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Lizard Boss is a Monster in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. She can be found in the Saloon’s Abandoned Mine protecting the crystal ore. She is the leader of gang of criminals called Scale Thieves.


She can be found at the end of the Saloon’s Abandoned Mine sitting on a throne surrounded by treasures. It’s not possible to grab the crystal without first confronting her. After Luka and his companions beat her, she allows them to take the crystal but initially refuses to join the party. If you speak to her afterwards and if you got both Lizard Thieves as companions, she changes her mind. It’s for selfish reasons – the Lizard Boss thinks this will be a great opportunity to expand the influence of the Scale Thief Corps.

Monsterpedia Entry

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  • Attack-Normal Attack, One Enemy
  • Fire Slash-Physical Attack, One Enemy, Fire Attribute, Burn 10%
  • Ultra Dragon Slash-Physical Attack, One Enemy
  • Heat Wave-Physical Attack, All Enemies
  • Flame Breath-Certain Hit, All Enemies, Fire Attribute, Burn 10%
  • Lizard Handjob-Pleasure Attack, Target: Luka
  • Lizard Blowjob-Pleasure Attack, Target: Luka
  • Lizard Paizuri-Pleasure Attack, Target: Luka


Her main attacks are physicals. Therefore, you should buff yourself with evasion (Sky Dance) and defence. Also you should be prepared for Fire Attacks. Besides, just attack with everything you got. Also you can use pleasure attacks. Eva and Saki will be good characters against her.


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