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Luxuru is a friendly low-class Apoptosis. She can join you after a battle.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

“Ahahahaa, I’ll take your sperm and your life. Everything, everything, will be my food!”

“The apoptosis are more phenomenon than being… We are one with chaos...”

“Everything starts with chaos. Everything ends with chaos. Fufu, ahahahaa!”

“I was a researcher, I remember it clearly. And now I have this body. Ahahaa!”

“Hahahaa, it looks like my body has merged with laboratory equipment. What could so easily merge two completely different systems?!”

“We have completely been absorbed into this world itself. I am no longer an individual, I am only a part of this place.”

“Apoptosis absorbs organic and inorganic matter alike. Be it a machine, be it a soul, be it a monster, be it an angel...”

“Once you become like this, you no longer experience fear. Hahahaa, I have become the very thing I was studying.”

“We were probably wrong. But good or bad, right or wrong, it no longer matters.”

“I no longer know if this consciousness is my own or if it has been worn away to the consciousness of this place itself.”

“Fufufuu, what do you think I was when I was human?”

  • A researcher - “Yes, I was a researcher! Studying exactly what I became, ahahaa!” (+10 Affinity)
  • A village girl - “Can you not discern my overwhelming intelligence? You must be blind, ahahaa!” (-5 Affinity)
  • A prostitute - “Is that what you want? I’ll show you a good time, ahahaa!”

“The machinery this body eroded away for, what do you think it is used for? Answer correctly and I will provide you a special service, ahahaa!”

  • Semen sucking - “Yes, this body’s machinery is meant to suck a man’s semen. Look forward to it, because I will suck everything from you.” (+10 Affinity)
  • Execution - “Yes, it also serves that function. This body is a first class weapon, ahahaa!” (+10 Affinity)
  • Pencil sharpening - “I wouldn’t be laughing if I were integrated with a pencil sharpener...” (-5 Affinity)

“Want to know what my main weapon is? I’ll give you a special lesson, ahahahahaa!”

  • Multi-tip claw - “Yes, I can also use this claw to attack. It is remotely operated and moves completely according to my will, ahahaa!”
  • Semen sucking restraint - “Ahahaa, this body certainly has a semen sucking function. I guess you could say it is a weapon for men… fufufu.”
  • Hidden drill - “I do not have such ridiculous things! You’re funny, ahahahaa!” (+10 Affinity)

“How much do you think is left of my memories as a human?”

  • None remain - “You think so? Actually, I remember everything… ahahaa!”
  • A little but - “You think so? Actually, I remember everything… ahahaa!”
  • Everything - “Yes, I haven’t lost any memories at all. It’s quite surprising, ahahaa! But it does not feel like they are my memories. This is not the body I have in those memories.” (+10 Affinity)

“What kind of mood do you think I am in? This body has deteriorated so I’m not sure if you can tell.”

  • Sad - “No, I’m not sad in the slightest! This is so much fun, fun, ahahaa!”
  • Angry - “No, I’m not angry in the slightest! This is so much fun, fun, ahahaa!”
  • Good mood - “Yes, I am in a very good mood! Ahahaa! Perhaps I have lost my mind!” (+10 Affinity)

“Seeing you makes me miss meals I had as a human. Hey, would you give me some bread?” (Give Bread)

  • Yes - “Ahaha! You’re a nice person!” (+20 Affinity)
  • No - “Ahahaa… You’re a cold hearted person.”

“Hey, I'm running low on power. If you have a thunder stone, will you give it to me?” (Thunder Stone)

  • Yes - “Ahaha! You’re a nice person!” (+30 Affinity)
  • No - “Ahahaa… You’re a cold hearted person.”

“Hey will you give me some money? It’s been so long, I want to feel the desire for money again.” (Give 225G?)

  • Yes - “Ahaha! You’re a nice person!” (+25 Affinity)
  • No - “Ahahaa… You’re a cold hearted person.”

“This stone can only be found in this world. It’s pretty unusual, ahahaa.” (+1 Chaos Fragment)

“This was dropped. I wonder if it belonged to a guard?” (+1 Golden Breastplate)

“It belongs to me, but take it. I have no use for it anyway.” (+375G)

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Luxuru: "Ahahaa! Take me with you too. At this rate you're just paying for me to become worthless."

With Promestein:

Promestein: "This is an unusual machine... The nerve center resembles that of an organic lifeform."

Luxuru: "What are you saying? I was originally human. I was fused to this machine, it's just my upper was never processed."

Promestein: "But most of your brain has been altered..... It can hardly even be called organic."

Luxuru: "...huuuh? Hey, that true?!"

Promestein: "Aren't you excited?!"

Luxuru: "No!"

With Jaide:

Jaide: "Luxuru type confirmed."

Luxuru: "Jaide type... Meeting in a place like this, fate is strange."

Jaide: "I am someone who does not know anything about themselves. Are you also searching for answers?"

Luxuru: "I do not care about that, I just want to drink the sperm of my prey."

With Minelli:

Minelli: "You are... hiding in a chair?"

Luxuru: "No, I'm not exactly hiding."

Minelli: "If you are in a chair, how are you supposed to attract prey?"

Luxuru: "Do you even listen to people?"

Grandeur Theater

She is required in the "World of Apoptosis" scene.


Gadabout Actions

1st Action:

Luxuru: "All right, this should be good, right?"

Luxuru installed a shoulder massage function!

...but nobody is willing to try it.

[Nothing happens]

2nd Action:

Luxuru: "Gyaaa! I'm discharging electricity!"

Luxuru discharges electricity from their body!

[Enemies take lightning damages with chances to be shocked]

3rd Action:

Luxuru: "I seems I am neither a complete human nor robot..."

Luxuru is complaining to herself.

[Nothing happens]

4th Action:

Luxuru: "I am equipped with an eye beam function."

Luxuru causes a gigantic explosion!

[Everyone takes damages]

5th Action:

Luxuru: "So-me-thi-ng-se-ems-off?"

Luxuru has become strange.

[Nothing happens]