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Lost Woods (迷いの森, Mayoi no Mori) is a location in the first part of Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG.


Located just to the west of Iliasville and considered a dangerous place by most travellers. Dark Elf Fencers, Dark Elf Mages, Fairies, and Jack O Lanterns call this place home. Just beyond that forest lies the hidden village of Enrika, but also one of the rare ground access to Lemuse Beach.

Map of the Area

Small Medal Locations

Treasure Chests

  • Small Medal, Red Chest
  • Ice Stone, Red Chest
  • Thunder Stone, Red Chest
  • Fire Stone, Red Chest
  • Elixir, Red Chest
  • Stone of Solidified Tears, Red Chest
  • Mysterious Acorn, Red Chest
  • Nature Scroll, Blue Chest (Requires [[Paradox/Basic Jobs#Thief|Lockpick I])

Hidden Items