Maine is a friendly Mermaid. She can join Luka after a battle.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Maine: "Living here is really easy. It's perfect for a vacation..."

With Reina:

Maine: "I envy that you are able to fly in the sky..."

Reina: "You're able to swim down there. ♪"

Maine: "I would like to exchange bodies for a bit and fly around freely in the sky."

Reina: "I'd also like to dive to the bottom of the ocean. We both yearn for something we don't have."

With Meia:

Maine: "You seemed to have caused a lot of trouble, Meia. Did you really become the Queen of the Southern Seas and build a harem?"

Meia: "I was brainwashed into doing something like that... It was embarrassing."

Maine: "If I was in your place, it would be a harem of handsome, muscular men... No no, it's nothing."

Meia: "A harem of handsome muscular men you say... Isn't that a bit unusual?"

Maine: "I didn't want to hear that coming from you... "

With Meryl:

Maine: "You're just a straight-laced swordsman... Wouldn't it be nice to fall in love once in a while?"

Meryl: "Things like love are unnecessary for a warrior...!"

Maine: "Wouldn't you be in trouble when that time of need comes...?"

Meryl: "I-I'm not worried...!"

With Laura:

Maine: "Queen! I am pleased that we can fight together."

Laura: "For the sake of my mermaid brethren... I shall lend you my strength."

Maine: "Yes! Let us seduce everyone with our mermaid songs!"

Laura: "Be careful not to seduce your allies as well..."


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