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Concentrating the spirit, HP is restored. Half of Luka’s maximum HP is recovered.
“It’s said that the fallen angel Erigora was able to immediately heal her wounds by meditating. It's obviously a fake story, but concentrating your mind is still important.” - Alice
“What!? Is that even possible!? What the hell is wrong with your body? Why do you think that would make it normal for you to be healed!? Having your wounds healed just by meditating is strange no matter how you look at it! What is that... Scary... You're a strange one...” - Alice
“That Meditation of yours is almost cheating...” - Tamamo

Meditation (瞑想 Meisou) is a skill which Luka learns indirectly from Alice, who originally intended to teach him to improve his focus and concentration in order to enhance his general fighting technique. It costs 3 SP to use, and recovers half of Luka’s maximum health.

This skill is one of Luka’s most useful skills (if not the most useful), allowing Luka to take care of monsters which would normally be impossible. In drawn out battles, it is often advisable to use this skill combined with regular attacks and spirit defenses as opposed to powerful skills.

Before entering the Treasure Cave, Alice originally mentioned Meditation more as a joke, only for Luka to try it and successfully heal himself, much to Alice’s surprise and bemusement. She had also assumed that the story was just a legend; obviously, she wasn’t expecting a human to be able to do anything close to something she thought to be a myth.

Luka’s ability to recover abnormally is likely due to his angelic powers. Alice’s story also claims that a fallen angel used Meditation, which foreshadows Luka's heritage.


  • Despite his angelic powers being suppressed by his Keepsake Ring, Luka is capable of freely using Meditation in his human form. How he is capable of doing such is unknown, though it may be possible the seal on his angelic powers was weakening (as indicated with the ring instantly shattering against Archangel Ranael).
  • When Luka receives extreme burns and lacerations after surviving Granberia’s Vaporizing Rebellion Sword, Alice said that it would take approximately a month for him to recover. However, his wounds are fully healed overnight. This event is most likely the result of Meditation.
  • When Luka calls out Tamamo when she heals, she points out that Luka not only abuses Meditation to heal himself, but he can also use it often, while she has to wait for a long time between heals, even going so far as to call it “cheating”.
  • Meditation may be a reference to the healing spell of the same name used by most final bosses of the Dragon Quest series, often called cheating by fans as it heals at least half if not all the boss's already large supply of health.
  • the fact that luka heals half of his hp when erigora healed all of her wounds is due to the fact that luka is half angel