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-This tier list is unofficial and entirely based on the opinion of the community playing LoC. It will try to be as objective as possible. This Tier List was made on version 2.35.

Discussion surrounding tiers, rankings and/or game balance should be kept on this page or on the Companion Power Rankings page.

-The goal of this tier list is to serve as a guide for anyone wanting to know more about the actual state of Paradox's balance in order to tackle its endgame, the Labyrinth of Chaos.

If you came here looking to know who is viable or not for non-LoC content: everyone is viable. You can finish part 2 with a full Battle Fucker team if you want to. Same thing if you want to reach floor 100.

However, not everyone can reach floor 100 without LoC gear, and very few characters have the potential to bring you to the point where monsters and super bosses stop scaling (check the Labyrinth of Chaos page for more details on how scaling works).

This tier list will however allow you to understand who can and who can't. If you are struggling with the main game, feel free to take a look at the Useful Battle Strategies and the Companion Power Rankings pages.

-This tier list will mostly talk about Races. That's because racial skill availability in Paradox is the biggest limitation a character can have. Traits do matter, but compared to races they are just the cherry on top. The tier list will also not mention LoC gear. Certain characters can become better with certain LoC gear that allows them access to builds that circumvent their weaknesses or boost their strengths even further. Unfortunately, a higher tier character will tend to always be far better with said gear than a weaker one. Also some effects are very rare and you can very well spend countless hours in LoC without running into them.

-This tier list only concerns version 2.35 and might change drastically depending on changes made to the gameplay by TTR. It may also change if new strategies that impact the META are found. As the playerbase is quite small, it is very likely that certain underappreciated strategies turns out to be far better than they initially appeared. Feel free to spark discussion and explore whatever isn't mentioned here.

-Ultimately, don't feel obligated to ditch a character just because it's rated as weak in this tierlist. Play who you want to play. It's a game. Your goal should be to have as much fun as possible.

META: Most Effective Tactics Available.

DPS: Damage per Second. Can also be used to refer to the Boss Killer role. The most important role for taking care of superbosses.

Sweeper: A character meant to consistently one shot or kill as fast as possible mobs that you run into. They should ideally use as few buffs as possible. A very important role that's gonna decide how fast you are at going from point A to point B. They want to either have stats high enough to one shot mobs (early LoC) or use a combination of status ailments and predation-type skills (Queen Succubus is famous for this).

Support: A general category that will contain characters specialized in buffing your DPS and Sweepers, debuffing the boss, reducing their MP or applying status ailments. Will generally be what most of your party will consist of.

Early LoC: The beginning of LoC where stats matter and trying to get them as high as possible will be the quickest way to delve deeper. The moment you can't act first anymore, no matter how high your AGI is (without haste/increased priority), is when you're transitioning to the Deep LoC. That point will depend largely on the party, the strategies and the gear you're using. RP (decides the quality of loot) reaches its maximum value (16000) between floor 500-600. Meanwhile, monsters keep scaling until floor 4 000 000.

Deep LoC: The amount of stats you can get on LoC gear is limited while the stat and HP scaling of monsters can keep increasing for a very long time. Deep LoC represents the point where it's impossible for you to reach stats higher than what the mobs and superbosses have. So you always act second and every attack that successfully hits you will one shot you. A lot of Early LoC strategies don't work in Deep LoC.

Scaling: How much bang (damage) a character can get for their buck (stats). This is the most important factor for Sweepers (early LoC only) and DPS. Scaling doesn't matter for Supports.

Team comp: Your ratio of Support/DPS/Sweeper. You're limited to 11 party members + Luka so team composition is important. Optimally, you want 3-4 DPS, 7-8 supports and 1-2 sweepers (ideally, they can become supports or DPS too in bossfights).

Haste/Increased priority: The ability of a character to ignore AGI and always act first no matter what. Only concerns a specific category of skills (Singing, Dancing, White Magic, etc). This is your only way to act first when their AGI value ends up becoming way too high for you to keep up. META for supports. Generally comes from traits but you can also get it from LoC gears.

