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Micaela is the leader of the Seven Archangels in her prime, and sister of Lucifina from Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.


"The leader of the Seven Archangels, Heaven's greatest fighting force, and the General of Heaven's Army. She is proud of her preeminent fighting ability and magic power, and is renowned as strongest of the angels. She also excels in her intellect; she is regarded as having the best eye for tactics in Heaven. In her missions, she is ruthless and, without interposing the least mote of her personal feelings, strikes down the enemies of the Goddess. Long, long ago, she was an angel of Genesis, born as a fragment of Ilias. Her little sister, Lucifina, was born at the same time, and prided in her equivalent power, but [REDACTED]. Now, with Lucifina having [REDACTED], she has become Ilias's most trusted confidante.

In Heaven, she administers the central Ilias Continent, where the Ilias Temple is. On the Ilias Continent, the virtuous God's People, singled out from the rest of Heaven, reside. There, not the slightest hardship exists; it is a paradise overflowing with praise for the Goddess. As the General, she is occupied all the time with destroying sinners, but in the history of recent years, she has missed many. Decades ago, in the Remina Laboratory, Luci[REDACTED]. Since then, [REDACTED]  to the moon's surface.


Micaela judges sinners without relent, delivering stern punishment. If you lose to her in the end, until your vitality expires, you'll be violated throughout. Sinners eject their semen in her vagina, and perish with tears flowing."


  • She is first mentioned by Promestein in her first camp near Iliasport, telling Ilias that this Micaela has became a leader of the Seven Archangels while her sister became a fallen angel.