Lyra Falls is a location in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox


To the far left of Esta, hidden among mountains lies Lyra Falls. Guarded zealously by Mermaid Generals and Mermaid Knights, this is where Queen Mermaid and her daughter El reside. Lorelei also live here, and can provide great military power if needed. To those without any business, entry is strictly prohibited. However, after attacking San Ilia, Sea Slug Sailors and Sea Horse Sailors have been sent in to investigate.


Boxed Girl

Small Medal

Energy Rosary

Black Dark Stone

Elven Miracle Drug

3 Rushing Blue Water Stones

Justice Abacus

Snake Palm

Small Medal

Mysterious Scale

Secret Harp Scroll

Bright White Holy Stone

Prism Shell

Secret Ocean Scroll

Prism Rapier

Burst Drink

Ame no Murakamo


Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

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