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Luka (ルカ Ruka?) is the main protagonist of Monster Girl Quest. He is a boy of undetermined age (although Alice mentions that he’s younger than 21), and he hails from Ilias Village. He is the current wielder of Angel Halo, a sword with the power to seal monsters. He is the son of Marcellus and the second Seraph Lucifina, the nephew of the first Seraph Micaela, the descendant of the legendary hero Heinrich (on Marcellus' side) and the princess of Remina Edina (on Marcellus' side), and in a loose sense the grandson of Goddess Ilias (on Lucifina's side), and at the end of the game, the husband of Alice and father of her expected twin son and daughter.


Luka’s most defining character traits are his optimism, hastiness, naivety, and lack of intelligence, usually needing Alice or others to explain every single detail to him or mindlessly rushing into a fight while being unaware of the whole story and the consequences his actions could bring. He believes in the possibility of coexistence with man and monster, and wants to see a world where they can live together peacefully. However, Luka has bursts of insight during key moments, showing he isn’t completely ignorant to the way the world around him works, such as acknowledging Alice as his traveling companion after discovering she was the Monster Lord and understanding her intentions, or when he persuaded Alice to give up her ideals of sacrifice and her trauma by using Alice’s words as well as his experience in traveling the world with her to justify his point.

Even though he is usually meek and easy-going, witnessing injustice, especially in the form of strong ones oppressing the weak, it ignites an extreme and sometimes destructive blind anger in him. For instance, he single-handedly defeated the entire armies, leaders and champions of the insects and plants of Plansect Village due to their civil oppression, when he nearly strangles Lupton (a ranking member of Ilias Kreuz) to death for lying about slashing hundreds of monsters at the Bird God Shrine, or when he threatened and attempts to kill Lazarus in Ilias Kreuz Base in Gold Port after Lazarus insults and berates Luka’s father.



Luka was born from a woman and a man, much like any other human. Not much is known from his early childhood, only that his parents moved to Ilias Village. This village, in the south of Ilias, was a very conservative place; strangers weren’t welcomed or treated well, as Luka and his family came to know.

Luka's father was named Marcellus and was a “hero,” the leader and founder of the extremist group Ilias Kreuz, driven to this extreme view by the fact that a woman he loved was killed by monsters on a quest to destroy the Monster Lord, a quest he participated in like many heroes before and after him. Luka's ideals are mostly a direct result of his father's extremism. His father was eventually killed by the monsters he killed himself, or so it was said.

Luka shared a much closer bond with his mother compared to his father; one could say he loved his mother as much as that he hated his father. A sweet woman, she tried to live with her husband and the animosity of the villagers. She always tried to keep Luka on the right path and turn him into a real hero, that, too, is a great pillar on which his ideals are built. But one day, his mother suffered from a deadly disease that the villagers refused to treat nor pray for, leaving his mother to die. But just before she died, she begged Luka to not feel angered by this and his father and to always follow the path of the true hero.

Soon after, another deadly plague spread through the village, killing off most of the inhabitants. This led to an increase in immigration, and all those newcomers made the people depend on them. The hostility towards newcomers faded away, just like the stench of newcomers on Luka; in one swipe, he had become one of the senior members of the village.

Chapter 1

Present and Meeting Alice

Luka has been happily living in Ilias Village for a while now. He is somewhere between 15 and 20 and training daily, because he has a dream: a dream about coexistence between man and monster. And he finally is able to get the baptism of Ilias that day: a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get blessed by the goddess that very day, something he had trained and waited for it for a long time. Even the goddess visits him in his sleep and tells him that he must become a true hero by defeating the Monster Lord, much like Heinrich, his idolized hero, who had actually slain a Monster Lord 500 years ago. But on that very day, something unfortunates happens: a Slime Girl attacks the village, making mayhem break out; not many monsters attack Ilias Village, for it’s heavily guarded. But instead of letting the guards take care of it, Luka charges towards the menace, ignoring his sweet neighbor Betty. However, if Luka decides to run off in the mayhem, Ilias will attempt to redirect him into fighting the monster, but if he runs off again Ilias punishes him and renders him unconscious, resulting a Game Over.

Luka at first tries to convince the Slime Girl to go away, but she insists on raping him, something that would violate Ilias’ commandments. Before the two engage, Ilias appears to Luka and tells him how to fight; however if Luka asks for help twice, Ilias will accidentally KO him (due to Luka not receiving any healing when Ilias explains receiving damage works for the second time), resulting a Game Over. Though the Slime Girl seems to have the advantage with a preemptive strike, dodging, and recovering from his attacks, he finally manages to beat her in the very uncontrolled fight by flailing wildly. Even so, he had beaten a monster, and for him that had been a very special occasion. Happy as he was by that, he walked into the forest, wanting to enjoy the great feeling of victory, but, of course, also to enjoy the nature. While walking through the forest, Luka thinks back about his dream of coexistence: 30 years ago there were scenes of coexistence, until a horrid event known as the Slaughter of Remina where it was believed monsters massacred all of its villagers, not leaving one survivor; Luka has to defeat the Monster Lord so coexistence will return. Suddenly, a huge impact shakes the forest and his eardrums, interrupting his monologue. Startled by it, he goes to find out what could make such a sound, which turns out to be a lamia monster girl lying in a crater. Luka has a mind-blowing dilemma in front of him: take care of the monster girl that lies there unconscious and have a chance on missing his baptism, or just go away from the forest to get baptized.

If Luka decides to leave the monster girl and pretend he didn’t see anything, she immediately wakes up once he departs. Unfortunately, he had missed Ilias’ baptism, but as he leaves the church, he suddenly wounds up back at the forest, with the monster girl pissed at him. Angered, she immediately unleashes her devastating onslaught of unavoidable magic and rape on Luka, thus ending his life and resulting a Game Over.

Luka’s soft heart leads him to his choice: he is going to take care of that strange-looking monster girl. As he inspects the monster girl, she immediately wakes up and asks Luka where she is and who he is; Luka can respond honestly, lie, or not respond. Lying results Luka saying that the monster girl is in heaven because she died and that Luka is a slime, however lying or not responding results the monster girl hypnotizing him into responding in an overly pathetic manner. Knowing that the monster girl is all right, Luka tries to leave for his baptism, but she stops him, states Ilias’ baptism is foolish, and asks him why he didn’t take advantage of her conscious state and kill her. Luka responds with his big dream of coexistence, something that she laughs off, hurting his feelings and making him act childish. The monster girl then releases Luka, but it already is too late; when Luka arrives at the temple, Ilias did not appear, practically denying him his baptism. Luka is shooed away by the priest and he returns to home, looking so bad even a traveler takes pity on him and mistakes him for being poisoned.

