Luka returns as the protagonist of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox, but things are not as they once were. For starters, monsters and humans have been living together in relative peace since the Great Disaster thirty years ago, so his dream of becoming a hero to foster co-existence between them has never even occurred to him. While he still desires to be a Hero, his immediate concern is to go out and look for his father, Marcellus, who is still alive in the world of Paradox.


The gameplay-focused nature of Paradox and its focus on other companions has left little room for Luka's personality to shine through, albeit he has differences from the original trilogy. For instance, he studied mathematics to take care of his inn, which impresses even Promestein. More remains to be seen but for now, he appears to be the same naive hero from the first game. However, because of some of the choices available in the game, it's possible to play Luka as more lecherous or irresponsible, but he still comes across as an idiot. He also shows an excitable, slightly immature side through the story, such as when he has to fetch a beetle for Vanilla or when he meets his hero Heinrich in the flesh.


Luka possesses a new ability in Paradox, which allows him to travel between dimensions. This hints that there might be something more to his lineage this time around, but that is mere speculation at this point.

As revealed in the second chapter of Paradox, Heinrich's wife was Edena, the princess of Remina, tying Luka's lineage with the royalty of Remina, making Luka also royalty.



Luka has a vision in which Ilias warns him of a danger that will swallow the world. However, much of the vision is obscured by a static effect (later revealed to be Apoptosis, and Luka is unable to gain much information.

When he wakes up, Luka thinks that the vision was just a normal dream, albeit a good omen. He recalls that Ilias hasn't been seen since the Great Disaster thirty years ago. He says that today is the day that he will be baptised as a Hero, and go out on a journey to find his missing father Marcellus. Suddenly, there is a commotion outside. Luka runs out and learns that Hans, the lumberjack, was kidnapped by an evil slime girl. Against the advice of his fellow villagers, he heads for Slime Mountain to rescue Hans.

Slime Mountain

While climbing Slime Mountain, Luka and a friendly Slime Girl hear a loud crash. Luka finds that a crater with a young angel lying in the middle - a younger version of Ilias. Luka doesn't believe her claim of being Ilias, for which she ineffectually shocks him. Stunned at her weakened state, she speculates how it could have happened. Eventually, she runs off, telling Luka that they will talk again later.

At the summit of the mountain, Luka fights a Bunny Slime and two Slime Girls to rescue Hans. Hans returns to the village on his own.

While heading back down, Luka runs into a young Yoma with the form of a Lamia - a younger version of Alice. She asks if he's seen a rabbit anywhere. If Luka answers no, she doesn't believe him and continues blocking the path. If he answers that he's seen one at the summit, Alice thanks him and goes there. Luka decides to check on the situation and finds Alice beating up the defeated Bunny Slime. Luka intervenes, and Alice realises that the Bunny Slime isn't the rabbit she's looking for, so she leaves. Luka returns to the village.

Return to Iliasville

When heading to the temple for his baptism, Luka is accosted by his childhood friend Sonya (a temple priestess) for being late. They rush to the temple and meet the Head Priest for the baptism. Although the baptism has been purely for show in recent years, due to Ilias' disappearance, this time Ilias does descend. Ilias tells Luka that a darkness is covering the world and Luka is the only one who can stop it. She lacks the power to baptise Luka, but says that he will nevertheless be up for the task as an unblessed hero. After Ilias vanishes, the three of them discuss this matter and agree to keep it a secret to avoid mass panic. Sonya leaves, only to hurry back and tell Luka that two children are fighting in his house.

In Luka's house (the village inn), Alice and Ilias are fighting and Luka has to force them apart. They tell him their true identities, which Luka naturally is skeptical of. Both of them are unable to contact their subordinates and are searching for answers about their current states. They ask Luka to join them, Alice because he's the only adventurer leaving the village at this time and Ilias because she's aware of his true lineage and potential. Since they are mortal enemies, Luka can only choose one of them. When Luka chooses one of them (hereafter referred to as Alice/Ilias) the other one (hereafter Ilias/Alice) leaves in a huff. Luka and Alice/Ilias explain their situations to each other.

The pair leave the inn and head to the Village Chief's house. The Chief gives Luka information about recent history and the current state of the world. When they leave the house, Luka and Alice/Ilias meet Sonya, who has been planning on accompanying Luka and forces herself into the party. She is also skeptical about Alice/Ilias' true identity. A strangely-dressed traveller, Nero, approaches and talks to the party. He claims to just want to wish Luka luck on his travels, but is confused by the presence of Sonya (saying that Luka shouldn't have a childhood friend) and by the prevalence of magic in the world. He leaves, with the party just as confused by him.

