5 was a little out of place...”

King of San Ilia: “Hmm, you've read it well. I'm certain that part was someone else's revision.”

Lucifina-chan: “Read a picture book with me, Mecha Pope!”

King of San Ilia: “Well, please wait a little while. I'm reading “The Adventures of Pirates“ together with the fairies.”

Lucifina-chan: “Yaaay! ♪”


Micaela-chan: It's fun to build snowmen....

Grandeur Theater


Playful Actions

1st Action:

Micaela-chan: “...*stare*!”

Micaela-chan makes a sidelong glance...

However, it appeared to be more like a glare!

[Nothing happens]

2nd Action:

Micaela-chan: “............”

Micaela-chan is thinking evil thoughts...

[Nothing happens]

3rd Action:

Micaela-chan: “......♪♪♪”

Micaela-chan flashes a sweet smile!

...But nothing happened.

[Nothing happens]

4th Action:

Micaela-chan: “I can call forth judgment just like Ilias...!”

[Random enemy takes Lightning damage]

5th Action:

Micaela-chan: “Yaaaa!!”

[Random 4 enemies take damage]

Additional Skills


At Oasis of Blessings

  • Attack +40% - Combat Ability


  • Heavenly Blade - Holy Skill (Holy 940% Att), Target: Foe, Effect: Auto-Hit, Ignore Def