But in his house, there is a surprise waiting for him: the very same strange monster girl lies in wait. Luka then begins asking her who she is, how he found his house, why she came here, and even questions who he is. After all the questions, the monster girl hints to have been responsible for Ilias not appearing at his baptism, stating the goddess attacked her, something that Luka is too stupid to notice even though he gets the hint. The monster girl then rudely demands for food, something that Luka is forced to comply with (either willingly or unwillingly, the latter resulting the monster hypnotizing him and Luka nearly attempts to offer himself as food when he couldn't find anything in his kitchen due to cleaning it out for his journey, dismaying the monster and releasing the hypnosis), but is satisfied and positively compliments the proper seasonings on just dry meat. She then tells Luka that he is interesting for believing in coexistence and that she will follow him on his journey, which is made possible by her words. He can’t seem to understand her motivations for doing so, but he accepts her following him, knowing he couldn’t possibly stop her. Before the monster girl leaves his house, she reveals her name as Alipheese Fateburn, or Alice for short, to which Luka thinks odd of.

En Route to Iliasburg

After saying farewell to everybody, Luka leaves the village where his mother died and where he grew up. Outside of the village, he meets up with Alice again, who once again chastises him for having ridiculous thoughts of baptism and heroism. She then asks him where he intends to go, but is annoyed with almost everything on their continent named Ilias. Suddenly, their conversation is interrupted by a Slug Girl; Luka tries to turn to Alice for help, but can’t seem to find her as if she disappeared, and she has. Like the Slime Girl, Luka struggles in this fight; he can’t hurt the slug with his sword, so he eventually gives a rare display of his intelligence by taking out some salt and throwing it all out at the slug, causing her to flee.

Alice appears again, stating that she didn’t run away, but does not want other monsters to see her; she isn’t his companion nor ally, but a mere observer who will abandon him if he falters in battle. She then notes that Luka made a big mistake during the fight: he threw away all the salt, so she doesn’t see how he is going to season her food the right way any longer. But her worries aren’t correct, as in camp, he seasons her food in a way she enjoys, even without the salt. This makes her actually hand out a compliment for once, but the compliment is immediately followed by an insult. She calls his swordplay horrible, even though Luka states that he has learned it from combining techniques learned to him by travelers for five years, in exchange for a house to call their own for the duration of their stay. To improve his chances, Alice teaches Luka Demon Decapitation and SP. Luka is, and he will continue to be, grossed out by the cruel story behind the skill, but beggars can’t be choosers; Luka learns the skill and it will turn out to be a nice ally. Before they sleep, Alice notes Luka’s Keepsake Ring, sensing something faint from it, then they talk about their family and Alice’s motives where she ends up showing the 500 year old World Traveler guidebook that supposedly has information on sightseeing places and local delicacies.

The next morning, Ilias appears to Luka in his dream briefly to tell him that she will always be watching. After finishing breakfast, Luka prays to his goddess as it is a commandment, which Alice is disgusted of and is a contradiction to his goals. They then continue onto to Iliasburg, where Alice states its famed for its Sutherland Inn and its Ama-ama Dango, though nothing much happens until Luka runs into a gigantic plant in the middle of the road. He has a choice whether to yank it or not. Yanking it makes Luka fight the plant, a Mandragora, whose scream paralyzes him and renders him vulnerable to her fellatio until he finally resists the paralysis and attacks, causing her to flee; Alice comments that he really is nothing but a barbarian behind his mask of coexistence. Not yanking it will result in missing the fight, though Alice praises him and reveals that it was actually a monster but still insults him for being possibly barbaric.


Finally, when the sun is setting, Luka sees the large and imposing Iliasburg. Thinking that Iliasburg might be even worse in its anti-monster sentiment, he asks Alice if she can look like a human, causing her to reluctantly take on human form. They enter the city and Luka notices it's oddly quiet. The reason behind that appears in front of him: the powerful monster Granberia, one of the Four Heavenly Knights, here to take over Iliasburg. As Granberia declares the town hers and plots to move onto Ilias Village, Luka must decide whether to confront the Heavenly Knight or remain hidden.

If he chooses to cower, Granberia announces that she'll soon take over Iliasville. Luka is shortly spotted by the Heavenly Knight, who tells him that his action was a “wise choice” before leaving. From then on, he never encounters Alice ever again, and is forced to abandon his journey and return to his hometown, effectively resulting a Game Over.

If Luka decides to stand his ground against her, he approaches the Heavenly Knight. Granberia is slightly taken a back at this, although she treats Luka as a “warrior and not a boy” for wielding a sword at her. When Luka tries to pull a bit of his weight, Granberia easily trips him and commends him for his courage, but warns him that there won't be a second time. Her pity annoys Luka, which causes him to stand ground and ultimately decide to use Demon Decapitation. Shocked, Granberia recognises the technique and quickly evades. Knowing how unskilled Luka is with very little possibility of him coming up with the technique himself, she demands to know who taught him the skill. Luka refuses to comply, not particularly because he cares about Alice, but more for his own pride. Even after receiving a heavy blow, Luka still refuses. Before Granberia can finish him off, Alice appears and chides them both for their ignorance. The Heavenly Knight kneels to her, which surprises Luka. Alice questions Granberia’s actions, ultimately ordering her to leave. Luka assumes that Alice knows Granberia in some way, much to her annoyance.

Thinking that Luka and Alice drove off Granberia, the citizens treat him with much respect. They are then led to the Sutherland Inn, although it is too expensive for them. A self-proclaimed hero arrives and demands the hero’s rate, only to be shooed off for his cowardice with the Heavenly Knight. The Innkeeper notices Luka and Alice and agrees to give them the discounted rate, as heroes are defined for their actions whether or not they are baptized. Staying for the night, Alice happily munches on Ama-ama Dango and learns that the Inn needs more Happiness Honey to create more Ama-ama Dango, prompting them to head to Happiness Village. A semen-hungry Alice then “trains” Luka with a handjob.

The next morning, the two search for information before heading out. They then stumble upon Amira, who Luka is immediately annoyed with. She then explains about bandits attacking travelers in the city and pleads him to diffuse the problem.

Four Bandits

After Luka roots out the Four Bandits and forces them to apologize to the people of Iliasburg, the citizens decide to hire the bandits and actually accept them.

Happiness Village

Defeating a Bee Girl along the way, Luka arrives at the village. He spots a Harpy attacking a young male boy and intervenes, driving the Harpy off. He and Alice learn about the village's situation. Alice then convinces the women to stand up for themselves, and they all agree to head out for the nearby Harpy Village, where the males are being kept.

The plan is for Luka to defeat the Queen Harpy while the rest of the women wait for his signal. He is spotted by Harpy Twins and defeats them. He then meets the Queen and, when she refuses to return the kidnapped men, he fights and defeats her. However, the kidnapped men rush out to defend the Queen Harpy, who reveals that she ordered her clan to kidnap males as they were afraid of dying out. Confusion spreads all over the village as some harpies are revealed to be step-relatives of the humans.

At nightfall, the humans and monsters negotiate: the harpies will no longer forcefully kidnap humans while the humans provide mates, in return they must help Happiness Village with beekeeping and farming. The next morning, Luka decides to set off and continue his journey.


As Luka and Alice approach Enrika, the former is attacked by the village's dark elf guards. After he defeats them, he and Alice encounter a strange woman named Micaela. Micaela demonstrates that she knows about Luka's mother and father. However, she tells him to turn back. After leaving, Alice senses something amiss and is led to believe that Enrika is an isolated elf village.

