Home to the gorgeous Medal Queen. Though some question the extent of her power nevertheless her subjects greatly adore her. She however has a fond obsession with Small Medals and will accept an audience with any lucky adventurers who come across them. Why do adventurers bother with these strange trinkets? Well let's just say the Queen has an assortment of luxurious treasures that she is willing to part with in exchange for them!

Map Of The Area

Medal Queen's price list

The Medal Queen offer various items and services in exchange for Small Medals. Some of these items are ones of the best pieces of equipment available in part one.

Item Description Price
Noble's Family Tree Key item that unlocks Noble job; also gives Beautiful Tiara; can only be bought once 3
Falcon Sword Sword with a weapon skill; normal attack hits twice 5
Magic Cape Clothes that convert incoming damage into mana 8
Magical Shield Buckler 10
Rainbow Dress Dress that halves damage taken from fire, lightning, ice, wind, earth and water 20
King's Proof Key item that unlocks King and Pope jobs; also gives Royal Crown; can only be bought once 30
Caladbolg Magic sword with a weapon skill 40
Recruit Medal Queen Medal Queen becomes your companion; she has Fire Whip, Magical Shield, Royal Crown and Magic Cape equipped; can only be bought once 45
Archangel Bra Skimpy outfit that nullifies lightning and halves holy damage taken 50

Treasure Chests

  • Insect Scroll (Requires Lockpick I)
  • Secret Attack Scroll (Requires Lockpick II)


  • The music playing in the castle is Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik.
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