There is a Slime Girl, Lime, trapped in a poison marsh on the east side of the village, whom Luka proceeds to save. Lime then joins the party.

Immediately after leaving the village, Alice (if recruited) attempts to give the Angel Halo to Luka so he can fight without worry of killing his opponents. If this happens, Nero stops time and steals the Angel Halo. Regardless, Alice/Ilias will present the Pocket Monster Lord's Castle as a mobile base (Ilias mentions stealing it from Alice during their struggle).


The party first heads for the large town of Iliasburg. Along the way, they camp for the night. Alice/Ilias teaches Luka a skill, while Sonya describes a past incident in which Luka saved her when she was lost.

At the entrance to Iliasburg, the party runs into the White Rabbit, the rabbit who Alice talked about earlier. She is evasive as to her purpose and eventually disappears, leaving the Key to Hades behind. Only Luka is able to see the key, the others remaining entirely unaware of its existence.

The party searches for information on the White Rabbit and is directed to an information broker named Amira. However, they learns that she was kidnapped by a gang of bandits. After defeating the bandits (who turn out to just be monster children and are allowed to become part of the town after they apologise for their crimes) it turns out that Amira wasn't kidnapped after all. She does have information about the White Rabbit, but can only reveal it if paid (since she is an information broker) or if the party completes a sidequest to become information brokers. They eventually learn that a rabbit was seen in Pornof.

The Hunt for the White Rabbit: Part 1

The party goes to Pornof but learns that the rabbit in question is just an ordinary Rabbit Girl. She does, however, mention hearing about the White Rabbit in the nearby Tartarus.

The party explore their first Tartarus, a mysterious cavern filled with Apoptosis monsters. At its depths is a strange door, which most are unable to even budge but which Luka can open with a touch. On the other side is a twisted replica of the city of Remina, which was thought lost in the Great Disaster. However, its citizens are not human but more Apoptosis. In one house, the party finds a strange monster resembling a scylla, who attacks the party out of surprise. After defeating her, she wants to join the party and is accepted. Sonya gives her the name Nuruko.

Continuing through Remina, the party finds a magic circle which takes them at the exit of what initially seems to be the same Tartarus. The White Rabbit appears and warns them not to step off the path (as powerful and hostile angels are present). The party discovers that Iliasville has been utterly destroyed by the angels, with all inhabitants killed. They find Luka's diary in the now-packed graveyard, which reveals an alternate timeline in which Granberia appeared in Iliasburg and caused him to give up his journey. The final entry, written by someone else, mentions that Luka fought heroically against the attacking angels. Alice/Ilias attempt (unsuccessfully) to use a Harpy Wing, then tell Luka to do it. The item functions in his hands, taking the party back to their world (henceforth the "Paradox world". As a result, the party is now aware that the Tartarus are passages between alternate worlds.

Ilias Continent

The party passes through several villages and fixes various problems. A notable case is the mysterious disappearance of the harpies.

While investigating Harpy Village, entirely devoid of its inhabitants, the party runs into Nero again. He explains that the harpies contracted a supposedly-extinct virus and voluntarily quarantined themselves. He hands over a Yggdrasil Fruit for the party to use to cure the harpies. They succeed in doing so (though they don't have enough fruit to cure the queen). A harpy later explains that their queen met with some strange and powerful succubi before the plague started. The succubi were called Lilith, Astaroth and Morrigan, the names of the legendary Lilith Sisters who were thought to have died long ago. Sonya hypothesises that the succubi were carriers of the virus and accidentally spread it to the harpies.

In the Paradox World, the village of Rostrum is a ruin where none live. Nearby is a Tartarus, which the party explores. In the Remina on the other side, they find an angel scholar, Promestein, who was mysteriously transferred here and has been trapped ever since. She learns of Luka's ability to open the doors between worlds and joins the party, eager to uncover the secrets behind this ability. The world on the other side of the Tartarus turns out to be set at an earlier time than the Paradox world, with Rostrum still a thriving village. Here they find that Marcellus had earlier visited and left a letter for his son Luka, despite the Marcellus of this time not having any children yet. The party deduce that the Marcellus who left the letter must be the one from the Paradox world. The letter tells Luka to go to Enrika and ask someone called Micaela for help.

The elves and angels who inhabit Enrika are initially wary of the party. One elf, after hearing that Luka is looking for Micaela, breaks down in tears. She explains that Micaela left the village over two weeks ago and warned that, if Luka ever came looking for her, that meant that she must have died. The elf also explains that, with Alice XVI's sealing and disappearance from the public eye, the monsters are undergoing a succession crisis. Three candidates are vying for the position of Monster Lord: Alice XV, Alice VIII, and Alice XVII.