En Route to Cave of Treasures

While travelling, Luka finds that the cave actually is far away from Iliasport, such that he has to spend the night in a camp. He comments that "if I knew it would take this long, I would have spent the night in Iliasport. I thought it would only take a few hours, but we're barely halfway there."

Cave of Treasures

Upon arriving in the cave, Alice shows her fear of ghosts for the first time, to much comedic effect.

Port Natalia

After leaving the ship, Luka arrives in Port Natalia. Here he finds a mermaid-run pub and a mermaid who serves questionable food from her stall (the latter selling an item needed for the Hero’s Proof side-quest). Luka also sees Lazarus, the leader of Ilias Kreuz, who has come here to bomb a mermaid school.

San Ilia

Luka and Alice go to San Ilia after leaving Port Natalia. Luka goes to the castle to meet the San Ilia King, expecting him to offer advice for his journey. Prior to this, the San Ilia King was told by Ilias in a dream that he would meet an unbaptised boy named Luka. The king welcomes Luka and tells him to meet three wise sages and complete their task to obtain the Goddess Sword. Alice steps in and shatters the sword, sending the king into a delusional state. She tells Luka to seek out the power of the Four Spirits instead. A guard rushes in and is told that the Monster Lord is attacking, causing him to increase the castle's security.

Afterwards, Granberia shows up and challenges Luka. He manages to repel her after showing off his new techniques.

Luka and Alice visit the Underground Library to retrieve a book on the Four Spirits. However, Luka has to fight against three book monsters—Page 17, Page 257 and Page 65537—who were previously sent by Alice to guard the book. He struggles against Page 65537 as she is immune to sealing. Fortunately, Alice has accidentally started a fire and this seals Page 65537 (who is weak to fire). Unfortunately, the guards notice the fire and rush in. Luka can tell them the truth of what happened, lie that Granberia was responsible, or play dumb. In all three cases, the guards try to put out the fire while Luka and Alice leave the library, the latter sneaking the book out with her.

Within the city, Luka acquires Sacred Anti-Ghost Water, notices a request coming from Port Natalia, and hears various rumors from the citizens about a Haunted Mansion. Additionally, Amira tells him that Sylph, the spirit of wind, lies within the Forest of Spirits.

Meia's Quest

Luka and Alice later return to Port Natalia to fulfil the quest of a mermaid called Meia, who wants someone to assist her in marrying her lover. To help them to fulfill her request, she lends them the Ball of Guidance, an artifact that allows a human to travel underwater.

Luka heads to the coast and descends into the Southern Seas. long the way, he is confronted by a Jellyfish Girl, a Sea Anemone Girl, and finally an Anglerfish Girl. He eventually arrives at the great temple that houses the Southern Seas' ruler, Kraken. However, when Luka tries to explain his intentions and lets slip that he's a "hero", Kraken immediately assumes that he wants to steal the Blue Orb and attacks. During the fight, Kraken is driven to use Aqua Pentagram, a barrier that stops all of Luka's attacks. However, Alice secretly uses Eye of Hypnosis to put Luka to sleep, causing him to use his hidden power and defeat Kraken. Kraken still refuses to give up the Blue Orb, so Luka explains his intentions. She agrees to the marriage, then slingshots Luka back to the surface as "compensation" for her hasty actions.

Haunted Mansion

Luka visits the mansion to investigate the rumours. He sees a small girl (Chrome) eying him from the upper floor. He enters the manor and fights various monsters: a Ghost Girl, a Cursed Doll and multiple Zombie Girls. During these events, he is separated from Alice due to her fear of ghosts. After Luka defeats the Zombie Girls, Chrome shows up, shocked at the turn of events.

Luka chases Chrome back to the foyer. The necromancer introduces herself and her ultimate creation: Frederika, the daughter of the mansion's former owner, and Luka concludes that all the rumours told in San Ilia are true. Chrome orders Frederika to attack Luka. During the fight, Frederika’s soul begs Luka to destroy her body, which he soon accomplishes.

However, the battle causes the floor to give in and the two fall into a small crypt where Chrome battles Luka. The fake hero eventually triumphs, and the necromancer flees. Luka gives chase and encounters Alice praying to escape the ghostly hellhole. After Luka tells her what happened, Alice pops open a coffin containing Chrome and slaps her for frightening her. Chrome agrees to stop her ways and is released. Afterwards, all the spirits whose bodies were used by Chrome appear and thank Luka, also causing Alice to faint.

As Luka leaves the Haunted Manor (dragging Alice with him), a strange woman wearing a labcoat appears to deliver supplies to Chrome. She sees that Chrome is defeated and leaves.

After clearing the Haunted Mansion, the ghosts there begin invading San Ilia and treat it as a haven for them.

Forest of Spirits

After Luka defeats the Chimera Dryad, the Fairies invade San Ilia and begin playing pranks on the citizens. As he sets off for the Safina region, Luka wonders if everything will be okay with undead souls and monsters invading a religious place.

En Route to Sabasa

While travelling through the Safina desert, Luka encounters various clothes and luggage lying around and shortly comes face-to-face with the Lamp Genie; he rubs her lamp and she pops out from it. She then prepares to grant one of Luka’s wishes while tempting him with lust.

If Luka chooses “Shake Off Temptation”, Luka quickly regains his senses, shakes his head and explains that he has no wishes, just one goal. Admiring Luka’s willpower, Lamp Genie uses Blessing of Power, giving Luka the same amount of experience for defeating her. Wishing well for his journey, she then retreats back into her lamp, and Luka takes it to prevent more victims to her cause.

If Luka chooses “Give in to Temptation”, Lamp Genie removes her pants. Just then, Luka draws his sword, realizing that it was a trick. Fighting her is optional but is required to complete the Monsterpedia.


Luka and Alice arrive at Sabasa and explore the city. They eventually make their way to the castle and speak to the king, who tells them that Sara has (in his view) been kidnapped. Luka agrees to rescue the princess. Afterwards, they head to an inn where Alice confronts Luka about his beliefs. Luka tells her about his past. Alice encourages him, then proceeds to rape him with her breasts.

They go to the Pyramid and encounter a female knight who introduces herself as Sara. Luka agrees to venture into the pyramid with her while Alice decides to wait outside. In the Pyramid, the two fight against the monsters, though Sara proves to be much weaker than Luka. Along the way, Sara reveals her backstory and her reasons for taking the Dragon Seal Trial. They meet Sphinx and successfully answer her questions, causing dragon markings to be engraved on their hands as proof of completion. Luka then asks about the missing princess, leading Sara to reveal that she is in fact the princess. Sphinx also decides to give Luka the Yellow Orb. With the trial over, Luka and Sara leave the Pyramid.

Back at Sabasa, the king thanks Luka for his actions and puts on a feast. During the festivities, the king brings Luka to the princess’s room, only to purposely break the door handle and lock them in. Sara then rewards Luka with a blowjob.

The next morning, the two part ways. Luka and Alice leave Sabasa.

