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Lest is one of the Seven Heroes and has been added in the Collaboration Scenario. He comes from Parade Buster along with Musette, Bell and Lyla.


Lest first appears at the beginning of chapter 3, as he wakes up in company of Tarsa on a beach in the Noah region. The two persons realize that they're in the same predicament as both have been sucked in by a black vortex, isolated from everyone they knew. They then introduce themselves to each other, and decide to search for a human village. When he remarks that Tarsa's outfit is quite sexy, she teases him a little.

As they move through the cove, they get attacked by a Mermaid. After fighting her back, Lest says that they must stand on their guard, while Tarsa wonders if Novissa is close by. As they discuss slightly later, he realizes that he and Tarsa could be from two different worlds. As they reach the end of the beach, they notice a sign pointing to Grand Noah. The duo hopes that it will lead them to a large settlement. As soon as they enter the cave, they meet the White Rabbit who explains them the situation about the Seven Heroes, Proof of Collaboration, and the "Queen of Dreams". They believe the White Rabbit, and continue on their route to a human settlement.

The duo comes across a pair of adventurers who offer them to take a break. They learn that the Grand Noah Queen offers a substantial reward to anybody who brings information about parallel world, but she's apparently gone slightly crazy. Lest accepts the adventurer's offer to rest, although he remains wary. When he notices that they're not here when they get up, Tarsa inform them that they left before dawn and that she has already eaten.

The party comes across a priest, who transforms their past experience into jobs. At the end of the cave, the party meets a Devil Fighter, sent by the alliance of the Queen of Dreams. The duo manages to dispatch her, and continues toward Grand Noah.

However, before they can reach the city of Grand Noah, the duo gets attacked by Bell and Lyla. The heroes manage to push the two monsters back, and successfully enter Grand Noah to be greeted by the queen. They're dumbfounded when the latter tells them that they don't need heroes. The duo soon realizes that the queen has been brainwashed by Musette, but before they can do anything, Tarsa's succubus blood is awakened and she violates Lest unconscious.

Lest wakes up in Grand Noah's prison a bit later, and finds a diary informing him of an escape route. After recovering his equipment, he starts escaping the prison while fighting avoiding Automata Girls. However, he's soon blocked by a large number of them, but is saved by an intervention of Novissa who is looking for Tarsa. He explains to his savior what happened, and the latter joins him. As the party searches for Tarsa, they learn that she's been brought in deeper. After getting the key to the lower floor by fighting the warden, the duo is more determined to find Tarsa and restore this country.

After scouring much of the prison, the duo finds Tarsa sucking men dry for a ritual to bring in the Château des Romances. They beat her to bring her back to her senses, but before they can celebrate, Musette steps in and engage the party into a fight. Even after being beaten, she still forces the summoning of the castle, trapping the party who gets surrounded by Nightmares. Fortunately, Lars, Rovissa and Daimyokai step in to reinforce them.

They manage to save themselves, but are regularly chased by the Cursed Sword Trio as they try to look for an exit. In the process, they run in nightmares raping magical beasts, disgusting the group. Eventually, as they run away from the succubi, they end up running into Kazuya's group as the latter is fighting Myusca, Nemea and Vinum with the support of Luka and his allies. They are forced to fight Mysteltainn while her sisters get engaged by Luka's allies.

Lest then takes the backseat and follows the party as they deal with Gilgorn and come back to attack the castle again. When Est incapacitates everyone, he announces that he's as ready as everyone to take her down.

When the party is back in the castle, he wonders what they can do although he realizes that members of the Alliance are still around, meaning they must chase them down first. As he can't go back to his own world, he accepts to give a hand for as long as she can.

He only has minor interactions in the post collab. He remains wary of Musette when the team recruits her and her goons, threatening to cut her down should they step out of line. When the party returns to Finoa to take care of the Succubus Prison trio, he ends up alone while every protagonist pairs up with the heroine for Myusca's infamous sex rooms. He embarrasses himself like everyone else during the karaoke handjob challenge, and remains awkwardly silent afterward.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Lest: “...….? …Ah, sorry! I was doing weapon maintenance.”

Grandeur Theatre


Playful Actions

1st Action:

2nd Action:

3rd Action:

4th Action:

5th Action:

Additional Skills

  • Double Slash - Sword Skill (Physical 260% Att), Target: Foe
  • Falcon Slash - Sword Skill (Physical 240%*2 Att), Target: Foe
  • Cyclone Blade - Sword Skill (Wind 320% Att), Target: All Foes
  • lvl 54: Flash Counter - Sword Skill (Physical 940% Att), Target: Foe, Effect: Physical Counter

Collaboration Scenario - Post Collab

  • Hero of the Seven World - Special Ability (All Attacks gain the Pleasure Attribute)

Exclusive Equipment

  • Hate Slayer - Knight Sword, Critical Rate +5%, Flash Counter Rate +15%
  • Winged Demon's Armor - Heavy Armor, Ultra Endure
  • Shining Helm - Heavy Helmet, Resist Pleasure 50%
  • Shadow Shield - Heavy Shield, Auto Flash-Counter after attacking
  • Love Pendant - Accessory, All Stats +20%, Physical Booster +30%, Resist Physical +25%