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Lucifina (ルシフィナ) is a fallen angel and sister of Micaela (ミカエラ) from Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.

Character Profile

One of the two very first created angels. As an angel who slaughtered largest number of monsters, her alias “Daystar” has become a horror among not only monsters, but also angels. It is said that since she slaughtered too many monsters, her soul was corrupted by blood and darkness, which lead to her fall. She is not included in the Seven Archangels since she has fallen, yet her skill and strength is equal to that of Micaela, the leader of Seven Archangels.

(Updated profile from ToroToro's blog April 4, 2020, roughly translated)

One of the original angel sisters first created by the Goddess Ilias. Along with her older sister Micaela, she boasts the greatest power amongst all of the angels. She constantly appeared on the front lines during the Great Monster Wars, slaughtering countless monsters. Her alias, "Daystar", instilled fear amongst all monsters. She has since retired from battle, and is now living peacefully in the countryside. Thus, she is not counted among the Seven Archangels, the strongest fighting force in Heaven.

However, no one has actually seen her in retirement, and there are whispers suggesting that the reality is different. It is rumored that she had slain so many monsters, that she had become a fallen angel. This aforementioned rumor however, was supposedly leaked by information control intentionally to [REDACTED] a few decades ago, at the Remina Research Institute where a massacre [REDACTED] later, on the moon's surface, [REDACTED]. [REDACTED].

So far, there have been no instances of Lucifina ever assaulting men. She only takes pleasure in straight-up slaughter. But in some cases, she may display an unexpected motherly side...


She makes no appearances in Part 1 or 2 of Paradox, except for the Labyrinth of Chaos version after clearing either of them.