Witch Hunt Village

Soon after Luka and Alice arrive, a female villager tries to warn them not to enter the village, but is interrupted by the arrival of two guards. The guards accuse Alice of being a witch and subject her to a test: drawing a knife across her hand that, supposedly, will not cut her if she is a witch (though the knife is actually a trick knife that cannot cut people). Alice uses her unique biology to create a cut on her hand, frightening the guards as they think that she's actually a witch. They speak to the villagers to gather more information, then Luka head to the mansion alone. He uses Sylph's power to blow off the guards' helmets, frightening them as they think he's a witch as well.

Luka enters the mansion and encounters Lily herself. She explains the truth behind the witch hunts and her intention to make him another subject, then escapes through a nearby door. Luka chases after her. He encounters Lily's victims: female villagers transformed into tentacle monsters (including Suck Vore, Worm Villager and Iron Maiden, and the male villagers being used as semen sources. He is forced to fight the former. Eventually, he catches up to Lily and succeeds in defeating her.

The captured villagers are freed and Lily herself is placed in prison. However, many of the villagers are dead. Furthermore, the female villagers still have their tentacle arms, though they are able to hide them from the others. Luka and Alice leave.

Chapter 2

Grand Noah

Luka and Alice visit the city and learn about how humans and monsters coexist here. Alice is interested in a tail ribbon in the tool shop, so Luka buys it for her. They go to the inn and Alice uses her hair and flowers to rape him.

The next morning, they watch an event in the Colosseum, during which they encounter the Grand Noah Queen. She leads them to her castle and convinces Luka to participate in the upcoming Queen’s Cup, for the sake of restoring the Colosseum's honor.

Luka fights various monsters including the Dullahan and Cerberus, then encounters Alma Elma in the finals. She teaches him how to better use the wind and then surrenders, causing Luka to win the Queen's Cup. The Grand Noah Queen rewards him with the Green Orb for his help.


The way to Yamatai Village involves trekking over mountains. The route ends up as a fairly risky affair with Alice literally rocketing off in the snow, leaving Luka waiting. As night falls and the temperature drops, Luka finds himself at risk, not only due to the freezing cold, but also due to the advances of a Yuki-onna. After defeating the Yuki-onna, Luka falls unconscious due to the cold, but is rescued by Alice who carries him to the other side of the mountain leading to their final approach to Yamatai Village.

In the village, Luka hears from the chief about the powerful lamia Yamata no Orochi, who demands a man be sacrificed to her each year. Alice and Tamamo pitch in along with the fake hero to help get rid of the issue.

They head out at night. Four of the male villagers attempt to stop Luka but are easily dealt with. Alice appears and informs Luka that Tamamo left him the Tamamo Ball, and that, like before, she will not assist him, leaving immediately afterwards. The chief then ferries Luka to the hideout of Yamata no Orochi. When Luka draws his sword, she decides to "play" with the sacrifice first. Luka barely holds out, only for the Tamamo Ball to transform into Tamamo, who helps him use Gnome's power more effectively. Tamamo then takes Angel Halo to seal Yamata no Orochi once and for all.

Plansect Village

Luka encounters two plants, Alra Arum and Alra Rooty, who are being cornered by a trio of insects. He saves the plants by defeating the insects. The two plants then take him to meet their leader Alra Priestess. After they give him a history of the war from their perspective, Luka agrees to help overthrow the Queen Bee despite Alice’s repeated warnings not to get involved.

But after Luka finally finishes the deed, the plants gleefully keep fighting, despite the insects' surrender. Alra Arum and Alra Rooty arrive and suck a Hornet Girl dry. When they refuse to stop, Luka turns his sword against them and seals them both. He goes on to singlehandedly fight and seal the plant army, up to and including Alra Priestess and the mercenary Canaan Sisters.

Undine's Spring

Luka and Alice arrive at the spring so that the former can make a contract with Undine. From within the spring, Erubetie calls out to discourage Luka from entering. He enters regardless.

Through the cave, Luka fights a group of slimes, starting with Jelly Girl, then Blob Girl, then the Green Slime, the Blue Slime, the Red Slime, and the Purple Slime, only to be met by Erubetie after he is found “invading their home”. Erubetie proceeds to attack Luka and almost kill him, only for Undine to come to his rescue. Erubetie decides to leave and let Undine deal with the human. Undine tests Luka by requesting that he use Sylph and Gnome at the same time. When Luka eventually succeeds, she grants him her power.


When Luka arrives at Grangold, he is confronted by Golem Girl and, mistakenly thinking she's attacking the city, defeats her. The soldiers arrest him.

Luka is released after a carrier pigeon from Ilias Village confirms his birth and parentage. Reuniting with Alice, the two of them explore the city and see how the humans here use the Ant Girls and various types of artificial monsters as slaves. Even the Grangold King is no exception, letting the Ant Girls handle government affairs and being more interested in hearing about Luka's adventures. Disappointed with the truth, Luka spends the night in the inn, refusing service from an Automata Girl but is "rewarded" with a blowjob from Alice.

The next morning, the Ant Girls and the artificial monsters suddenly start attacking the citizens. Still disappointed with the actions of the people in town, Luka has the option of leaving Grangold, letting the citizens reap what they sow, but he can return later to help.

If he decides to help, Luka defeats a Mud Golem Girl and then an Automata Girl, but then realizes that fighting the rampaging monsters at random will be meaningless, and decides to go straight for the castle, where Queen Ant was supposed to be sealed. He fights a trio of Ant Girls here to rescue the humans they've taken captive.

Alice appears and, wondering how the humans sealed Queen Ant, leads him to some hidden steps downward, where a magic engineer is trying to fix the machines. Alice hypnotizes her and forces her to reveal the truth: the technology of Grangold was given to them by Promestein, who wanted to test sealing powerful monsters so she could eventually seal the Monster Lord. Alice leaves.

Queen Ant soon appears, and refuses to stand down. Luka defeats her but before he can deal the sealing blow, Alice returns with the Grangold King. The Queen Ant recognizes the Monster Lord, but Alice quickly dismisses it as it is not important. The Grangold King apologizes and, with help from Luka and Alice, convinces the Queen Ant to stop fighting. As a result, Grangold truly becomes a city where humans and monsters coexist, and Luka and Alice move on.

Succubus Village

Luka and Alice arrive at Succubus Village. There, they meet a prostitute, two farmer sisters, a bunch of men here to get raped, an odd soothsayer, and the suspicious village chief. They head to the inn to wait overnight. Alice tells Luka the truth behind the Purple Sabbath. Luka wonders if Alma Elma might show up, but Alice doubts it. With her usual lack of concern, the Monster Lord leaves and Luka drifts off into sleep.

Luka wakes up after the Purple Sabbath has started. He rushes around the village, encountering several succubi who try to rape him. He defeats the prostitute Maccubus, the younger farmer girl Mincubus and the older farmer girl Lencubus. He arrives at the village chief's house and can either ask her about the current situation or directly confront her with her true identity.

If he asks her, she recognizes his lack of intelligence. If he confronts her, she reveals her true form. Either way, the succubus chief and the soothsayer reveal themselves to be senior succubi: Succubus and Succubus Witch. They also reveal that this Purple Sabbath is a special occasion, as they plan on reviving Lilith & Lilim, ancient succubus sisters from 500 years ago. The soothsayer exits while the succubus chief tries to extract Luka's semen for the ritual. Luka defeats the chief, then Succubus Witch, but the latter uses the remainder of her energy to revive Lilith & Lilim. They recognize the Angel Halo, the very thing that sealed them, and also realize that Luka is a descendant of Heinrich.

