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Lily’s Mansion (領主の館, Ryōshu no Yakata or リリィの館, Rirī no Yakata) is a location in the first part of Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG. It is located west of Sabasa, in Magistea Village.


This mansion is north of the Magistea Village and is where Lily lives. With permission, one can enter, but further progress into the house is blocked off. It is rumored that Suck Vores, Iron Maidens, Ustrels, and Worm Villagers can be seen roaming about. Apparently there are also Honey Pots lurking as well, but of course this is just a rumours. If one were to oppose Lily, she might be in the basement…

Map of the Area

Small Medal Locations

Treasure Chests

1F West

  • Staff Scroll
  • Red Fire Stone
  • Elven Miracle Drug

1F East

  • Tentacle Hand
  • Small Medal


  • Grimoire Page
  • Crimson Cap
  • Jewel of Truth

Hidden Items

  • Seed of Fortune
  • Panacea
  • Honeypot
  • Honeypot
  • Seed of Knowledge
  • Honeypot
  • Mystery Nut
  • Elven Miracle Drug
  • Seed of Happiness