Tier List

LoC Race Tierlist (v2.35)

Order within tiers doesn't matter.

SS: Slime + Scylla

S: Scylla, Slime

A: 7 Heroes, Insects, Queen Succubus, Nightmare

B: Beast, Elf, Lamia, Queen Mermaid, Queen Alraune

C: Apoptosis/Doll, Harpy, Kitsune, Seraph/Fallen Angel

D: Alraune, Angel, Chimera, Demi-Human, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, Imp/Succubus, Land-Dweller, Mermaid, Sea-Dweller, Vampire, Yoma, Zombie

Explanation of each race's ranking

SS Tier

Slime + Scylla
This tier only consists of two monsters: Mitsuko and Awawa. The top tiers. They are pretty much a combination of the two best races and that gives them access to some insane synergy.

Slimes have access to:

Division (+1 action per turn)

Divine Destiny (+2 actions).

Slimes can become Beast that can also become an Elf. Elves have access to

Dullahan Rondo (+1 action).

Scylla have access to Maid boost (+1 action), Ex Tentacle Up ( +8 normal attacks, +3 tentacle skills) and Initial Resolve (+400% to base normal attack damage) So 6 actions, 9 normal attacks, 4 tentacle skills and 500% ATK normal attacks per action, something that no one else in the game can hope to get.

This allow Mitsuko and Awawa to reach a damage output that's impossible for the rest of the game to compete with and reach more than dozens of millions of %ATK per turn. This allows them to pretty much one-shot superbosses without any LoC gear (unless you're in the Deep LoC). After all, if you have 10M %ATK per turn, 100 ATK will make you deal 1 billion damage.

Please take a look at the Stat Stacking strategy in Useful Battle Strategies for a demonstration on how to min-max Mitsuko's damage output.

Who is the strongest between them ?

Mitsuko is also a Ghost so she has access to Preemptive Surprise Box.

Awawa is also a Chimera but unfortunately, Chimeras don't have much going for them, so Mitsuko is the stronger character by a little bit.

Their weakness is that they can die in the first turn (Like everyone who isn't an insect) and they aren't immune to most status ailments (like everyone who isn't an apoptosis). So they aren't really weaknesses and they have access to some of the best racial passives and stat spreads in the game.

Notable Characters:

Mitsuko and Awawa.

S Tier

Slime is the most versatile class and is pretty much going to be excellent at whatever you want it to be. That's because with 5 actions per turn, you're playing 5 characters instead of 1 per turn.

Slimes have access to Division (+1 action per turn) and Divine Destiny (+2 actions). Slimes can become Beasts. That means they get access to Bastet Dance (+50% eva/mag eva) and Asura Dance (+3 random normal attacks per turn). Beast can also become Elves so they also have access to Dullahan Rondo (+1 action per turn).

They also have the highest HP modifier in the whole game (250%) meaning that it's gonna take a lot of firepower for them to die, making them very tanky in early LoC. Their weakness is that they can't equip a lot of defensive gear, which you can circumvent with abilities.

Finally, the most important thing about slimes: A lot of them have other races that synergize very well with their unique skills.

Notable Characters:

Mitsuko and Awawa. The top tier has a section just for them.

Naho and Vitae. Slime + Apoptosis means you get all the advantages of a slime as well as status ailment immunity and Normal Attack High Booster. That makes them both great supports and DPS for normal attack builds.

Slimies. +3 attacks per turn. Very strong for normal attack builds.

Undine and Romi. For magic or skill builds.

The big damage race. Scylla excels at both normal attack and skill builds making them the best race for DPS but also very strong sweepers.

They have access to EX Tentacle Up (+8 normal attacks and +3 tentacle skills per action), Initial Resolve (+400% to base normal attack damage) and Maid Boost (+1 action).

On top of that, they have the best racial passives in the game for DPS and sweeper and can equip a decent amount of armour.

Their weaknesses? Below average resistance to status ailments and average stat spread focused around attack builds.