After resealing Lilith & Lilim, Luka tries to assist the fallen men. Alice reappears and uses her magic to revitalize them, also unintentionally unsealing the succubi. The lustful demons state they don't want to fight anymore; they're obviously no match for Luka. Their real plan was to create a haven for their own race (since human women dislike them out of envy and competition). Fortunately, the drained human men are touched by their story and agree to coexist as succubi and human livestock.

Lady's Village

Luka visits the village and is told by the inhabitants (including its leader Cassandra) that there is nothing wrong. However, Alice points out to him that there is, however, something suspect. She asks him if he had spotted something unusual. Luka either replies that it is filled with ladies (which is not the answer), that it will be his (to which Alice calls him insane), or the fact that there are no men.

Luka re-enters the village and the ladies drop their human disguises, revealing themselves to be monsters. He fights Madame Insect and then Madame Umbrella. Luka realizes the true nature of the village and heads to Cassandra's mansion. He defeats Scylla Maid and Cassandra's daughter Emily, after which Cassandra herself shows up. Cassandra shockingly consumes her own daughter, stating the world revolves around survival of the fittest and that she had no use for a "weak" and "stupid" daughter, and attacks. Luka barely manages to hold on until Alice intervenes. Cassandra reveals that both Alice and her late mother wish for coexistence between humans and monsters. Alice kills Cassandra by using her hypnosis to make Cassandra's body digest itself. Luka and Alice leave the mansion to find that the other villagers, having lost their leader, have abandoned the town.

If Luka decides to return, he and Alice will discuss the issue of human-eating monsters.

Blue Orb

To retrieve the Blue Orb, Luka returns to San Ilia. He speaks to Meia to borrow the Ball of Guidance again or (if her request was not previously done) purchases it from the mermaid merchant. He visits Kraken, who mistakenly thinks that she'd previously wedded him and Alice, much to the latter's chagrin. After apologizing, Kraken willingly gives them the orb and wishes them well on their journey. If Luka did not take Meia’s request and thus had never met Kraken, she refuses to hand over the orb. Alice appears and declares that it was an order from her. After thinking over it, Kraken agrees and says she expects much from the human the Monster Lord believes in.

Northern Seas

The Silver Orb is held by Poseidoness, queen of the Northern Seas. Luka travels to the Northern Seas and encounters and defeats a Dagon. He eventually reaches the Northern Sea Temple and meets Poseidoness. The powerful monster accuses him of a thief and attacks him. After a fight, Poseidoness stops and reveals that she was actually testing him, having already been told of him by Kraken. She hands over the Silver Orb.

Gold Port

Luka can exchange the lamp he received from the Lamp Genie to the Tool Shop Owner to obtain the Lottery Ticket, a required item for the Hero’s Proof.

Obtaining the Purple Orb

Luka and Alice return to Gold Port and encounter a strange woman named Selena, who claims to be the granddaughter of the famous pirate captain Selene. Selena asks them to accompany her on a quest to revisit Selene's lost ship. They ride Selena's ship (during which they learn that she is a pirate like her grandmother) and arrive at the Ghost Ship.

Luka fights and defeats a Starfish Girl, then heads inside the ship. Selene tells him that the Calamity Box is in the captain's cabin, reveals that it housed a monster, and tells him he must stop it before mysteriously vanishing. Luka drags Alice (who is frightened, though he doesn't know why) to the cabin and finds three powerful fly monsters, the Beelzebubs, waiting for him. Luka fights them first while Alice recovers from her fear. When he defeats the first Beelzebub, the remaining two decide to fight seriously. Alice then steps in and fights alongside Luka, and kills the other two monsters.

With the issue dealt with, Luka claims the Purple Orb and leaves the ship. Selene reveals her true identity as the ghost of Selene (the reason why Alice was frightened earlier) and thanks him, then she and her crew vanish. The ship they came on magically sails back to Gold Port on its own, as if it were controlled by Selene's invisible power.

Fairy's Island

Luka hears from a Sabasa soldier that Sara has been kidnapped again, so he rushes to Sabasa Castle to ask the Sabasa King about this. The king informs Luka that his daughter has been genuinely kidnapped this time. The culprits are the elves and fairies of Fairy's Island. The king sends Luka out there by himself (as soldiers would simply get in the way and Alice once again refuses to take part).

Shortly after arriving, Luka fights off an attacking Trick Fairy. He then meets the Queen Fairy and Queen Elf, who have indeed taken Sara hostage. They reveal that they plan to retake Sabasa (which was once their territory) by turning its princess into a monster and then sending her to do the same to the rest of Sabasa’s nobility. Sara tries to reason with them, but to no avail.

Queen Fairy then distracts Luka while Queen Elf begins the ritual. Luka seals Queen Fairy and then defeats Queen Elf. However, the ritual succeeds and Sara becomes a queen-class succubus; her monster blood, inherited from Sphinx, has awoken.

Luka fights and defeats Sara’s succubus form. Afterwards, Queen Elf seems ready to listen, until she holds up a dagger to Sara’s neck. Suddenly, Granberia intervenes and attempts to execute the Queen Elf for possible rebellion against the Monster Lord, but is stopped by Sara, saying that the Monster Lord would disapprove of her subordinates killing each other. Queen Elf assures her allegiance to the Monster Lord and Granberia replies that she is working to alleviate their problems. Sara and Luka also agree to find a conclusion for the elves and fairies to coexist with humanity, and Queen Elf finally looks forward to it. Before she departs, she reports to Granberia about Black Alice, a character believed to be leading a rebellion against the Monster Lord. After Luka and Granberia exchange words about how far they’ve come, Granberia attempts to teleport, only for Sara to accidentally bump into her and be taken away.

Luka returns to Sabasa and can either lie or tell the truth to the king. If he chooses to lie, he states that Granberia showed up and kidnapped Sara. If he chooses to be honest, he states that Sara jumped on Granberia and was accidentally warped. Regardless of how Luka answers, the Sabasa King knows that Granberia won’t bring any harm to his daughter. He has also been aware of Sara’s true feelings for Granberia all this time and does not mind the next generation of Sabasa not being ruled by her. Luka vows to return Sara in one piece, but the King requests to let her do as she pleases.


Alice is curious about the events of the Slaughter of Remina, and has Luka travel there with her. At the barren city, they find remains of both humans and monsters.

Suddenly, a Chimera Beast shows up and attacks them, followed by a second and then hundreds more. Alice and Luka fight against the beasts, becoming separated in the process. Wondering what is going on, Luka heads deeper into the ruined city while searching for Alice, passing by many chimera corpses slain by her. He spots Promestein, who quickly disappears. He wonders if she is a survivor of the Slaughter of Remina, then realizes that she may have been involved with the destruction.

A Chimera Dryad Vore attacks, and Luka manages to seal it after a long fight. He discovers a feather and reunites with a bloodied Alice. Alice identifies the feather as that of an angel. She tells him it is time to leave, as staying around won’t give them answers to their questions.

