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Monster Girl Quest: Paradox has been involved in a massive crossover project that involves the games The Three Charms and Shrift. It was added in October 2020 for free for all those that have bought Paradox: Part 2 and also include characters from Parade Buster, Succubus Quest, Succubus Rhapsodia, Succubus Prison and ROBF4SU

This page can be updated by anyone having more ample informations on the projects as they go.


A RPG where the hero Kazuya wake up from an aritifically-induced coma after an accident to find out that the world has been invaded demons, creatures with female humanoid features that are attacking humans and corrupting their mind to devour their soul through sex. He must escape the place and join up with his friend Yuuma while foiling the nefarious monsters and M.A.W.'s artificial creations.

While the collaboration arc is available, it is still untranslated.

The Three Charms

A RPG where Hakunen, a young monk boy searched to learn from Daimyokai, a rumoredly powerful yokai hunter who's currently travelling on the mountain of Mahobora. However, the peaceful man ends up meeting Magatsu, the yokai guardian of the mountain who gives him three different body-binding charms to allow him to escape any yokais on the way.

While the collaboration arc is available, it is still untranslated.

Succubus Academia

A game from the creators of Succubus Quest. A school suddenly transforming into the hunting ground for a quintet of succubi who alter the environment and can threaten the world. It's up to the protagonist to make them leave by satisfying them, which will be deadly. The place ends up so twisted that doors leading to unusual guests show up, including MGQ's succubus queen, Alma Elma.

Fan Games

Danganronpa Forge Re

A Danganronpa fan game with 16 characters from different Visual Novels and other RPGs including everyone favorite's kitsune, Tamamo!

The game itself follows the Danganronpa structure: A prologue and six chapters each including a "daily life" part, followed by a murder that leads to an investigation sequence and a trial afterward. The development of the game is currently on hiatus, although the first four chapters have been released.

Monster Girl Quest 3D

A project by HDoomguy, where MGQ is ported in the Doom Engine as a standalone mod. Currently a demo version.

Integrated Mods

Civilization 5

Angel civilization:

Kitsune civilization:

Monmusu civilization :

Seekers of Truth Civilization:

Succubus race :

Crypt of the Necrodancer

Alice and Luka:

Darkest Dungeon

Slug Girl:

Don't Starve together




Fire Pro Wrestling world

Luka :

Ilias :


Garrys mod

Left 4 Dead 2

Alma Elma skin (medkit):

Alma Elma skin (AK47):


Minecraft Skins

Luka(angel eye):

Luka(non angel eye):

Alice (Human):


Granberia(higher quality):

Alice (Lamia):


Lucifina (angel):

Black Alice (goddess of chaos):


Scribblenauts Unlimited

Angel Halo:

Second Life 



Skins for characters:

Tabletop simulator

Special cards :

Wallpaper engine

Open ressources

Sprite converter:

Alice 3d model: