Mink is a friendly Mermaid Merchant. She can join Luka after a battle.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Mink: "Are ya makin' money? Then let's go."

With Vanilla:

Mink: "Are ya makin' money, Vanilla?"

Vanilla: "Little by little I am!"

Mink: "Even so, I'm glad Vanilla's Shop is doin' fine. It wouldn't be good if I were business rivals with a friend."

Vanilla: "I'm weak at sea... I'm envious that you can swim."

With Lolitta"

Lolitta: "I'm hurt, sell me some herbs!"

Mink: "Sure, I'll charge on your tab for the Fishy Pirates."

Lolitta: In that case, I can buy all sorts of things as much as I want! Give me those apples and rice balls there!"

Mink: "Stop, I need to properly explain the tab to the pirates. I just know Boss Ashel would get angry later."

With Ashel:

Mink: "How are ya feelin', Boss Ashel?"

Ashel: "I'm doing great, the MS Fish has been really thriving.. Please add 150 cans of food to the usual transaction."

Mink: "Thank you for your continued patronage! If the Fishy Pirates are doin' well, it's good business for my business."

Ashel: "Also, I'd like to ask for 60 cannonballs and...a floatation ring for the Captain"

Mink: "Captain Bonnie still can't swim yet...? Anyways, the floatation ring will be included with the regular delivery."


Grandeur Theater


Gadabout Interactions

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