Sealed Sinner's Prison

Luka feels that something in the prison is calling out to him. He and Alice head there, being attacked by a Vampire and a Behemoth along the way.

Upon entering the prison, Sylph is unexpectedly in a good mood as the place smells like her former master. They then notice the inscription on the monument: Heinrich Hein. This leaves them to wonder what truly happened to him, as according to legend, Ilias brought him to heaven. Their only conclusion was that he rebelled against her. Luka is in complete disbelief, but Alice tells him that standing around won’t bring any answers. As they leave, the Angel Halo suddenly shines with light then fades, seemingly reacting to some form of presence in the prison.

Monster Lord's Castle

After Alice teaches Luka Quadruple Giga, the two reach the Castle. They part ways, with Alice admonishing Luka to fulfill a hero’s duty, however painful it may be.

Luka encounters and defeats an Elder Succubus, then Tamamo's aide Yao. A little later, he senses a horrible presence approaching; he steels himself, only to encounter a weak Imp. He defeats her and moves on to discover the true source of the horrible presence: Giganto Weapon, a biological weapon from the war between monsters and angels a thousand years earlier. Luka damages Giganto Weapon to the point that it uses its auto-repair ability; Salamander chimes in and teaches Luka to use Vaporizing Rebellion Sword, allowing him to finish off the bioweapon. Luka then thinks about the similarity between this and the Chimera he’s already fought; why are they so similar?

Finally, he approaches the Four Heavenly Knights. They all greet him with varying levels of friendliness, and when he asks them to step down for the final time, they refuse, and Luka must convince them with his strength. He defeats Alma Elma, Tamamo, Erubetie, and Granberia. They all give their pledge to coexistence (grudgingly in Erubetie’s case), finally completing Luka’s goal once and for all.

However, Alice’s voice rings out, congratulating the hero on his progress and inviting him to face her. Dumbfounded, Luka runs in to confront her in the next room, ignoring Tamamo’s warning. Alice greets him as the 16th Monster Lord as if they’ve never met. Luka thinks it’s a joke until Alice reminds him that it is his duty to slay the Monster Lord. He realizes that she’s trying to sacrifice herself for peace, just as her mother did. Alice orders him to take up his sword and attacks. After being reduced to a sliver of health, she asks him to finish the job.

If Luka kills her, Goddess Ilias appears to congratulate the Hero She tells him to claim the treasure chest within the room, as it is his right. Inside, he finds the ribbon he gave to Alice, and Ilias then takes him up to heaven to rape him for all eternity.

If Luka spares her, he explains that killing the Monster Lord would be against his ideals as he wants to save lives, not take them. He says that if she died, an age of peace will not come; rather, humanity will oppress the monsters in a frightening turn of events. Luka likens this to their experience in Plansect Village. Alice, however, wants to make sure her mother didn’t die in vain (“But if I don’t fall here… my…my mother would truly have died for nothing…”), to which Luka replies that her mother’s method of achieving peace was wrong—a tiny, infant Alice easily shattered the fragile illusion of peace that her mother had created. Luka then promises that they’ll travel the world together again when everlasting peace is at last achieved.

However, Ilias descends, disappointed. Luka tries to reason with her, eventually turning against her as she is the one who is preventing coexistence. Avoiding divine punishment, she announces that the castle will be a “Second Remina”, and disappears.

Erubetie comes in and alerts them that angels and chimeras have begun to lay siege to the castle; the two run out and confront them. The angel Promestein appears, revealing herself to be the mastermind behind the chimeras’ creation and the leader of this attack. Moreover, the Next Dolls—artificial monsters designed to counter the Four Heavenly Knights—appear and demonstrate their power by defeating two of the Knights. Luka tries to attack Promestein, but she avoids it with Zylphe and reveals that she's studied and mass produced artificial spirits. Alice tells him that he isn’t alone in this fight, and together they charge into the fray.

Chapter 3

Return to Remina

Luka chases after Promestein and suspects she retreated to Remina. There, he meets a strange girl who reveals to him a hidden passage before mysteriously vanishing. The passage leads to a hidden laboratory filled with advanced technology and bizarre chimeras. Most of the chimeras are too afraid to attack him, with the exception of Experimental Organism S-2 and Experimental Organism A-3. He also discovers traces of destruction across the lab, but finds it odd that they only come up to his waist.

Deeper in the lab, Luka encounters Promestein as well as Alice in a younger-looking body. Promestein transforms into a seaweed-like monster and attacks the two. Luka and Alice aren't doing so well in the fight until, at the brink of death, Luka somehow engages Serene Mind on his own. This allows him to evade Promestein's attacks and defeat her, much to her shock.

The defeated Promestein refuses to tell Alice how to undo the seal put on her and then attempts to inject herself with a dark, eerie drug, but is stopped by the strange girl from earlier. She tells Promestein it is too early to use the White Rabbit and teleports her away, then reveals to Luka and Alice that she is the infamous (and supposedly dead) Black Alice. Before leaving, she also tells them about Ilias's forces attacking the whole world.

Luka and Alice search the laboratory and discover silver discs containing data with some sort of code, but there are too many and deciphering them would take a lot of time. Tamamo then crashes through the roof, and reports that Ilias's forces are already attacking, with Luka's hometown of Ilias Village among the targets. Horrified, Luka and Alice immediately leave on Galda, ignoring Tamamo's warning.

Return to Enrika

Luka and Alice return to Enrika, now under siege by Ilias' wrathful angelic and chimera army. They help the elf defenders to repulse some of the invaders. Micaela arrives, and her aura causes the remaining invaders to retreat. Micaela reveals that she transported the majority of the villagers from Ilias Village to Enrika, and also reveals her true identity and the purpose of the village. Luka meets a wide variety of elves who serve as warriors, archers, medics and merchants and learns that the town is mostly comprised of elves.

Return to Port Natalia

Luka returns to Port Natalia to find that it's being attacked by mermaids led by Laura, the Queen Mermaid, and her daughter El. He fights Mermaid, Mermaid General, El and finally Laura herself. After defeating the last of these, a nearby warehouse collapses and fatally injures a young boy. The injury could be healed using mermaid's blood. Laura herself refuses to help, but she decides to let her daughter choose whether or not to help, and El chooses to give the boy her blood. Laura retreats, along with her forces.

Return to Sabasa

Luka returns to Sabasa to find that it's being attacked by vampires. He defeats the vampire leaders—Carmilla, Elizabeth and Queen Vampire—and so liberates the city. The king thanks them and notes that, while he'd like to throw a feast for them, now is not the best situation.

Return to Witch Hunt Village

Luka returns to Witch Hunt Village to find it being attacked by artificial monsters under the command of Lucia (one of Lily's former experimental subjects). The female villagers reveal their tentacles and fight against Lucia's forces. Luka defeats Chimera Homunculus and Iron Maiden v2, then defears Lucia herself. He defeats her and tries to convince her to change her ways. Lucia is reluctant to trust humans again, telling Luka to fight for her share and then leaving.