Notable Characters:

Mitsuko and Awawa. Top tiers.

Sunny: Scylla + Insect. Best DPS race with another race that has great DPS output and can start battles with deflectors. Sunny is pretty much the safest DPS you can use because she can't get one-shot on the first turn thanks to her deflectors. Group Leader allows her to add another +4 normal attacks per action. Her damage is excellent but significantly lower compared to the top tiers. If you're looking for a character that's straightforward, consistent and always reliable, Sunny is the DPS for you. She can also be a reliable support thanks to her deflectors and trait.

Nuruko and Amphil: You like Scyllas but you hate their poor status resistances? Pair an Apoptosis with it and you now have status ailment immunity as well as Normal Attack High Booster (+300% base normal attack damage). Excellent DPS.

Frill, Alice, Alicetroemeria: Scylla + Beast means they also have access to Elf for another +1 action so 3 actions per turn. They also have access to Bastet and Asura Dance. They are weaker versions of Mitsuko and Awawa, but they still remain some of the best characters in the game. Alice and Alicetromeria can be played as magical builds, but you're better off playing them as attack builds with Attack Magi to use magic whenever you run into something that should be taken down with spells instead of physical skills (rare).

Zenovia: Queen Scylla has a passive access to Chaotic Attack (+3 normal attack) and Tentacle skills +2 on top of having +50% Tentacle damage as a trait. She has access to Tentacle Eden (1400% ATK or DEX pleasure damage). That makes her a very powerful sweeper but also a very strong DPS.

A Tier

7 Heroes
The reason why the seven heroes are high-tier is because of one very specific strategy called "Gravity Pleasure".

Upon finishing the collab scenario, the seven heroes get access to the ability Heroes of the 7 Worlds which converts any damage they deal into pleasure damage. Even chaos damage. That means that Time Magic skills like Mass Gravity that deal 75% current HP chaos damage will now deal 75% current HP pleasure damage. Using skills that increase pleasure damage taken like Mermaid Handjob (50% pleasure weakness) or slayer skills (+50% damage from all sources) will allow you to reach more than 100% current Hp damage with Mass Gravity resulting in a one shot. The more pleasure resistance they have, the more debuffs you will need to stack.

And that's pretty much it. Not much else to say.

Notable Characters:

Luka: Because he's always in your party, you can always use Gravity Pleasure.

Novissa: The human with the highest DPS thanks to his very strong exclusive skills.

Lest: Can parry attacks. By stacking as much parry chances as possible, he can reach ~55% chances to parry.

Defensive race with high DPS. Group Shield is an ability that allow them to have 2 deflectors at the start of the battle (the only race with that privilege). Group Leader allow them to use 5 normal attacks per turn and 3 insect skills.

And that's pretty much it. They can do whatever you want them to do and they will do a great job at it. Straightforward and very reliable.

Notable Characters:

Sunny. Insect + Scylla. Best defensive race + best DPS race. If you want big damage but also something that will do well against any superboss, Sunny is your girl.

Shesta. Insect + Apoptosis. Starting battles with deflectors and immunity to status ailments makes her a very reliable support. She can also be a great DPS thanks to Normal Attack High Booster.

Queen Succubus/Nightmares
Queen Succubus has 2 important skills: Lilith Orgia and Orgasmic Ascension. Lilith Orgia is an auto-hit skill that deals 1400% Dex or Mag pleasure damage with 75% chance to inflict Horny and Trance. Orgasmic Ascension will kill any enemy affected by pleasure ailments and sleep. Superbosses included. That makes them very potent sweepers in both the early and deep LoC, as well as your best pick at killing bosses weak to pleasure ailments.


Nightmares are immune to any type of damage except pleasure damage. To be more specific, any pleasure damage they inflict or take is converted to chaos damage. This makes it impossible for their damage to be reduced, but it also means that their damage can't be increased by debuffs. This is a very big problem to their scaling, making their potential DPS output pretty low once you start doing some math. Another big issue is that being immune to damage still means that you get hit, so status ailments are troublesome and will be responsible for killing them most of the time. They are high-tier nevertheless due to their usefulness against some superbosses and just how good Est and Fulbeua are.

