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Lava Girl
Lava Girl.jpg
Cassandra Basilisk →
Level: 44
HP (Normal): 4800
Experience: 25000
Skills: Magma Shaft, Magma Draw, Magma Hold, Magma Bath
Area: Gold Volcano
Appears in: Chapter 2
Artist: Setouchi

The Lava Girl is the first enemy Luka fights in Gold Volcano. She is a type of slime composed of magma. In order to prevent her prey from being killed from her intense heat, she lowers her body temperature to the same as a human female’s vagina.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A monster who lives in a volcano, with her body comprised mainly of magma. A subspecies of the Slime family, she is able to freely manipulate her body.

With semen as her energy source, she wraps the males body in her magma when she locates them. Naturally, she lowers her body temperature so as not to kill the male. The preferred temperature is the same as a human female’s vagina. Holding her prey like that, she will spin her magma around his penis, forcing him to multiple orgasms.

There are very few adventurers who travel near the volcano, so prey is extremely precious. Due to that, the Lava Girl is very careful not to let any precious prey die. She will hold him inside her body in an area equivalent to her womb, and ensure he’s perfectly safe until his natural lifespan runs out.”


Magma Shaft: Normal attack.

Magma Draw: Normal attack.

*Magma Hold: Triggers bind status.

Magma Bath: Binded attack.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

This battle isn't really difficult; all she has is a bind that can easily be escaped with the help of Gnome. Other than that, use Gnome + Earth Rumbling Decapitation to take her down.

If Luka loses, he’ll be stuck inside her body and get his semen squeezed endlessly by her magma.


“Wh...What? Stuck inside a Lava Girl's womb and giving her semen? H...How is that even possible? Well, I guess you're slightly special in that regard... Gnome is effective against her, so be sure to summon her. In addition, the new skill is quite powerful, so make use of that. Now go, oh brave Luka. Remember that magma is dangerous to play with.”