Return to Grangold

Luka eventually arrives at Grangold and assists in fighting against the spiders who have invaded it. Eventually, he manages to reach and defeat the Spider Princess, halting her ambitious goal and causing her minions to flee.

Return to Succubus Village

Luka returns to the village to find it being attacked by a succubus named Eva, one of many monsters empowered by Black Alice. Eva has set up the Great Barrier of Babylon, a high-level barrier that elevates humans to maximum sexual excitement to extract large amounts of semen. Luka defeats Naccubus (another succubus empowered by Black Alice) and three Imps (who are unrelated), followed by Eva. Although he defeats the one responsible, the Great Barrier of Babylon remains in place; causing Alice to theorize that the barrier is self-sustaining and can only be stopped if it was to lose its power. It is only the efforts of the Unfortunate Monsters—Amira, Pyhar, Diamrem, and Garfunkel—that cause the barrier to cease function and return the town's state to normal.

Return to Sealed Sinner's Prison

Luka and Alice go to the prison to copy data of the holy seal. Black Alice appears, intending to toy with Luka while Alice copies the data. After a brief battle, Chamaeru, Granaeru, Runael, and several Veteran Angel Soldiers appear, having been sent by Seraph Eden to deal with Luka. The angels accuse Black Alice of interfering with Ilias's plan, prompting the 8th Monster Lord to leave. Suddenly, Heinrich's soul appears and possesses Luka's body, possibly released by Alice's interference with the seal. Heinrich swiftly defeats the angels one-by-one, demonstrating his own techniques: Quad Spirit Summon, Element Spica, and Quadruple Giga. However, once all the angels are dealt with, Heinrich's soul has worn himself out and fades away. Alice reminds Luka of their objective and that she has completed it, and the duo make haste back to the Monster Lord's Castle.



Initially the relationship between Alice and Luka started out a little rough due to Alice's conditions of refusing to help Luka during their travel, but came to understood that once he learned Alice's true identity. They eventually became good traveling companions, though they butt heads over many different things: Alice is interested by Luka's dream of coexistence and wants to see how it fares against the real world, but also likes to insult Luka and call him an idiot or "fake hero" when he acts stupid and dislikes Luka taking on "pointless" sidequests; Luka on the other hand, appreciates her assistance and advice, but criticizes her gluttony and willful personality and misses no opportunity to point out when she is doing something childish and out of character, such as playing in the snow as well as accepting candy from strangers (one of them being a lolicon, when Alice was sealed into a younger body at the time). Despite Alice saying she will not help Luka, she teaches him Cursed Sword skills and informs him of the Four Spirits to help him improve in combat, directly fights alongside him when she has to pass judgment as the Monster Lord, and comforts him and gives him advice when he comes face to face with personal issues. Alice also routinely has sexual contact with Luka for his semen, though as their travels go the reasons for initiating sex also branch into jealousy and eventually love, especially when Alice strips both of their virginities.

Despite Ilias' commands to kill the Monster Lord, Luka is at reluctant to carry out such an order and gradually falls in love with Alice as well. Upon realizing that Alice taught him the Cursed Sword skills and Quadruple Giga solely to create a hero to kill her to achieve coexistence, Luka refuses, reminding Alice that self-sacrifice is not the path to coexistence.

Once Luka stops Alice from her path of self-sacrifice, along with Ilias then assaulting the Monster Lord and her subordinates, Alice's personality drastically changes. She interacts with Luka more positively than she did previously, willing to help and directly fight alongside him against their enemies while declaring the two as allies, and is gravely concerned about his deteriorating health due to overuse of his holy power. However, her jealousy is also more noticeable, as shown when she vents onto the landscape when Luka has sex with each of the Four Spirits, but despite this she has no objections, knowing how important it is for him to re-establish his contract with the spirits. During the final stages of the war, Alice becomes perhaps the most important ally to Luka, her presence giving him the encouragement to defeat Seraph Eden, Promestein, Black Alice, and Ilias, along with Alice promising to shield Luka during the final battle with her own physical body, and the two using their combined power to empower Quadruple Giga and put an end to Ilias, which is said in Amira's world-wide selling book to be a symbol of their love. One final show of Alice's deep and loving care for Luka is that she stays next to the bedridden, coma-induced hero for a full month, putting love before duties which is left to her subordinates.

At the end of the game, Luka and Alice become a wedded couple. In their vows, Luka thanks Alice for her help and making him who he is now, giving him the strength and courage to overcome his foes; Alice likewise expresses gratitude for saving her from regrets and self-sacrifice, and with him she can overcome any difficulty. Alice is eager to get impregnated by her husband immediately after the pact and relentlessly initiates sex for three straight days and nights, despite Luka's initial objects of their love going way too fast, and are expecting a twin son and daughter. With Ilias finally gone and coexistence has truly come to light, the fake hero and monster lord travel the world once again as they work together to maintain that peace for their children.

Goddess Ilias

Ilias acts as Luka’s guide throughout the game whenever he is defeated and the player asks for an evaluation, or in certain storyline events. At the beginning of Chapter 1, Ilias teaches Luka (and indirectly, the player) how to fight. Her subsequent appearances involve telling Luka in his dreams to “defeat the Monster Lord”.

While Luka’s initial faith in Ilias is somewhat strong, he does many actions against Ilias’s will (most notably his dreams of coexistence between man and monster), which accumulate and ultimately lead to the relationship between Ilias and Luka being severed at the end of Chapter 2. In addition, the fact that he can see fairies (said to be invisible to those with a strong faith in Ilias) is proof that his faith in her is actually very poor, or at least was already wavering by the time he entered the Forest of Spirits.

During the first two chapters, Luka gradually starts to break all of Ilias’s commandments (or at least the four commandments that are mentioned) by starting to neglect his prayers, letting Alice rape him several times, and eventually rebelling and pointing his sword against her once he realizes she is the true obstacle to coexistence. In spite of this, she keeps up her benevolent façade until he explicitly denies her, refuses to finish off the Monster Lord, and deems her the true obstacle of coexistence.

At the end of Chapter 2, Ilias reveals that she believed Luka could change her beliefs of humanity’s faults, being her “first failed creations”, but it’s quite clear she was wrong about him after he rebelled. However, when Luka confronts Ilias for the final battle, she reveals that everything that happened, from “guiding” him to his rebellion against her, was all part of her plan, using him as a pawn to complete her true goal of gaining Alice I's dark power.

Once Ilias is stopped, however, the last (and only) beneficial thing she does for Luka is curing the erosion of his body, having wanted to do something befitting of a goddess for once in her life.

Four Heavenly Knights

Luka often interacts with the Four Heavenly Knights, who all have different opinions of him.

