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March Hills is a location in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox


A series of caves and open air, March Hills is the only way to Grangold ever since the bridge broke. As such, Grangold keeps the entrances heavily guarded by Golem Girls, each a match for hundreds of men. For anyone who manages to make it past them, Ant Girls and Automata Girls are on watch, along with Mud Golem Girls. The local wild life, Wing Harpies and Harpy Knights, will also pose a threat once you're outdoors.

Treasure Chests


  • Burst Drink

Area 3

  • Small Medal

Area 4

  • Chemical Rapier
  • 8800G

Area 6

  • Mystery Nut

Area 8

  • Mystery Nut
  • Bewitching Tail

Area 9

  • Great Helm (Requires Lockpick I)

Area 10

  • Medusa Snake

Area 11

  • Seal of Nothingness

Area 12

  • Elixir


Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations