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Note that the "extra effects" that randomly accompany a legendary accessory may be stronger/weaker depending on how many rare points you had when you opened the chest (for instance, a +25 legendary accessory may have "Gold Drop + 320%" while a +12 legendary accessory may have "Gold Drop + 130%", etc.). Accessories have the widest range of effects the can take, and the stats they give are completely random, unlike Armors and Weapons.

These extra effects also vary based on equipment type - certain defensive effects like "reflect physical" are available on armors and accessories, but not on weapons, while you can get certain offensive effects like "double action" on weapons, but not on armors. Accessories can have either of these, but usually have less effects than armor or weapons.

Certain very powerful effects (for example "double action", "crisis triple action", "crisis auto-transform"), are more likely to be found on higher level legendary equipment. These special skills are colored yellow.

The "standard effects" that a legendary accessory has are always identical, meaning that "Attack Converter" will always have a "+ 50% Attack/Defense", regardless of level. This makes early legendary items very useful for getting higher leveled ones.

While not proven, it appears that the less effects an accessory has, the higher the base stats are.


List of Legendary Accessories
Name Special Effect Effects
Attack Converter Grant + 50% Attack/Defense but lower Mag/Will by 50% ??? 50%


Exploder Self Destruct Skill Booster Self Destruct Skill Booster + 300%
Ultimate Preemptive All Stats Tripled For First Turn ???
Kitty's Paw Pad Unarmed Nekotama Skill Booster Unarmed Nekotama Skill Booster + 300%
Chaos Pillar Chaos Booster, Chaos Skills Cost 50% More SP/MP Chaos Booster + 300%

Chaos Skill SP/MP Cost + 50%

Shuffle Skill Random Monster Skill Set Double In Power ???
Guard Converter Double Defense/Will, Half All Other Stats ???
Testament Black Magic/Time Magic/Summoning Skills Act Faster ???*???*???
Rotational Nebula Flail Skills Act Faster ???
? Exclusive Weapon Booster Exclusive Weapon Booster + 300%
? Tongue-Based Demon Arts Skill Booster Tongue-Based Demon Arts Skill Booster + 300%
Zero Tolerance Can Use Best Magic Charge Skill Use [ ??? ]
Doom System Makina Skills Go Thrice, Makina SP Cost * 2 ???


? Battle Start: HP = Crisis (20%), Prevent Healing, All Stats + 50% ??? 50%



Meteor Strike Battle Start: 75% Chance Meteor, Turn End: 75% Meteor ???
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