As you enter the town of Goldport, a woman by the name of Selena waves you down and asks for your help in a matter. You can do so right now or later on if you're too busy looking for Amira.

  1. Talk to Selena in her house.
  2. Meet her at the dock and take her ship out to sea.
  3. Explore the ship. Head to the bottom deck, then follow the second set of stairs up to stern and get the key to the Captain's quarters.
  4. Head to the captain's quarters and defeat the Beelzebubs within.
  5. There is a fake wall to the left of where the Beelzebubs were. Pass through it and grab the key to treasure room.
  6. Leave the captain's quarters and head south-west to the treasure room and loot it, including a peculiar orb.
  7. Head up top and sail back to Gold Port. Selena reveals herself to be the ghost of the legendary pirate, Selene and passes onto the next life.

Optional steps to recruit Selene and Beelzebubs

  1. Go back to Selene's house. Surprisingly, she's still there. She reasons that it is because the Beelzebubs must not truly be defeated. She joins the party.
  2. Watch some cutscenes.
  3. Go to Yamatai Village and talk to the Beelzebubs in the area before the shrines. They'll join up immediately.
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