The party heads to Ilias Port, planning on taking a ship to the Sentora Continent. However, mysterious storms are preventing any ships from travelling between the two continents. Nero appears again and tells the party to go to the Cave of Treasures to obtain the Poseidon Bell, an artifact that will let a ship sail in any weather.

In the Cave of Treasures, the party runs into Nanabi, the aide of the Heavenly Knight Tamamo. Nanabi refuses to let them pass and proves too powerful to defeat, only for Neris to intervene and defeat her easily. Someone who looks like Tamamo walks in, but Neris explains that it is simply a copy from another world. The White Rabbit appears and attempts to erase Neris, but Nero intervenes and the two of them disappear. Neris hits on Luka before leaving.

Ship to Sentora Continent

Thanks to the Poseidon Bell, the ship the party takes is unaffected by the storms. However, Morrigan, the one responsible for the storms, notices and attacks. The party defeats her but only due to her holding back, and she threatens to kill them all, despite the potential consequences. Then Zion, a Seraph-ranked angel who Ilias does not remember creating, attacks and engages Morrigan in a fight. The ship sinks as a result of the fight, and the party is rescued by mermaids who take them to Port Natalia.

Natalia Region

In Port Natalia, the party learns that mermaids and fishermen have been going missing. They investigate and learn that Astaroth is responsible for this. Astaroth defeated Kraken and drained her into the form of a dried squid, then brainwashed the mermaid Meia into thinking she was the Queen of the Southern Seas and causing her to kidnap fishermen and jail any mermaids who came to investigate.

The next destination is the religious city of San Ilia. Upon entering the castle, it turns out that the Ilias Temple had sent ahead a message advising the leaders of the faith of Luka's unique baptism, and he is allowed in as a special guest. The King of San Ilia reveals all the relevant information he has, including that Marcellus was seen entering the library of the castle. It turns out that Marcellus left a book there, containing a letter advising Luka to form contracts with the Four Spirits. The King also requests help from the party, though they first need to visit the Holy Mountain Amos to get mithril to improve their equipment.

On the mountain, the party encounters Ilias/Alice who are unnerved at a presence at the summit. At the summit, they find a dying Micaela and another strange Seraph, Gnosis. Gnosis does not attack as it would accelerate the spread of Chaos, and leaves. Micaela uses the last of her power to baptise Luka as a Hero.

Now properly equipped, the party accepts the King's request. They escort him through the Ancient Temple Ruins to the devices he needs to perform maintenance on his cybernetic body. At the same time they encounter the gynoid Brynhildr, whom Luka awakens by accident. After she attacks and is defeated, Brynhildr is convinced to join the party as they have a common goal in saving the world.

The party visits a Haunted Manor overrun by zombies and ghosts. They defeat the necromancer responsible for the mess, Chrome , and convince her to stop experimenting with the dead. She agrees to join the party when they bring her the Magical Thread that she needs to practice puppetry.

The party visits the Forest of Spirits, where the spirit of wind, Sylph, resides. They hear about a strange but non-hostile monster roaming the forest. After Luka forms a contract with Sylph, the Armored Berserker attacks. He is too powerful to defeat, but Nero and Neris come to the rescue. Neris teleports away with the party while Nero defeats the Berserker. Luka has a vision of Micaela telling him about his mother being an angel (an event in the original game) and thus awakens his angel powers. He wakes up in the Pocket Monster Lord's Castle, where his companions discuss recent events.

While travelling to the Safina Region, the party finds a mysterious tower inhabited by Kagetsumugi, a legendary puppeteer. Alice/Ilias hurries Luka away, warning against getting involved with Kagetsumugi. They therefore do not learn of Kagetsumugi's alliance with Black Alice.

Safina Region

The party travels to the city of Sabasa and learns that its new queen Sara is neglecting her responsibilities and living a life of debauchery. After a meeting with the rebel assassin Salaan they learn that Sara's monster blood was awakened, partially turning her into a succubus. With the help of Sphinx, they restore Sara's sanity by fully turning her into a succubus. A soldier then bursts in with news that Luddite Village is under attack by succubi.

Returning to Luddite Village, the party finds that the Lilith Sisters have seemingly massacred all of the inhabitants. Astaroth stays behind to fight the party while her sisters leave. After a fight in which Astaroth holds back her true power, she says that Luka may be able to help the Lilith Sisters with their objective and then leaves.

Back in the Safina Region, there is a civil war in Witch Hunt Village. Luka must decide which of the two sides to ally with. The leader of the victorious faction (either Lily or Lucia) joins the party.

