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Power Muzukiel Mermaid General →
Level: 53
HP (Normal): 16000
Experience: 150000
Skills: Mermaid Blowjob, Mermaid Tit Fuck, Mermaid Hair, Mermaid Tail, Gel Blow, Summon Water Spirit, Song of the Mermaid
Area: Port Natalia
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: Yukimura Shinji

Mermaid is a regular mermaid laying siege on Port Natalia in Chapter 3. She explains to Luka that she is attacking because she wants to help avenge the tragedy of the Queen Mermaid Laura.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A common Mermaid that was following the Queen Mermaid. But also acting as an agent of Black Alice, she was granted a fake spirit of water. Hating humans like the Queen Mermaid, she looks at the Mermaids living with humans with disdain as well.

Although she hates humans, she loves violating and insulting them at the same time. Her sexual organs are of very high quality, and will give intense pleasure to any male who mates with her.”


Mermaid Blowjob: Normal attack that damages once. Triggers Facial Bukkake on defeat.

Mermaid Tit Fuck: Normal attack that damages once. Triggers Breast Bukkake on defeat.

Mermaid Hair: Normal attack that damages once. Triggers Hair Bukkake on defeat.

Mermaid Tail: Normal attack that damages once. Triggers Tail Bukkake on defeat.

Gel Blow: Normal attack that damages 3 times.

*Summon Water Spirit: Causes all attacks to hit twice. Lasts 2 turns.

Song of the Mermaid: Triggers temptation status. Used only while Summon Water Spirit is enabled.

Battle Summary

This battle has two clinchers to it: Summon Water Spirit, which allows all her attacks to hit twice the amount and effectively double her damage, and nothing can be done about it aside from Guarding; and Song of the Mermaid, which occurs while Summon Water Spirit is active and causes temptation and requires Fallen Angel Dance to avoid rather than Serene Mind. However, the battle is straightforward, but since Mermaid is a water-based creature, Alice's Omega Blaze is extremely effective here.

If defeated, Luka is given a tit-fuck and a blowjob simultaneously before becoming the Mermaid’s sex slave.


“Did you become the Mermaid’s toy? I guess you’re already mostly everyone’s toy at this point, though. Since the Mermaid is a monster, use serene mind. The problems come in when she summons that water spirit… For a number of turns, her attacks become twice as powerful. There’s nothing you can do at this point but to Guard through it. In addition, after she summons the spirits she can try to sing a song. Fallen angel dance will let you completely evade it. She can only summon the spirit for a short while, so you could also try to power through it. It’s a risky tactic, but it could work out. Since she is a water-based monster, the Monster Lord’s fire magic is very effective. If you get a chance, turn her into grilled seafood. Now go, oh brave Luka. Mermaids are fish after all. I recommend grilling or frying her.”