Mephisto is a boss in part 2 of Paradox. She joins when the party requires her aid to take down a large group of Golem Girls.


Defeat her at her Magic Academy. Following the story afterwards, the party is tasked to head into Marching Hill in order to reach Grangold. However, the entrance is guarded by a platoon of Golem Girls. In order to get past them, the party is told to head to the Poison Swamp (East Gold), where Mephisto is found.


An ancient Yoma who used to be as renowned as the Four Heavenly Knights. According to Shirohebi, she has always been obsessed with keeping contracts and commitments since she was young, even to the extent that'll she'll prioritize them over her own loyalties. She is first encountered in the Grand Noah Palace aware of Luka she advices the queen to have Luka participate in the Queen Cup to prove his worth and her plan succeeded when Alma Elma appears under the nickname Kyuba so that the timeline follows and slows the incoming chaos then Granberia appears and gets angry at Alma Elma for not obeying Alice the 15ths order but Luka stops her. She is next encountered at her own academy while talking to Lilith and Luka stumbles upon her plans and Lilith traps Luka and Alma Elma appears to confront Lilith while Luka battles Mephisto. After being defeated she is brought to the Grand Noah Queen for her crimes but was pardoned and requested to accompany Luka in his journey . She later helps Luka bypassing the Golem Army blocking the Nightmare Plains entrances with there magic. She plans to have Luka infiltrate Gold Forth with help of Alma Elma due to the war with Grangold and a brainwashed King. Alma Elma seduces the entire place. Luka finds an evidence on what's causing the brainwashing. Mephisto can be seen planning a counterattack after Alice's mother declared war. Alice/Ilias states that they need the 6 orbs to revive the Garuda girl after the invasion ends with one missing due to it being destroyed.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

"Dragons and lamias are closely related in evolutionary terms. It may seem surprising, but harpies are also closely related to dragons.

"I'll admit I was deceiving the Queen. Teaching my endearing students however, is no lie..."

"Grading tests, setting up magical tools, planning the curriculum... I'm too busy, there's no time to stretch my wings."

"Let's see that power... Come at me with all your might."

"You have broken seven rules in this school. You leave me no choice but to punish your body..."

"That power of yours is too dangerous... I must stop you here."

"I'm the only teacher of this small magic school, but... Even so, I still treasure it."

"Everything for the sake of the Dark God..."

"I've taught over 300 students so far... Every one of them has become a splendid wizard."

"For the sake of greater intention... I will become a demon among demons!"

"Please take this hamburger steak... It's thoroughly cooked and delicious." (+1 Hamburger Steak)

"Please use this for tuition..." (+ 3125G)

"Please take this special extract..." (+1 Magical Extract)

"Would you give me some meat? I'd like to have a meal..." (Give 1 Meat)

  • Yes - "You'll make a fine student, fufufu..." (+20 Affinity)
  • No - "Have negotiations broken down...?"

"Would you give me donations for the school...?" (Give 1875G)

  • Yes - "You'll make a fine student, fufufu..." (+25 Affinity)
  • No - "Have negotiations broken down...?"

"Would you give me a boost drink...?" (Give 1 Boost Drink)

  • Yes - "You'll make a fine student, fufufu..." (+30 Affinity)
  • No - "Have negotiations broken down...?"

"Do you also want to take my class...?"

  • I want to take it - "Then please enroll through the designated procedure. Though it may be too late..." (+10 Affinity)
  • I don't want to take it - "Well, no need to say that... I'll have plenty of company!"
  • I'm already in class. - "I see, is this a practice battle...? Then do not hesitate!" (+10 Affinity)

"Teaching is my profession... What do you believe your calling in life is?"

  • Hero - "Indeed, you have the will of a hero. Study hard, and do not feel shame in your conviction." (+10 Affinity)
  • A soldier - "You should have greater ideals. Being able to exceed your ideals should be almost impossible."
  • Prostitute - "Such dirty thoughts... I'll beat that sex drive out of you!" (-5 Affinity)

"Do you think corporal punishment is necessary for education...?"

  • It's necessary - "The teachings conveyed by fists will not convey the message correctly. It only causes one to question the teacher's complexion."
  • It's unnecessary - "Yes, that's right. Teaching through corporal punishment distorts the contents..." (+10 Affinity)
  • Hit me - "Punishing a pervert like you would seem like a reward... I was wrong to ask you." (-5 Affinity)

"Now here's a question. What element is most effective against serpentine enemies?"

  • Fire element - "That is incorrect, ice is the most effective element against snakes. You should study harder."
  • Ice element - "Correct, ice is the most effective element against snakes. Let me give you a flower circle." (+10 Affinity)
  • Lightning element - "That is incorrect, ice is the most effective element against snakes. You should study harder."
  • Decay element - "What, an element unknown to me...?! What sort of thing is it...?"

"Before I started teaching... What sort of occupation do you think I had in the past?"

