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Lars is one of the seven heroes of the Collaboration Scenario. He comes from the game Succubus Quest, alongside Rovissa and Est. Unlike the rest of the heroes, he starts off with leveled races and jobs.

He is a silent protagonist.


He first briefly appears in the prologue with Rovissa. The White Rabbit briefly shows up in front of the group before leaving, dumbfounding the duo.

He's properly introduced in chapter 4, as Rovissa intercepts the trio of Mysteltainn, Executioner and Ogretooth by attacking the last of them as they're flying near Izumo Village. Then Lars steps in to support her, and engage the succubus in a fight. It is then shown in a flashback that the duo met Novissa and Daimyokai in Shidara Settlement.

The duo fights Ogretooth, and when the latter attempts to attack them more seriously, she's held back by Mysteltainn who transforms every villagers into Half-Nightmares. As the trio of succubi leave, Lars and Rovissa are attacked by the recently transformed villagers and are almost overwhelmed before being saved by Daimyokai who holds them back with traps.

The White Rabbit then appears and gets trapped, but explains the situation nonetheless. Rovissa comes to the conclusion that the "Queen of Dreams" responsible for troubles is Est, originally from their world. While they're glad to finally have an idea of what they're really up against, they also consider that they failed to defend the village.

They learn from a guard that the situation in Grand Noah is critical, as most of the court has been brainwashed by Musette, and that several heroes are on their way there. They decide to go there too.

He reappears in chapter 7 with his partners to save the trio of Lest, Novissa and Tarsa from a group of Nightmares as the party is stuck in the Château des Romances.They manage to clear the local nightmares in chapter 9, but end up being regularly chased by Executioner, Ogretooth and Mysteltainn. Eventually, they reach the other groups of adventurers as they try to escape. He remains silent during the remainder of the game, and accompanies the party as often as they need.

In the post-collab, when the party runs through Myusca's challenges of "sex rooms", he ends up pulling the short straw for the sixth challenge. However, Rovissa gets cold feet and leaves him alone. As a result, Luka's companion attempts to take the lead, resulting in a disaster.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Lars: “......”

Grandeur Theatre


Playful Actions

1st Action:
Lars: ....................

Lars whispered sweet words!

But the mood did not improved.

2nd Action:
Lars: .............

Play: Fired Up!

Lars gets pump up

[Lars' attack is increased for the next turn]

3rd Action:

Lars: ........

Lars tried to call Rovissa.

Rovissa: Lars, i've been materializing for a long time, haven't I?

But nothing happened.

4th Action:
Lars pulls out a strange object from his pocket

Looks like Lars sent us this

[+1 Roast Newt]

5th Action:

Lars: ......................

Play : Practice Hit

Lars aimlessly flails their weapon around.

[Enemy gets hit by accident.]

Additional Skills

  • Attack +20% - Combat Ability
  • Attack +30% - Combat Ability
  • Dexterity +20% - Job Ability
  • Dexterity +30% - Job Ability
  • Sword Mastery - Special Ability
  • Cross Blade - Hero Skill (Physical 1000% Att), Target: Foe
  • Calm Breath - Special Skill Target: User, Effect: 50% HP Recovery
  • Bust - Sexcraft Skill (Pleasure 400% Dex), Target Foe, Effect: Trance (50%)
  • Hips - Sexcraft Skill (Pleasure 400% Dex), Target Foe, Effect: Agility Down 34%
  • Honeyed Words - Speechcraft SkillTarget: All Foes, Effect: Horny (100%)
  • lvl 54: Eminent Force - Hero SkillTarget: All Allies, Effect: All Stats Up +50%, (3 turns)
  • lvl 54: Meditation - Special Skill Target: User, Effect: 100% HP Recovery
  • lvl 56: Shadow Force - Hero SkillTarget: All Foes, Effect: All Stats Down
  • lvl 57: Vanquishing - Hero Skill (Holy 1400% Att), Target: Foe
  • lvl 58: Double Piston - Sexcraft Skill (Pleasure 1000% Dex), Target Foe, Effect: Agility Down 34%

Collaboration Scenario - Post Collab

  • Hero of the Seven World - Special Ability (All Attacks gain the Pleasure Attribute)
  • Sex Battle Seal - Special Ability (+10% to all stats, can no longer access Sexcraft)

Exclusive Equipment

  • Vorpal Sword - Knight Sword, Critical Rate +5%, Succubus Slayer
  • Vintage Tunic - Clothes, Resist Succubus 30%, Resist Slimed/Horny/Trance/Seduction/Incontinence/Sleep/Confusion
  • Dragonstone - Accessory, All Stats +30%, Attack Sexcraft


  • He apparently can talk, but it is revealed in chapter 10 that his voice is so sweet it entrances his interlocutors, which is why he remains silent.