In the casino city of Grandeur, the party puts an end to the seduction of the inhabitants by the succubus idol Saki. They also find Merlin, one of Marcellus' old friends, now the apparent Don of the Mafia. After the party leaves, Lazarus crawls out from under the table and is revealed to be the actual Don.

In the Safar Ruins, Luka forms a contract with the spirit of earth, Gnome.

Third Tartarus

The party enters the third Tartarus, using Gnome's power to get past an obstacle that the White Rabbit had left at the entrance. Here, they find signs of Chaos eating into space itself. The world on the other side is in its death throes. The party makes its way to the last bastion, the Administrator Tower. Even here, there are no living survivors, only undead and artificial monsters.

The tower's owner, La Croix, explains how Chaos is consuming this world and will eventually consume them all. She gives the party her notes and makes them leave for their own world. La Croix stays behind to hold off Adramelech, a powerful Apoptosis who invades the tower.

But Adramelech is able to intercept the party before they can escape. They defeat her with great effort, but Adramelech grabs onto Luka and is on the verge of pulling him into the void. Marcellus appears and cuts Adramelech in half. He advises Luka to protect his world and leaves.

Back in the Paradox world, Luka and his party reflect on what they've learned. They resolve to find some way of stopping Chaos.

Luka goes to the navy-controlled town of Port Marle to find a ship to take them to the Noah region. He talks to both Leviathan, the leader of the navy, and Bonnie the captain of the Fishy Pirates. He must choose to side with either the navy or the pirates to get a ship.

Noah Region

The party stops in the village of Fiona, though nothing significant happens here.

They head to the city of Grand Noah, camping for the night on the way there. They meet the queen and ask for a permit to visit Esta, an abandoned village located near a Tartarus. They are asked by her advisor Mephisto to first prove their strength in the city's Colosseum. The party enter the Queen's Cup tournament and reach the finals, only to be paired against the Heavenly Knight Alma Elma. They win due to Alma Elma holding back, but Mephisto interrupts the match, accompanied by Granberia. Alma Elma temporarily allies with Luka's party and they defeat Granberia. Mephisto and Granberia leave and Alma Elma concedes the match, so Luka and co. win the tournament. Although they receive the permit, the queen then asks them to investigate the Magic Academy (which Mephisto is headmistress of) and her two subordinates also have requests for the party (to investigate the disappearance of minotaurs and Yamatai Village).

For the minotaurs, it turns out that they were invited to a sukiyaki party in Minotaur's Maze. In the maze they discover the supposedly-dead legendary monster Sun Wukong, one of Black Alice's followers and defeat. They then defeat the Demon Cow Queen, the mastermind of the party.

In Yamatai Village, it turns out that the four shrines (Cat, Fox, Tanuki and Snake) of the village all have problems. The party resolves the problems, along the way encountering Nero and the Heavenly Knight Tamamo at the Fox Shrine and Neris at the Snake Shrine.

The next destination is Magic Academy. Here, the party finds Alma Elma infiltrating the academy disguised as a schoolgirl. They then discover Mephisto in her office, accompanied by Lilith. Alma Elma intervenes to handle Lilith, the two of them going outside to fight, while the party fights and defeats Mephisto. They take Mephisto (who admits to being an agent of Alice XV) back to Grand Noah and, after some discussion, she remains as adviser to the queen. Mephisto asks the party to investigate Plansect Village, where a civil war has broken out.

In Plansect Village, the party meets with the plant leader Alra Priestess and learns that the conflict was incited by two of Black Alice's followers, Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl. They then head to the insect-controlled Red Mountain to get their side of the story. Luka must choose to either side with the plants, side with the insects, or take a third option and arranging peace between the two factions.

With all the distractions out of the way, the party goes to Esta. When Luka enters, he finds himself alone and the village filled with people (including a few angels). When he goes to the cathedral, he is now pulled into a dark space by the archangel Raphaela. Addressing him as "Child of Judgement", she explains that she brought him here to see a world where all are happy under the control of Ilias, and asks him what he thinks. The vision is invaded by Saja, one of the Six Ancestors, who calls Luka "Worldbreaker" and argues with Raphaela about the merits of this world. They eventually demand that Luka listen to only them, and he can agree with one or remain undecided.

After this, the vision ends and Luka finds himself in the real Esta with his party. They take a boat to the Tartarus in the nearby lake but are unable to enter. A Seraph (Gnosis on the Alice route and Zion on the Ilias route) attacks the party but gives up when they hear that Luka was contacted by Raphaela.