Notable Characters:

Est. One of the best characters in early LoC, Est is just the best sweeper in the game thanks to her double action, Nightmare attribute and pleasure + Sexcraft booster. She falls off hard like all other Nightmares once you hit the deep LoC, but she's still a potent sweeper thanks to being a Queen Succubus. Nightmare Smile is great at inflicting status ailments at the start of the battle. Unfortunately, status ailments are the bane of her existence. That means you will need a Ribbon (which means you're giving up on a very important gear slot) or to stack as much status ailment immunity on her as possible. To make her a strong DPS for deep LoC, you will need to find the "Sexcraft use ATT instead of DEX" mod. Which is insanely rare. Meanwhile, look for an Orgia (700% dex for the next turn) if you want to use her as DPS. Or switch to a normal attack build but that reduces her effectiveness as a sweeper drastically.

Fulbeau. Potentially the best support in the game in both early and deep LoC due to her being a Nightmare, having the Queen Succubus race and being immune to status ailments. Fulbeau only has one weakness, getting hit by pleasure attacks. That's it. She also possesses the unique skill Passion Beat that increases AGI and DEX by 50% and stacks multiplicatively with Hero's Song, making her invaluable for DPS that relies on stacking AGI or DEX.

Alma Elma. Alma isn't a Nightmare but is still high-tier for one reason: She's a Queen Succubus that can outdamage Est pretty hard because she can make use of elements and debuffs.

B Tier

Beasts can become Elves allowing them to grab Dullahan Rondo (+1 action), but they also have Ixion (+1 action but can only use Spear skill and normal attacks) for Spear builds. Ixion isn't attractive for normal attack builds however, because It's Always My Turn gives +4 actions and is thus better.

Aside from that, they have access to Asura's Dance (+3 normal attacks per turn) and Bastet dance (+50% EVA/MAG EVA). They are a good race but they just get overshadowed by Slimes because they can become Beasts too. Something that's not in their favour is that a lot of stuff they get can also be found in jobs with better counterparts.

Notable Characters:

Barbun. A monster you can pick very early on who has dexterity +30% and Bow skills +30%. She can scale very well if you find LoC gears with 'Bow skills use ATT instead of DEX' for much higher DPS. Otherwise she's pretty much just a sweeper. Look for the Orgia legendary gear if you want to keep her as a DEX DPS (+700% dex for the next turn). It's difficult, however, for non-pleasure builds to make good use of Orgia.

Sphinx. Powerful sweeper and can be a decent DPS. Demon Arts scale with your highest stat. Stack MAG if you want to use her as a sweeper, ATT for DPS. Ideally, you want to make her dual wield cards so she gets ~58% chance to get at least one extra action per turn. But that would mean finding cards with decent ATT and/or MAG with demon arts mod on it. Demon Arts count as a racial skill so try to get her the Racial Skill acts x2 mod on LoC gears.

Dullahan Lord has access to Dullahan Rondo (+1 action for -25% ATK/MAG/DEX). That's it. Not much else to say. Queen Elf has a passive Slayer Booster which is okay, except since you can't tell which superboss you will face beforehand, so you can't rely on this. Elves are technically worse than Beasts by a little bit, but they both just get overshadowed by Slimes.
Race with a very good stat spread but mostly used for support. They have access to Waning Moon Dance and Evening Moon Dance (Null Physical and Magical respectively for 4 turns) making them invaluable against some super bosses.

Some people consider them to be A, others believe they belong in B.

Notable Characters:

Shirohebi. Top tier support with Haste on Dancing meaning that no matter what her AGI is, she will always be first. Very useful for both sweepers and DPS.

Alice and Alicetroemeria. Beast + Scylla + Lamia. That makes them pretty good support, but they are more often used as DPS/Sweepers.

