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Lucifina as a companion in Paradox. Not quite the real deal...


On the Ilias route, Lucifina is resurrected by Eden and Ilias in the Hall of Creation as the latter two realize they will need all the help they can get. However, because of their weakened power, they only revive a weakened version of Lucifina.

She, Micaela-chan and Eden appear in the Collaboration Scenario to help out Luka and Ilias against the Succubus Prison Trio and the Cursed Sword Sisters. She also participates in a battle royal during Myusca's trial in Finoa and volunteered to be partner with Luka to have sex and clear the trial. However the winner ended up being Ilias herself.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Lucifina-chan: “What are we destroying? Hey, what are we destroying next?”

With Ilias:

Lucifina-chan: “Ilias! Let's play! ♪”

Ilias: “It's good to enjoy yourself, but... Like your older sister Micaela, you need to study.”

Lucifina-chan: “............”

Ilias: “I-I understand... The rebellion...I can't let her rebel...”

With Micaela-chan:

Lucifina-chan: “Let's play, big sis! ♪”

Micaela-chan: “I'm busy reading the Gospels of Seria right now. You should study a little, Lucifina-chan...”

Lucifina-chan: “............”

Micaela-chan: “...I guess it can't be helped. In that case, let's play together.”

Lucifina-chan: “......♪”

With Ocean:

Lucifina-chan: “A manta ray! It's sooo big!”

Ocean: “Fufufu, that's right! I'm the king of the sea!”

Lucifina-chan: “Can I climb on your back...?”

Ocean: “Hey stop, you can't do that...”

Lucifina-chan: “Your back is slimy... ...Gyah! I slipped!”

Ocean: “That's what I tried to tell you...”

With Horn:

Lucifina-chan: “Wow! What a big horn!”

Horn: “Fufu, it's great isn't it? This big horn is my pride.”

Lucifina-chan: “I want to have a big horn too! Then I can skewer all of the Goddess' enemies! ♪”

Horn: “Don't say horrible things like that...”

With Uranus:

Lucifina-chan: “Wow, the Holy Beast! Hey hey, can I ride on your back?”

Uranus: “Umm, that's fine...”

Lucifina-chan: “It's kinda slimy...”

Uranus: “That's because it is a structure for taking prey into my lower body... ...I'm sorry.”

With Alciel

Lucifina-chan: “You're so big, Alciel! I wonder if I can grow that big...?”

Alciel: “I don't know if you're going to get bigger... Lucifina-chan should be a much greater angel than myself.”

Lucifina-chan: “I wanna grow bigger! I wanna grow bigger!”

Alciel: “...Do you want to be amalgamated?”

Lucifina-chan: “I don't want that!”

Alciel: “Is that so...”

With Eden:

Eden: “Lucifina-chan... Who do you like the most...?”

Lucifina-chan: “That's Ilias, of course. ♪“

Eden: “Right, of course it would be her... So who would be your second favorite...?”

Lucifina-chan: “Luka!”

Eden: “No way, then your third is...”

Lucifina-chan: “Big sis Eden!”

Eden: “Ah...Aaaaah!”


Lucifina-chan: Hey, hey.... Is it cold in there? Is it dark? 

Grandeur Theater


Playful Actions

1st Action:

Lucifina-chan: “Lalalaaa♪“

Lucifina-chan is dancing a cheerful dance!

...But nothing happened.

[Nothing happens]

2nd Action:

Lucifina-chan: “I am the Star of Morning, the child of dawn... The star thrown to the Earth shall obtain victory...”

Lucifina-chan is practicing her catchphrase...

[Nothing happens]

3rd Action:

Lucifina-chan: “............”

Lucifina-chan is thinking evil thoughts...

[Nothing happens]

4th Action:

Lucifina-chan: “Bzzzzt!!”

[Random enemy takes Lightning damage]

5th Action:

Lucifina-chan: “Ah, a beetle!”

Lucifina-chan presents a gift!

[+1 Beetle]

Additional Skills


At Oasis of Blessings

  • Dexterity +40% - Job Ability
  • Magic +40% - Magic Ability


  • Morning Star - Holy Skill (Holy 1000% ^ Dex, Will), Target: All Foes, Effect: +2000 Speed, Physical Counter, Ignore Def, Auto Hit

Exclusive Equipment

Name Item type Stats Effects Location
Labyrinth of Chaos
Nuclear Daystar Weapon (Chaos) LoC Legendary Holy/Dark Strike

Fire/Holy/Dark/Nuclear Booster 200%

Bow/White Magic/Black Magic/Holy/Dark Booster 200%

Skill use: Holy/Dark

Holy attacks inflict Nuclear damage

Bow + Rod Property

Nullify Time Stop

Labyrinth of Chaos Legendary Weapon