Luka and his party comes back to the queen and Mephisto to share their discoveries. The two are dumbfounded, but decide to focus first on dealing with Grangold to bring the war to an end. The hero and his party are sent on an infiltration mission while the army of Grand Noah and its allies divert the attention of the forces from Gold Fort. The party receives the support of Alma Elma in Lima village, and the succubus queen brings the hero to Tamamo to try to convince the kitsune one last time to help them.

Gold Region

After Alma Elma incapacitates the human guards in the fort, the succubus queen is forced to hold Morrigan and Astaroth back while the party continues on its road. The party instantly notice a powerful seduction aura enveloping the country, which also prevent them to teleport away or use the Pocket Castle. Their concern is further proven when they meet the human population of Goddar who keeps muttering "my queen" while cackling uncontrollably.

Luka and co. encouters Nero in the village of Goddard, as the man accidentally incapacitated the merchant the party was initially supposed to encounter. He tells them that they are to meet a magic expert in the Poison Swamp east of the place to help them. The expert is none other than Mephisto, who helps the party deal with a large pack of Golem Girl. After dealing with another one at the end of the Marching Hill, the party camps at proximity of the city of Grangold itself, time during which they deduce that Lilith herself is responsible for the aura, Queen Ant being too weak to do something on a scale that large.

Once they enter, they pretend to be affected by the aura to full the Ant Girls checking the population around. They meet with the head of the mafia in a bar, and Luka and his companions are utterly shocked to discover that said leaders are none other than Lazarus and Merlin. The two men accompany the party into the sewers that lead to the Grangold Castle while their men spread chaos through the city using a surgical bombing strategy. However, they're forced to remain behind to hold back a berserk Grangold King.

In the castle, Luka find out the imprisonned Queen Ant, confirming them that Lilith is indeed responsible for the spell over Grangold. The party also meet Alma Elma, who inform them that Astaroth and Morrigan left to the Monster Lord's castle to recover after having imprisonned the Succubus Queen. Luka eventually reaches Lilith, before Tamamo No Mae reveals herself as the one responsible for the aura. The kitsune proceeds to wreck the party, who's saved by her counterpart in this world. While the two Ancestors fight each other, Luka faces Lilith, who tells them that Astaroth had praise for the party's powers. She's shocked to be beaten back by the party, and make her leave telling the hero she expects great things from him.

In the meantime, Tamamo is barely holding about her counterpart, and is bailed out by Nero and Neris who make the castle collapse in their fight. Fortunately, everybody managed to escape safely and the aura gradually clears away. A few days later, Luka and his companions get to enjoy a banquet with everybody who assisted them in ending this war. The banquet is interrupted by a projection of the Monster Lord, who declares a war of extermination upon humanity and those that support them. Everybody scrambles to get sure their armies are ready, but the attack doesn't immediately happen for a reason.

Luka then meet the Grangold King, who requires his assistance in dealing with a handful of matters in the Gold Region.

First, the hero finds back Lazarus and Merlin at Gold Port's pub. The two men pretend they're innocent, and even if the party makes it clear they're wary of them for hiding their dubious activities, they recruit them anyway and the men install a casino in the Pocket Castle. The hero also helps Selene to deal with the beelzebubs once and for all. Afterward, the hero interferes in Succubus Village between the mayor and a succubus named Natasha who wants to avenge herself of her rapist. Once the conflict is resolved, the hero goes to Lady's Village to learn that monsters has formented have formented a rebellion against Cassandra. After the hero helps her, and her daughter, the two monsters proceed to rush to the Toxic Swamp where the tournament to select the next magical girl is happening, forcing the hero in against his will.

Afterwards, the hero go make a pact with Salamander and encounters Granberia again. As the Gold Region is now safer, the hero gets rewarded by the king and proceeds resume his quest to explore Tartarus, making a stop at the Garuda Girl shrine in the process.

After travelling though the Tartarus Pit located at the western point of the Gold region, Luka and co arrive 500 years in the past. The only location that can be reached is Succubus Village. Entering the village, there appears to be a problem at the future mayor’s house: Lilith & Lilim are in the basement. The soldiers have surrounded the house to prevent anyone except the Hero Heinrich from entering. Luka tells the head guard that he is Heinrich, and they let him though. After beating up the sisters, they vanish. The party hears someone else coming down the stairs… its Heinrich and a totally normal female mage. Luka is in awe at meeting Heinrich, and Ilias/Alice has to keep him from spilling the fact that they’re from the future. Heinrich tells the party that he and his companion will stay at the inn, and departs.

