Metatron (メタトローネ) is one of the Seven Archangels and sister of Sandalphon from Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.

Character Profile

One of the Seven Archangels who are the strongest angels in Heaven. She is strongest when using her bow and arrow, and her holy arrows pierce all enemies of the Goddess. She is very young for an angel, and is both innocent and cruel. She plays with and abuses male sinners before killing them. She is sisters with Sandalphon, and often acts with her.

(profile from ToroToro's blog July 4, 2020)

Two of the Seven Archangels, who are among Heaven’s strongest forces. They always act as a pair, and excel at combination attacks. Individually, they’re said to have only half the fighting capability of one of the Six Ancestors, but once they work together, their combat abilities aren’t just doubled. When Metatronne and Sandalphone combine their powers, they are also able to use powerful combination skills.

The energy-radiating attack, [Atomic Heaven], becomes possible when Metatronne and Sandalphone cooperate. Its power is comparable to Micaela’s [Sword of the Heavens] and Lucifina’s [Daystar]. Its firepower is the greatest among Heaven’s army, and the reason why such high-output is possible is because the two angels generate nuclear power. However, the nuclear reactors these angels are equipped with is unique, and was created by an unknown process.

In the Heavenly Realm, the Goddess Ilias has entrusted them with ruling the continent of Hellgondo. There are no cities on this continent which was once the Dark Goddess’s stronghold; only a cathedral remains there. Metatronne and Sandalphone are in charge of managing this area, and hunt down the remnants of the Dark Goddess’s army. There are also rumors that a top-secret research institute under the direct control of Ilias exists on the continent. The twin angels are said to be the heads of the institute. Many mysteries surround the twins, including endless rumors that they were the products of their own research.

The twin sisters never part from one another, and will even play with men together. Men captured by Metatronne and Sandalphone become their toys, and will be endlessly raped by the two of them.


She makes no appearances in Part 1 or 2 of Paradox.


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