Queen Mermaid
Only concerns Laura. Aqua Pentagon allows you to place 2-hit deflectors on anyone. That means you can put a Vicarious Shikigami on her (2-hit deflector at battle start) and use Aqua Pentagon on your DPS. She also gets Ocean pleasure skills exclusive to Mermaids that will inflict pleasure weakness, making her vital for the Gravity Pleasure strategy and to boost the DPS of pleasure builds.

Why just B tier then? Because you can run into Laura in the Labyrinth of Chaos and she will teach Aqua Pentagon to anyone you want. The best character with it is Nemea, because she has Haste on White Magic skills, meaning that she will always cast it before the superboss can act. Alternatively, you can find LoC gear with White Magic Haste (the legendary LoC Gear Omega Adeptas) and equip it to Laura or another character that knows Aqua Pentagon.

White Magic Haste + Aqua Pentagon is a powerful strategy that ensure that DPS builds can keep buffing themselves without recasting deflectors if they run out of them. It synergizes incredibly well with multiple actions and/or the legendary shield High Deflector (2-hit deflector at battle start, 50% chance to get a new deflector at the end of your turn).

It's kind of an exception in the tierlist: It's not Laura who is B tier, it's Aqua Pentagon. Once you got the gears and/or taught it to Nemea, it becomes the strongest support strategy.

C Tier

Apoptosis get 3 important things: Nullify All Status and Normal Attack High Booster (+300% to base damage of normal attacks) and Daisy Bell (50% all element damage booster). That alone doesn't make them that great. However, most Apoptosis have other races that make good use of those skills.

Notable Characters:

Naho and Vitae: Apoptosis + Slime make both of them good at pretty much everything and have a very high HP pool on top of it.

Amphil and Nuruko: Apoptosis + Scylla. They make very good use of Normal Attack High Booster. Pair it with Initial Resolve and Supreme Attack Scroll for normal attacks to get a base damage of 1200%. Excellent DPS on top of status immunity.

Shesta: Apoptosis + Insect. Nullify Status Ailment and battle start deflectors make her great as both a support and as a DPS.

Mukuro: Timestop. Very strong until you find out that some superbosses can act during the timestop, like Worldbreaker. Thankfully, their cooldowns don't tick down during the timestop. So you can keep using it and try to survive against them until all their skills are on cooldown. If you pull it off, you will have to kill them with Mukuro only, which will take a loooong time in the deep LoC. Not as reliable as she sounds like on paper, but she's still an underexplored character.

A race that can stack a lot of evasion through their passives, but they also have access to Sky Dance (+50% Eva/Mag Eva). However, auto-hit skills are very common in the LoC. But Magical Evasion can't be bypassed. That makes them very useful against superbosses that don't have auto-hit skills or rely a lot on magic skills.

Notable Characters:

Reina. Haste on Dancing skills makes her an excellent support.

Miu. Haste on Unarmed skills can make her a good sweeper. You will have to use Heavy Fist however to get ATT scaling, as it is a far better stat for min-maxing purposes. Can also be useful as a support as she can use the Unarmed skill Full Revival to revive a dead character before the boss can act thanks to her haste.

Mostly a support race thanks to Anti-Death Song (nulls instant kill effects). Taoism is also nice to inflict elemental weaknesses so your DPS can increase their damage significantly.

Almighty Song is useful if you somehow can't use some 'Skill Use: Job/racial skill' ability.

Notable Characters:

Daji. Being a Slime makes her great at everything you want her to be.

Seraph/Fallen Angel
Only concerns 3 monsters. Eden and Micaela-chan (Seraphs) and Lucifina-chan (Fallen Angel). What hurts them the most if the fact that they only have one base race: Angels. Magic evasion is very strong but superbosses that only rely on spells aren't that common. They have very good traits however, so they are individually decent picks despite their race being C tier.