Luka is elated by the possibility of talking with the hero of his dream while his companions try to get sure he remain calm and don't spill anything that could prove problematic. Their conversation is soon interrupted by Mephisto who receives a telepathic message informing them that the Monster Lord's armies are currently attacking the four major cities. Luka clumsily tells Heinrich that he must leaves to defend his country before teleporting away to Grand Noah.

Monster Lord's assault and Counterattack

The city is besieged by elves led by the Queen Fairy, while Grangold is under assault from the Spider Princess forces, Sabasa is attacked by Carmilla and Elizabeth, while San Ilia is trying to hold out against the mermaids led by El.

After the four armies are succesfully repelled, the human lords regroup to discuss a strategy to end this war once and for all, with the need to take the fight to the leaders of each of the four armies. In the process, Luka finds out that the hostility of the elves is the result of brainwashing initially aimed at Queen Alraune from Azi Dahaka, a servant of Black Alice. Once the four queens responsible are beaten (with the victory over the last one involving an unrequited love as well as a marriage promise), the hero has to beat the Monster Lord herself.

First, however, he must gather the Six orbs to get the Garuda Girl needed to go to Hellgondo. While most of them are acquired without further issues, two of them require further efforts. The red orb requires dealing with the Elven Princess who's a shut in. Thanks to the Elf Queen, they manage to convene of a meeting, and it's clear the princess is head over heels with Luka, handing over the red orb and several powerful gifts in an awkward exchange handled by her bodyguards.

The second one is the blue orb that has been destroyed by Astaroth when the succubus went to the Southern Sea Temple. Crafting a replacement is impossible, and the party is forced to get it from the only place the orb is known to be: Black Alice's castle during her reign of terror.

With either Heinrich or Black Alice convincing the mayor of the alternate Succubus Village to give them a boat allowing them to go to Hellgondo, the party makes way to the monster's home continent. They make their way through Remina, and, upon seeing the princess Edina, the hero learns that he's a descendant of Remina's royal bloodline. The party reaches the Monster Lord's castle and manages to snatch the blue orb after facing the Three Nobles of Black.

Once he has gathered the Six Orbs, the hero returns to the Garuda Girl shrine to summon her, and surprisingly fail. Nero appears to inform them that it is related to the Snow Continent that scrambled the flow of mana through the world. He offers to destroy it, but is rebuked. Instead, the party decides to use the ship to get there and see the issue by themselves.

Snow Continent

The party is greeted by the sight of the White Rabbit upon landing. The strange monster inform them that the answer itself is somewhere in the Snow Continent. When they entre the cavern leading to the inside of the continent, the party is attacked by Angel Soldiers, surprising them and making them ask themselves what's the true nature of the place. After passing through a village of Polar Bear Girls, they reach Snow Heaven, and realize that the place is indeed Heaven after it fell down. Upon asking Ranael, the administrator of the village, they learn that the head angel is currently away, praying for the return of Ilias and maintaing a seal over Ilias Temple Ruins to stablize it.

The party meet said angel who turns out to be none other than Seraph Eden at the Snow Shrine. She releases the seal for the hero after being convinced one way or another.

On Ilias's route, the party goes through the Hall of Creation with the intent to bring Lucifina and Micaela back. Eden is initially reticent, but accept nonetheless. However, as both Ilias and Eden are not as powerful as they use to, the result is underwhelming, but the party makes do none the less. Lucifina-chan even offers Luka to be his mother.

The group then proceeds to the Ilias Temple Ruins, where the White Rabbit tells them more about the Great Disaster. At the deepest point in the temple, they see Ilias in the flesh, who gives them the remaining details. The White Rabbit then shows them what exactly happened, as well as the birth of the Goddess of Chaos. The Lilith Sisters then arrive to assassinate Ilias, before getting engaged by the three second generation seraph.

Luka is then forced to fight Sonya, who reveals herself to be an apoptosis of the highest order after absorbing one of the assailants. She then proceeds to summon Adramelech, forcing both groups to band against the coming Apoptosis while Luka fight his childhood friend after the latter absorbed the power of both angel and monsters. The party is then saved by Sonya or Nuruko, and the remaining group tells Luka they hope they'll be able to rely on his support for their plan to save the world, even if it isn't perfect.

Part 2 Post game

Luka returns to Ilias Temple Ruins, where Morrigan gives him more details about their plan to save everyone's souls. He then recruits Alma Elma, the succubus queen being in hot pursuit of Morrigan.

The hero also go see the mysterious building in the Devastated Plains, where he sees La Croix dealing with Kagetsumugi. After beating her Circus, he gives her the notes from her counterpart from the third Tartarus, and the latter decides to put them to good use while gifting her monsters to Chrome.