  • Magician - "Indeed, there was a time where I was just a magician. I will never forget the gratitude of those who picked it up." (+10 Affinity)
  • Prostitute - "What are you imagining? It seems you need punishment..." (-5 Affinity)
  • Salesman - "Hmm, I recall something similar... When you contract with a Yoma, the contents are firmly confirmed." (+10 Affinity)

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Mephisto: "There are a lot of comrades I would like to re-educate. Can I build an academy here?""

With Cornelia:

Cornelia: "Mephisto... You didn't return the book you borrowed from the Monster Lord's Castle, did you?"

Mephisto: "Now that you mention it, I had completely forgotten about it. I'll reprint it, can you wait a little longer?"

Cornelia: "Really... Is that the language of someone in the teaching profession?"

Mephisto: "I take anything I can because it is my doctrine..."

Cornelia: "I see, you're now prohibited from entering the library."

Mephisto: "...There are matters like this too. I'll have to warn the students not to get too greedy."

With Lily:

Lily: "You're Mephisto... I've heard you are a very famous magician."

Mephisto: "You do not know me because you are young. During the era of the previous Monster Lord, I was the master of magic."

Lily: "Rumor has it you're also a dubious character. You're better at wicked deeds then you are with magic, aren't you?"

Mephisto: "Both of those are practically the same thing. Magic is nothing but a wicked deed, and brings no happiness to people..."

Lily: "Hmph, I wonder what you're insinuating...?"

With Shirohebi:

Shirohebi: "Mephisto... You are a confidant of the 15th who has slipped into a human royal family."

Mephisto: "Again, I have a contract... I have not deceived anyone."

Shirohebi: "You have been obsessed with contracts and commitments since your former days. You truly are a sly, yet dutiful woman..."

Mephisto: "It is simply my duty as a yoma, there is no misunderstanding..."

With Bugstaves:

Mephisto: "What are you doing for your research projects?"

Magical Butterfly: "Gathering semen!"

Magical Dragonfly: "Collecting insects..."

Magical Ladybug: "Eating tour... ♪"

Mephisto: "Good grief, this is worrying..."

With Magi Staens:

Mephisto: "What kind of books have you been reading lately...?"

Magical Elf: " 'Tips for Overthrowing Superiors'."

Magical Succubus: " 'Magic for Murdering Your Mentor'..."

Magical Pixie: "A romance diary Professor Mephisto wrote when she was young!"

Mephisto: "Good grief, this is worrying..."

With Emeth:

Mephisto: "Is this the golem made by Grangold? I see, it has a very high degree of perfection..."


Mephisto: "So, you are absolutely loyal to me..."

Sonya: "Wait! What are you doing?"

With Witch:

Witch: "Mephisto, the most famous magician in the world... I want you to show me your best magic."

Mephisto: "Aren't you quite famous yourself? You're the most outstanding magician among succubi..."

Witch: "It's fascinating that we'll be able to fight together. Let's complete with our magic techniques as comrades."

Mephisto:" Yes, I am looking forward to it as well. Please don't go too hard on me... fufu."

With Cassandra:

Cassandra: "Ah, Mephisto... It seems you are as ill-natured as ever."

Mephisto: "Oh, Cassandra... You seem to have completely lost your fame lately."

Cassandra: "Ufufu, it's amusing..."

Mephisto: "It's amusing all right, ufufu..."

With Grand Noah Queen:

Mephisto: "Your Majesty... Why have you trusted me thus far? Have you not considered the possibility I could betray you at the last minute?"

Queen of Grand Noah: "I do not trust you, but I do depend on you. Does your pride not permit you to betray me?"

Mephisto: "I see, you have a very good eye for people. Do you respect me based on my sense of values rather than trust?"

Queen of Grand Noah: "I believe you... Is that what you wanted me to say?"

Mephisto: "Yes, of course..."


Mephisto: We'll be at Grangold Palace soon. More help should be arriving soon, as well.

Luka: Mephisto, can we really trust you?

Mephisto: You still doubt me? Don't worry, I would never disobey orders from the Monster Lord. 

Luka: Her orders to help Grand Noah?

Mephisto; Yes, exactly

Luka: What about the fact she's also controlling Grangold?

Mephisto: She isn't controlling them directly... But you are correct in terms of her overall plan. 

Ilias: Was the plan for both countries to destroy one another? That does not seem to be an efficient use of her time and resources. It more likely relates to the correct history. The two countries were not at war at this time in that history though. But if events had played out slightly different, a war could have broken out. So you could say that we haven't deviated from the correct history.

Mephisto; Even in reduced form, it's still quite difficult to keep secrets from Ilias.  

Ilias: She started this war while trying to avoid a critical divergence from the correct history, right? Why on earth was such a thing necessary? Answer me!

Mephisto: Even i do not know her reasons The Monster Lord keeps such knowledge to herself, 

Luka: yeah, even Alma Elma didn't know..

Mephisto: I can make educated guess as to her intentions. however. First, a premise... We know that as this world diverges from the correct history, chaos advances. Thus she is steering history to be as close as possible to the correct history... And aiming towards the annihilation of all living things. 