Notable Characters:

Eden. Eden is one of the rare characters that gets +30% to her stats when certain allies are in the active roster. So if you have in your active party Eden, Lucifina-chan, Micaela-chan and Ilias, she gets a +90% stat boost that works regardless of whether they are alive or dead. That makes her a very powerful Vengeance Strike user and the character who can get the highest stats at the start of battle. She also specializes in Spear skills, which includes auto-hit skills, allowing her to ignore evasion and physical reflection (except Sun Wukong's). In order to do well in the deep LoC, she will need Haste on her gear, preferably Spear Haste. For skill builds, stack ATK. For Vengeance Strike build, stack ATK and AGI.

Micaela-chan. Very strong sweeper.

Lucifina-chan. Decent sweeper. You will need to find a "Bows use ATK instead of DEX" mod to maximize her DPS. Otherwise, Orgia is a common LoC unique that gives you a 700% DEX boost (works like Full Power) that will do the job until then.

D Tier

Support race that doesn't actually have much going for them. Healing boosts don't matter if getting hit will always result in a one shot. They simply don't have anything that you can't get from jobs. However, they do have good status resistances and a couple are good due to individual factors. The best thing about most Alraunes is that they can become Sea-Dwellers. More on Sea-dwellers in their section.

Notable Characters:

Daji. Being a Slime make her great at everything you want her to be.

Alrauna. See the Queen Alraune entry under D Tier.

Nullify Elemental (learned from Cupid of Lust) is nice but it doesn't work against Holy, Dark and of course, Chaos. Also, If a skill is both Fire and Physical, then you will take physical damage instead. The game picks whichever deals the most damage everytime, which doesn't play in your favor there. However, this ability could be useful if paired with MP drain (preventing the enemy from using anything that deals Holy damage) and physical immunity (e.g. from Waning Moon Dance).

Not much else to say about them and everything they can do, the Seraphs and Fallen Angel do better. It could be argued that they could become decent tanks, but unfortunately, Nightmares do a far better job at that. They also all somehow have underwhelming traits and a few of them have other base races.

Lots of status immunity and alright stat spread. Unfortunately for them, everything they do, jobs and other races can do better. The artificial spirits from Force Mutant have strong stat debuffs, but unfortunately all superbosses have high resistances to stat debuffs.

Notable Characters:

Awawa. Top tier. But she's not gonna use Chimera passives as the Scylla ones are very strong.

Cool passives but everything they get can be learnt through jobs.

Notable Characters:

Magatsu. +50% on Taoism that scales with ATK, makes her a very interesting sweeper.

Good stat spread. Yep, that's pretty much all there is to say sadly.
Good for evasion and magical evasion stacking, which is sadly quite situational against superbosses. Everything they do, Harpies are better at it. Mermaids can become fairies too.

Notable Characters:

Undine. Mostly because she's a slime.

Preemptive Surprise Box is good for sweeping. If you notice all the mobs are stunned when the battle start, you can kill them all with Pandora Vore.

Aside from that, they don't have a lot of synergy, really. Good Ghost monsters are good because they have other races, not because they are Ghosts.

Notable Characters:

Mitsuko. Top Tier. But not because she's a Ghost.

Underwhelming race with underwhelming traits. Aside from the seven heroes who have their own tier, Humans don't have much going for them. The Worm Summoner line give them nice stat spread and the Vampire racial line doesn't offer anything that jobs don't do better.

Notable Characters:

7 Heroes. High tier because of the Gravity Pleasure strategy. They also have very good traits on top of it. They have their own section in A tier.

Daimyokai. 100% increased rates of Bind and Paralysis on Taoism skills makes her very interesting to set up Bind or Paralysis predation moves for other characters in the deep LoC. +50% unique weapon skills is also a part of her trait that's unique to her. Underexplored character due to her being Human.

Battle Fuckers. Notorious for being amongst the worst characters in the game. What you want to play if you want the LoC to be as difficult as possible.

The race that's hurt the most by the fact that the Queen race change items aren't accessible in part 2. In the case of Succubi, all the good stuff is offered by the Queen Succubus race. They also have very underwhelming traits on top of that, and the introduction of Nightmares makes them look even worse.