World Interactions


Each time Luka camps for the sake of the story, he has the possibility to interact with several of the characters around. While most of them gives only flavor text, others will talk about the crisis the world is going through, or give hints as to what there is to expect next. The player can end the camp by going to sleep, in which case his main companion will teach him a fighting skill and talk a little more about herself.

1st camp: Before Iliasburg

When started

Luka: Whew, I'm stuffed.

Ilias: Just as good as i'd expect from someone who learned to cook from Lucifina. That really hit the spot.

Luka: Stop you're making  me blush...

Hmm, it's still a bit early to go to bed.

Perhaps I should kill some time before retiring... =====Dialogs around the camp Rumi: Yawn~=====

Rami: This is fun! Let's have a giant bonfire!

Melk: Camping isn't bad once in a while... It really wets my heart.

Bunni: hop hop hop 

Lime: Yay, camping~ I've never been camping before. I caught a fish in that river too.

Ragora: Wake me up when it's time to leave. I'll try my best not to scream when you do.

Remi: *Tremble* I found this...


Ilias: First off, we need to bolster and equip our forces at Iliasburg. It' be a suicide to head to the north the way we are now. 

Luka: That's standard practice for adventurers, but you seem strangely knowledgeable about this stuff...

Ilias: That's because I've given countless evaluations to disappointing heroes over the years. You could say I wrote the standard practices myself...

Luka: ... Evaluations?

Ilias: Never mind those. Alas, why did this cruel fate befall me...

Luka: So you said you were sealed by some great seal or something? And that's why you're so small?

Ilias: To be precise, to escape from that seal, I had to reduce myself to this size. The Six Ancestor's Great Seal maintains itself by drawing power on the sealed person's own power. The stronger the power, the stronger the seal. As a result =, the spell isn't effective against the weak. Knowing that, i must have been able to escape by reducing my power. It took a considerable amout of time to split off most of it apparently, and in addition, I couldn't keep my normal size or all my memories either.

Luka: Who could have possibly sealed you though?

Ilias: Black Alice is the most likely culprit. Or it could be the work of Promestein, It's also possible the Dark Goddess herself is behind it all. If that's the case, that kitsune becomes very suspicious...

Luka: (There sure are a lot of contenders...) So what do we do about it? I know we're going north, but then what...

Ilias: There are many points around the world that are especially close to Heaven, one of which was nearby. However...

[Flashback of Ilias at the top of Iliasville Mountains]My angels... Those who serve me in Heaven... Can anyone hear me? ...  Angels, attend to me at once...  Seraphim Eden, come without delay... You'll be the first if you do.... Micaela, please come for me... I'll forgive you if you do, all right? Lucifina... Sigh, you're dead now... Why were you stubborn.. Did you really hate me that badly? *sniffles*[End of the flashback]

Ilias: I'm not crying...

Luka: Y-yeah...

Ilias: I need to get somewhere closer to Heaven where my voice heard is more likely to reach them. The Holy Mountain Amos in North Sentora would be ideal. Once we get there, I'll make another attempt to summon them, but we'll have to travel through heavily monster-infested lands first.

Luka: All right, that makes sense.

My main goal is searching for my father, but I can't leave the Goddess Ilias out to dry. I have to travel north anyway so I can collect information about my father on the way.

Luka: That reminds me, was that girl calling herself Alice really the Monster Lord?

Ilias: Yes, much to my delight, she is the current Monster Lord. seeing her look so pathetic made me feel a lot better about my own situation

Luka: Was she sealed the same way as you?

Ilias: No, I think she's affected by somthing else. She was blabbering about a rabbit doing something to her or something. A white rabbit leading Alice... That seems like something important... It's no use, something is screwing with my memory. I'm going to be limited until I can deal with that.

Sonya:... um I'm going to go pick herbs.

Ilias: Using the bathroom? Take your time.

Sonya: ...!

Ilias: While she's gone, I want to warn you, Luka. You shouldn't trust that girl.

Luka: Who? Sonya?

Ilias: As creator of the world, I know every living person in it. Even with my memory loss, I can remember every man and woman. So keeping that in mind... I don't know this Sonya person. In other words, she's someone who shouldn't exist. The girl Sonya does not belong in this world.

Luka: Umm, but... I've known her ever since I was a boy

Ilias: If i don't know her, she doesn't exist. We met one other person who fits that description too.. Nero, the black-clothed man we ran into this afternoon. I have no recollection of him either.

Luka: Then you must be remembering wrong...

Ilias: I don't think she's trying to deceive us though. It's possible she isn't even aware of it. Just what's going on with the world... I'm this world's Goddess. There shouldn't be things I don't understand...


Sonya: I'm back! ...hmm, is something wrong?

