Lava Girl, or Romi as a companion, is a monster in the second part of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A monster who lives in a volcano, with her body comprised mainly of magma. A subspecies of the Slime family, she is able to freely manipulate her body.

With semen as her energy source, she wraps the males body in her magma when she locates them. Naturally, she lowers her body temperature so as not to kill the male. The preferred temperature is the same as a human female’s vagina. Holding her prey like that, she will spin her magma around his penis, forcing him to multiple orgasms.

There are very few adventurers who travel near the volcano, so prey is extremely precious. Due to that, the Lava Girl is very careful not to let any precious prey die. She will hold him inside her body in an area equivalent to her womb, and ensure he’s perfectly safe until his natural lifespan runs out.”


  • Attack – One Foe
  • Lava Flow – All Foes, Auto Hit, Fire Attribute, Burn 10%
  • Magma Shaft – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute
  • Magma Draw – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute
  • Magma Draw – One Foe (F), Pleasure Attribute
  • Magma Hold – One Foe (F), Pleasure Attribute, Bind 50%
  • Magma Hold – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute, Bind (2 Turn Break)
  • Magma Hold – One Foe (Luka, Bound), Pleasure Attribute
  • Scorching Breath – All Foes, Auto Hit, Paralysis 75%



"Wh-what? Stuck inside a Lava Girl's womb and giving her semen? How is that even possible? Well, you are a bit special in that regard... The Lava Girl heavily relies on using fire elemental skills. She can also paralyze you, which is quite annoying. Naturally, she is immune to fire, but she is weak against water and ice. Since status ailments generally work against her, she should be an easy opponent to fight. Now go, oh Brave Luka. Playing with lava is dangerous, so please refrain from it."

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