Notable characters:

Nemea. She possesses Haste on White Magic, which makes her the best character for learning Aqua Pentagon (unless you have an Omega Adeptas).

Underwhelming race with good diversity in traits. They can become Yoma, who also don't have much going for them.
Mostly useful for Mermaid Handjob and Mermaid Rape that inflict Pleasure weakness, making them pretty good for the Gravity Pleasure strategy. They aren't "bad" but they aren't amazing either.

Notable Characters:

El. Top-tier support thanks to Haste on Singing skills.

Laura. Only character with access to Aqua Pentagon, making her one of the best supports.

Queen Alraune
Currently, only Alrauna has access to this race. She's very good at inflicting status ailments and instant death effects (thanks to Pollen Success Up, which she gets as both a racial passive and an equippable ability). She is useful as a sweeper thanks to Aztec Rose (guaranteed kill on anything not immune to Instant Death) and Venus Trap (kills any non-boss enemy with Trance). She can also inflict many status effects (mainly with Fragrance of the End, but Aroma of Intoxication is useful for inflicting Trance, and Petrifying Pollen for Petrify), some of which can work on bosses. Queen's Honey can also be useful for curing the party of status ailments. She also has decent status resistances, including several immunities.

Unfortunately, there is currently no LoC gear that grants Haste for Plant skills. Another issue is that Aztec Rose become less relevant as you delve deeper due to monsters getting increased resistances to Instant Death effects. For the rest, everything else she does, other races or jobs can do better. Aztec Rose still make her very effective as a carry for early LoC so she can be a great help for people looking to farm gears in order to prepare before delving into the LoC.

Support race with some situational but interesting skills. The race is D or C tier depending on who you ask.

Time Warp Dance has a 50% chance to inflict Slow and Stop. But Time Magic is better against mobs and Slow/Stop Strike better against superbosses.

Bullseye Song (+200% to accuracy) isn't that useful because sweepers will prefer to use auto-hit skills. DPS also have access to buffs to increase their accuracy.

Dragon Pulse Song allows you to absorb wind, earth and water, which is sadly rather niche and no superbosses use only these elements.

Dragon Palace Dance (all resists -50%) is very good... If they are weak to one of the 4 elements and/or you have enough element boosters in your gear to make good use of it.

The issue with Sea-Dwellers is that they don't have anyone with Haste and their traits are underwhelming.

Notable Characters:

Daji. Access to all job skills make her great at using their situational skills.

Underwhelming race with an identity crisis. They are some kind of jack of all trades that aren't good at anything they do sadly. Queen Vampire has Stop Strike +40%, but because she doesn't have additional attacks per action, an Insect or a Scylla will have far better chance to inflict Stop with a Stop Strike +20%.
Another jack of all trades that use rapiers. Rapiers are unfortunately underwhelming and everything they learn can be found in jobs.

Notable Characters:

Gilgorn: Her damage reduction and weakness to pleasure don't matter in the deep LoC as everything will oneshot you anyway. Magic skills x2 with a +50% damage boost makes her a good sweeper. What hurts her the most is the fact that she's only a Yoma and she doesn't have all the cool tools that a lot of collab characters get. With some investment, she can become a very strong DPS. The 2 most powerful builds (found so far) for her are:

The first one is pure MAG by using a Gammatron which gives you Gamma Burst (1800% MAG Fire/Nuclear, Auto-hit, Ignore def) and then stacking as much MAG and Black Magic/Nuclear/Fire Boosters as possible. In that case, she runs into the bane of MAG builds: Zero Tolerance got the 700% MAG skill boost and Testament offer haste on Black Magic/Time Magic/Summoning skills. Both are in the accessory slot and is a difficult choice to make.

The second build is considered to be the optimal one with Attack Magi ability, Ultimate Charge (700% ATK for next turn with multiple legendary gears having it) and Testament in the accessory slot. A Gammatron with an ATK stat is recommended in the weapon slot.

They don't have much going for them, sadly.