Luka: Could she be... Uhh no, nothing at all.

Ilias: Don't let your guard down, Luka. I'll be keeping an eye on her. Anyway, I think it's about time to sleep.


Sonya: Your cooking was as great as usual. Running an inn by yourself really paid off there. You won't have any problem finding a wife with skills like these...

Luka: Don't give up hope for finding a husband yourself yet, Sonya.

Sonya: tch..! So anyway... Your big adventure is finally here. I never thought you'd be some chosen hero trying to save the world.

Luka: It doesn't really feel real to me either.

Sonya: Hey Luka, you remember that time we got lost in the mountains? We were still kids and went off the trail...

[Flashback to Sonya in Iliasville Mountains]Sonya: Uuugh.. I think I'm lost... And surrounded by monsters...

Slime Girl: Ooh Ooh, a human girl! What do we do.. I have no idea what we're supposed to do/

Sonya: uugh.. Help me.. waaa!

Slime Girl: Come on, don't cry. What to do... This isn't good.. waaa waaa!

Luka: Sonya, are you okay!?

Sonya: Waaa!

Slime Girl: Waaaa... Waaa.....!

Luka: What happened here?[End Flashback]

Sonya; you came and found me before anyone else..

Luka: Oh yeah... What were you doing alone in the mountains anyway? I don't think I ever asked.

Sonya: I got lost following after you! you made it back to the village no problem.

Luka: Sorry.

Sonya: There's no need to apologise. It was my fault I got lost in the first place. Tonight reminded me of that night. Just the two of us alone, alone under the stars. Luka and I..

Ilias: And me...

Lime: Don't forget me.

Sonya: That's when i decided I'd accompany you. Letting you go off on an adventure alone would be rash and dangerous.


Ending Camp

Luka: It's still too early for me to sleep. Shall i practice my swings for awhile?

Ilias: Your swordmanship is rather appaling... I suppose that's not your fault since you never had proper instruction.

Luka: I taught myself since no one would help me. Even Uncle Lazarus wouldn't show me how to use a sword...

Sonya: He did teach me how to use a clubs though. His own technique was reckless so he didn't want to teach it to anyone else... That's what he told me anyway. That's what caused him to lose the use of his arm. I suppose he didn't want the guilt of causing the same thing to happen to you...

Ilias: Fine, it looks like I'll have to teach you. You should feel eminently lucky to learn from the Goddess herself.

Luka: Thank you so much... wait, you know how to use a sword?

Ilias:There's nothing a Goddess can't do. Here, hold your sword like this,

Luka: All right, thank you! teryaa! How was that?

Ilias: Well you're certainly no Micaela, but i suppose that's good enough for now.

Luka: So i have a new skill... I can feel already myself getting closer to my father.

Ilias: So you don't resent your father, I see. Quite the opposite, in fact. You actually hold him in high esteem...

Luka: Should i hate him because he left my mother and I? He did that to protect the world so it would be a safe place for us too. There definitely are people in the village that detest him for leaving us. but i'm proud of him.

Ilias: No, that's not what i meant. The Luka i know definitely hated his father. A Luka with a different past and this girl Sonya too... Why are there these discrepancies? I'm tired..

Luka: I can't begin to understand either... Oh well good night everyone!

Sonya: Goodnight

Lime: See you tomorrow

Grandeur Theater


Gadabout Actions

“Eh, my hands are free at the moment. Might as well do some cooking. And... that'll do it." Luka fries an egg in record time! (+1 Fried Egg)

“Hehehehe…" Luka giggles….

“Hiyaah!” Luka swings their weapon at random! (Skill: Flail Wildly)

“…...” Luka takes a peek at his party members' breasts...

“Booya!" Luka strikes a cool pose! But no one is looking.

“My blade is the bane of evil! ...Meh, that doesn't really sound right." Luka is practicing some cool lines!

“Ya!" Luka aimlessly flails their weapon around! (Enemy) gets hit by accident!

“Ya!" Luka is practicing swinging his weapon!

“Oh crap...! ...Ow!" Luka trips over nothing!

“Look guys, I found a big one!" Luka picks up a beetle. (+1 Beetle)

“Alright, let's do this!" Luka gets psyched up! (Luka’s attack power is increased for the next turn)

“Hehehe…" Luka grins like an idiot!

“The world shall be mine!" Luka makes a bold declaration! But no one is listening...

“...” Luka thinks naughty thoughts. (Luka gets horny)

“……“ Luka sends a flirtatious glance at (Enemy)! It was not effective against (Enemy)!

“……“ Luka sends a flirtatious glance at (Enemy)! (Enemy) has been seduced!

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