  • Granberia: Although she praised him as a swordsman, she initially viewed him as a mere "hero" that needed to be crushed. However, when she discovered that Alice taught him Cursed Sword skills, Granberia saw potential in Luka’s and frequently sparred against him to see it grow. By the time he acquired all the Four Spirits, she saw him as a worthy opponent and greatly respected Luka after he finally managed to defeat her.
  • Tamamo: When they first met, Tamamo (perhaps jokingly) saw Luka as a potential husband, to Luka's dismay. Despite this playful demeanor, she entrusted Luka to look after Alice and also mentored him on using the earth element properly. After he defeated Tamamo, she came to greatly respect his growth and then tries to look after his well being, though he often ignores her and blindly rushes into danger. She also oversaw Luka's and Alice's marriage, testing Luka's ability to resist temptation and approved the marriage once he passed.
  • Alma Elma: She always saw him as nothing but a mere sex toy and often tried to seduce him. She was also very whimsical during their battles, such as giving herself handicaps and nonchalantly surrendering, but respected their fights and his request to go all out during their fight in the Monster Lord’s Castle.
  • Erubetie: Because of her hatred towards humans, Erubetie hated the hell out of Luka; she outright tried to kill him on their first encounter. Though Luka tried to reason with her during their fight in the Monster Lord’s Castle, Erubetie refused to listen but eventually realized that attempting to kill him if it meant killing herself was meaningless. However, Luka managed to get her to soften after explaining her wrongdoings when Slime Bess betrayed her and saving her life from Amphisbaena. By then, Erubetie becomes less hostile; she offered him jelly, invited him into her room to relax, and shows great intimacy in her final rape scene.

Four Spirits

Despite joining him on his adventure, the Four Spirits do not interact with Luka as much as Alice does. However, they all try to aid Luka and help him improve his ability when using their powers, and all of them have tested Luka's worthiness. Overall, the Four Spirits seem quite pleased with his growth and are satisfied with their journey with him. Luka also has sex with all of them once (only to restore the power that Promestein drained from them).

  • Sylph: She finds Luka's motives intriguing and somewhat helps him use her power. Luka is concerned for her welfare when the other spirits attack her. By the end of their journey, she is very satisfied on the exciting experience of their journey, being the first spirit to join him and also the first spirit to part ways with him.
  • Gnome: Due to her constant silence, Gnome's relationship with Luka is very vague. However, at the end of their journey, she feels that their adventure was fun because they've been together.
  • Undine: She despises humans, but not to the same level as Erubetie, seeing some potential in him when he recruited Sylph and Gnome. She advises him how to utilize the power of wind and earth together, and seems impressed when Luka quickly mastered water in a short amount of time. At the end of their journey, Undine is pleased with Luka changing her and Erubetie's opinions of humans.
  • Salamander: Acting as a mentor, she taught Luka the principles of water and fire, and is satisfied with his growth. However, she tries to divert Luka from following Heinrich's recklessness, and is quite unhappy when he tries to do so throughout Chapter 3 and the final fight with Ilias.


The “unfortunate lamia” who claims to be infatuated with Luka after he supposedly chases away Granberia in Iliasburg. When the two first meet, Luka is annoyed at her appearance and attempts to kill her, only to be stopped by Alice. Despite her unusual appearance or blatant lies, she provides very helpful information to Luka and Alice, and assists them by finding out where the Four Spirits and the Six Orbs were located during Chapter 1 and 2, along with averting the crisis with her “unfortunate” friends in Succubus Village in Chapter 3.

At the end of the game, Amira no longer proclaims her love for him and had created a world-wide selling book that overdramatically details his adventures and, under Tamamo's order, the marriage between him and Alice which had yet to happen. Though Luka is a bit bewildered upon acquiring the book, he doesn't mind how "silly" it is as it still brings out the message of coexistence.


Due to his bloodline as a descendant of the legendary Heinrich and the angel Seraph Lucifina, Luka inherited their powers and abilities, having a tremendous aptitude for the Cursed Sword style (able to combat Granberia, an undisputed master of the style, on relatively even terms with comparatively little training time), and the Four Spirits from his ancestor while possessing all his mother's angelic skills and the abnormal regeneration ability said to be a Fallen Angel technique. Luka also quickly gains power far beyond that of a regular human, giving him the ability to defeat all sorts of monsters once he accumulates enough power. Luka is also a very quick learner, as it doesn't take very long for him to master the skills taught to him and eventually can perfect any skill right off the bat the moment he is informed about it, even mastering the power of water in a relatively short time when Heinrich was said to have taken a year to do so. However, his mastery of the Spirits falls short of Heinrich's, according to Heinrich himself.

As the game progresses, Luka slowly learns Cursed Sword skills, masters the Four Spirits one-by-one, and mysteriously taps into his abnormal regeneration ability. However, his angelic powers remain entirely sealed by his mother's Keepsake Ring, unless he's threatened while asleep, though this only happens twice in Chapter 1. The angelic power comes on full display when the ring shatters in Chapter 3. However, Luka is warned not to rely on his angelic powers too much as it will eventually consume and erode his human body, but he ignores the warning.

However, like all humans, Luka becomes submissive when the monster manages to make him ejaculate and proceeds to rape him: this phenomenon is referred to at some points of the game as Critical Ecstasy. In almost all the rape scenes, the monster at least once claims Luka as the “most pathetic” compared to other men she had raped.

Outside of combat, Luka also has highly refined skills in the culinary arts, which he learned in preparation for his journey. Although Luka is only seen cooking for himself and Alice, she often compliments and highly praises his culinary skills despite her initial disappointment on his first two presentations (dried meat and unsalted bread with omelette).


  • Luka trying to become a martyr was foreshadowed when he was annoyed with Granberia’s pity, monologuing that he would rather have died instead.
  • Oddly enough, many monsters throughout the series have commented on Luka’s genes being of high quality, and how desirable his genes were. This is further proven when Alice and a few monsters, when they taste Luka’s semen, describe it to have a unique taste they could get used to. This could be a foreshadowing of his hidden lineage as an angel (and, as told in Paradox, as a royal). Also, every time that a monster tries to rape him, he reacts stating that he might be defective or sensitive. Which is probably why he has early climaxes. This might be why the monsters state him the most pathetic.
  • Said Q&A also confirms that his hybrid power is greater than this, but that the corrosion from his holy power would burn him out.
  • In all the images with Luka using an elemental attack, the Iron Sword is in place of the Angel Halo. This is likely due to the Angel Halo’s grotesque, deterring appearance, or a homage to the RPG cliché of always showing the same weapon on the character’s sprite.
  • Luka is suggested to be between 15 and 20 years old given that his mother died 10 years before, Alice states he is younger than her (21), and how he is depicted in the flashbacks. The baptism for heroes is also a coming of age ceremony. Despite actual age or appearance, Luka is of the age to be considered an adult in his society.
  • In Judeo-Christian Religion, the progeny of a fallen angel and a human are called Nephil (singular) or Nephilim (plural).
  • In Genesis, Nephilim were called "heroes".
  • According to Paradox, Luka`s birthday is on 1st of May.
  • According to the Q&A, his cooking skills come from his father, as they held an inn before he disappeared. However, this info conflicts in Paradox as Ilias then says that she recognizes Lucifina's cooking skills when she camps with Luka.
  • Throughout the game, whenever Luka fights alongside or against a human, he utterly overpowers them, even in the earlier stages of his journey.
  • However, at the beginning of his adventures, he would have roughly been on the same level as an imp.
  • According to Torotoro's Q&A, he passed the peak of ordinary humans after the Ilias Continent.

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