Ilias: You've got to be kidding me!?

Mephisto: The Monster Lord's actions have thrown human and monsters into a giant meat grinder. In other words, mutual destruction of both man and monster. She isn't focused on governing or ruling anymore. Her intentions is nothing other than the destruction of life.

Ilias: Why!? Are you saying the Monster Lord is trying to carry out my plan to recreate the world?

Mephisto: I'm nothing more than a clever Yoma. There's no way I could understand the Monster Lord's motives. Surely, not even the Goddess herself is capable of such a thing. As i said, this is nothing more than my own conjecture... I have no proof or direct evidence.

Ilias: I truly wish to believe this is just your delusions of Grandeur speaking..

Sonya: Are you okay with all of this, Mephisto? You're obviously one of the people being thrown into the meat grinder. too..

Mephisto: Yes, I can't deny that. I've never pretended to be more than a pawn of the Monster Lord. I believe there are logical reasons for this plan, though. Even if it results in the death of all life, that too must be something that has to happen...

Ilias: That's an Eden level of blind devotion.

Luka: At any rate, we have to put a stop to the Monster Lord's plot! We'll free Grangold, whatever it takes.

Mephisto: Indeed... Our interests as far as defeating Grangold is concerned. I'm counting on your help. 

Sonya; Is this really okay...?

Luka: I wonder what's going on with the King of Grangold. There are rumors of him surviving fatal wounds and casting high-level magic..

Mephisto: I imagine he's been magically enhanced with some special spells to boost his magical power and physical attributes.

Ilias: He's originally human, so strenghtening past his limits should. Wait, the've awoken his royal blood, haven't they?

Mephisto: Correct. The bloodlines of the royal families are special. Genes from the ancestral people are slumbering within them 

Sonya: Ancestral people?

Mephisto: They were the people who lived in the age of legend and possessed strength surpassing the humans of today. You could call them the original experiment of the Goddess of Creation. They had strength rivaling monsters, but also various faults and weaknesses. As those faults worked out, their raw abilities were also reduced, resulting in a design suitable for mass production: the people of today.

Ilias: You sure know a lot about my work

Mephisto: I learned all this from the Monster Lord. Where she heard it, I do not know. Anyway getting back on track. Modern humans evolved from the ancestral people, but. Among modern humans, the earliest models that wre born still contained genetic data from the ancestral people. They were like a limited production run of elites created to be humanity's leaders.

Luka: Then they were the origin of the royal bloodlines?

Mephisto: Yes. As Ilias hoped, they rose to the top of human society, and they passed down their latent genetic materials through the generations. Thus those of royal birth possess genes of the ancestral people within their bodies.

Sonya: Those of royal birth? So the families of Grand Noah, Grangold and Sabasa.

Mephisto: Correct... And among them, magical power runs strongest in the Grangold bloodline. Gold the First was known as the Magic King and supposedly had power rivaling us yoma. In terms of latent potential, the current King of Grangold has magical power comparable to his ancestor.

Ilias: Which was unlocked through some magical procedures to change his mind and body and awaken his royal blood?

Mephisto: Yes, exactly... However, the costs should be remarkably steep.

Ilias: As you said, the ancestral people had their share of faults and were very unstable.

Mephisto: Yes, they used energy inefficiently and had poor reproductive ability. Their control over magic and their mental state was also extremely unstable. Their individual potential was amazing, but they were defective forms of life. It's no surprise that the Goddess of Creation considered that the ancestral people a failed experiment.

Luka: What does that mean for the King of Grangold?

Mephisto: He's an evil living weapon without control over his emotion or sanity, a nightmare created by the Queen.

Sonya: So he's a victim in all this, too!

Mephisto: Indeed, but if we attack the Queen, you'll have to be prepared to fight him as well.

Ilias: But would Queen Ant really do that to him? I'm not fully in board with this conclusion...


Mephisto: There's nothing unusual going on in the countries right now. Apart from the sporadic raids, the enemy hasn't made any coordinated attacks. When you think about it, my position is rather strange, isn't it...? Rest assured, I will submit a proper resignation before i betray you.

Grandeur Theatre


Gadabout Interactions

1st Action:

Mephisto: "This is a spell I invented... Super Fire!"

Mephisto causes a gigantic explosion!

[Everyone takes fire damage]

2nd Action:

Mephisto: "All the students ever do is talk back and forth with one another..."

Mephisto is complaining to herself...

[Nothing happens]

3rd Action:

Mephisto: "I shall use this ultimate spell I invented... Ultramephy!"

Mephisto casts Ultramephy!

...But nothing happens

[Nothing happens]

4th Action:

Mephisto: "It is important to have a frame of mind for battle..."

Mephisto began preaching!

...But no one was listening.

[Nothing happens]

5th Action:

Mephisto: "Please take this, it is filled with energy."

Mephisto presents a gift!

[+1 Eel]


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